Video Poker

When Video Poker first appeared on the scene in the 1970s it was often referred to as ‘poker slots’.

Card combinations in Video Poker are managed by a random-number generator as is the case with slot reel games. That’s where the similarities end as Video Poker requires an element of skill, with decisions needing to be made, within the game by the player!

Video Poker cards are dealt from a haphazardly shuffled 52 card deck (or sometimes 53 in Joker Wild) therefore possible combinations become known and their frequency can be calculated, at least to some degree. Therefore it is possible for a better playing strategy to be developed and decisions made by a Video Poker player that affect the outcome of a game!

As a matter of interest, the best video poker machines, played skilfully offer odds to rival any table games, with Jacks or Better being the basic game. Some video poker games return as much as 99% with the best possible play in the long haul! Video Poker is one of the few casino games from which players can actually see a reasonable financial reward.

Video Poker is not a difficult game to play and win – simply put you simplyneed the best hand possible. Even if you’ve never played before it will only take you a few minutes to pick up the basics of Video Poker. One big difference with video poker though is that a player cant raise, call or bluff a computer!

Online Video Poker usually permits a range of bets commencing from 25p upwards, with the range of bets depending on both the individual online casino and machine you’ve decided to play on. After a player has deposited his/her money they can then choose the stake they wish to wager.

The rules governing online Video Poker are very simple, basically involving depositing funds into a particular machine, being dealt cards, viewing the cards and continuing to hold or deal – until you finish and cash out (or needing to enter more credits).

Online video poker allows you the option of playing a ‘Double Playoff Round’ the same as in Draw Poker or a player can simply click and collect their winnings.