Vacation USA with Paddy Power Casino

Feel in the mood for leisure players? Leisure games we mean! Pack up the family and spend vacation time winning money with this great 10 payline slot with two bonus rounds in Vacation USA at Paddy Power Casino.

Line up just 3, or more, symbols on a payline for quick cash OR accumulate Route 40 and Route 80 symbols to go coast-to-coast and earn yourself a Free Trip to the Big Money destinations. Bet your max and win up to 125,000!

You can play this one either via ‘Free Play’ or ‘Real Play’! If you haven’t played it before, definitely make a point of starting off with ‘Free Play’ – it’s the same as practising at the expense of Paddy Power Casino.

Or try “Miss Hi-Lo Club” or “Krazy Hi-Lo”. ‘Miss Hi-Lo Club’ is Paddy Power Casino’s own version of the popular Hi-Lo odds game, where a single stake can become a HUGE award. As Miss Hi Lo presents a number between 1 and 49, wager on whether the next number drawn will be either higher or lower.

After any win, you can take the prize, bank half and keep going, or parlay your full winnings on your next prediction! Take your chances with a risky guess and the potential payout gets bigger and bigger and bigger!

With ‘Krazy Hi-Lo’ its those small initial stakes that can quickly turn your winnings into small fortunes, the same but different than ‘Miss Hi-Lo Club’ players. Try them both or play the original ‘Hi Lo Classic’ game, remembering the odds change with each turn. Risk it all on the next number or cash out – the fun is in the choice being yours!

Another very easy leisure game – truly a leisure to play is Paddy Power Casino’s “Multiplier”. This is an exciting game of pure simplicity – the player chooses how much they want to win and how much they’re prepared to risk!

Take a conservative approach, or take that risk for a large win – or maybe somewhere in the middle? The choice REMEMBER is yours! Decide then hit the Multiplier button and see if the correct combination unlocks the safe for your cash!

“Bananarama Match 3” – now you can win up to ½ Million credits in this instant win slot game that allows you to keep picking until you match three of the same symbols! Match 3 of the same number and win a cash prize! BUT match 3 of the same monkey and you progress up the cash ladder!

BE SURE to watch out for the very special ‘Mystery-Rama’ cards that are your chance to hit the Mega Jackpot!