New Member Deals on VC Casino

Well a visit to VC Casino always starts off on a good note for players, because of the very generous Welcome Bonus and the thought of those future fabulous “Members Bonuses”.

As far as the ‘Welcome Bonus’ at VC Casino is concerned it’s a matter of “1 Great Bonus – 3 Great Sites’ really with 100’s of great games! You will grab a Welcome Bonus of £175 if you sign up to VC today players!

The ‘Members Bonus’ from VC Casino could help make your future, as Victor Chandler gives away not just thousands of pounds every month to players in bonuses BUT Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds! VC believes in heavily rewarding players who are loyal to his sites – you will earn actual bonuses of from £5 to £3,000 in bonus cash each week – if you are loyal to VC Casino that is!

And the Members Bonus is a straightforward easy one to qualify for too – you don’t need to jump through any hoops! The Weekly Loyalty Bonuses are calculated by reflecting on the following factors:

Deposits – (Playing with own cash, not simply promo cash or bonuses)
Frequency of Play – (Victor never ever forgets a Username)
Types of Games Played – (check out that vast array of slots for instance)
Wagering – (the more you play, the more VC pays)
Profit/Loss – (winners are rewarded, but losers sometimes get a little more)

Fabulous variety of Online Betting Games at VC Casino – and you can try them out for Free first too with the ‘Play for Fun’ option. Try that game out first, get used to it then Play for Real and win big!

For instance, been to the races lately? Dogs or Horses? Well, whatever the circumstances you’re just about sure to enjoy a game or two of ‘Virtual Horses’! Remember though that you should try it out for fun first, before you line up at the starting gate for Real!

The Auto Bet feature makes things easier and quicker if you’re in a hurry, and you have a choice of how many races to choose. You’re told when the horses are ready to run, then they’re off and you cant help but feel involved.

Then there’s a break and its looks likely that one horse is sure to win – but things can change players – and at the last minute too! You cant help but get excited!

Our test player really got carried away especially when she won big on Miss Piggy!

Vegas Blackjack’ is another player favourite that you would be well advised to try out. You are first welcomed to the Blackjack table, select a suitable chip, and then you are guided to click in a circle to place your bet! Its so easy – don’t be concerned if you haven’t played before you are guided through! But, dont forget, try the game in the ‘Play for Fun’ mode first!

New Slot Versions at VC Casino

Congrats to David, Catherine and Gabriel, 3 of VC Casino latest winners, They won £1,000, £2,000 and £2,500 respectively on ‘Trey Poker £25 Min’! But they are only 3 of the players who love that winning game at VC! And how about the VC Casino ‘Roulette Champion’ Barry – who scored £25,200!

Do keep an eye on those Progressive Jackpots at VC Casino also players as they range from a few thousand £’s up to £20,000+, then to nearly £50,000 and beyond.

Explore some of the new game versions too, such as Monopoly, Cluedo and Wheel of Fortune. All colourful, all bright, with good graphics and audio. Remember you can play them ALL for Fun too players – the best way to start with a new game, especially when its at a Casino you haven’t played at before!

Try Elvis Top 20 too but whatever you do don’t miss the top favourite of most players currently – “The X Factor”! You get into the game mood from the very start with that X Factor music players – skip the Intro if you like and get right into playing!

The paytable says a lot. All wins you will wish to note are multiplied by the stake on the winning line with all lines playing left to right of course. 5 X ‘X Factor’ symbol pays 5,000, and 5 X ‘Girl Singer’ pays 1,000, the ‘Microphone’ pays 250 and so on players.

Check out The X Factor ‘Boot Camp’ too. 3 or more of the special X Factor symbols on a staked line trigger the Boot Camp Bonus, with up to 15 Free Spins. 3 Symbols gives you 5 Free Spins, 4 symbols give you 10 Free Spins, and 5 X Factor symbols give you as many as 15 Free Spins!

Now one of the fantastic parts of this game is the ‘Judge Bonus’ symbol – 3 or more in any position on the reels triggers the ‘Judges Bonus’ with a chance to win amazing multiplications of your stake, such as;

3 Symbols = 20 X Total Stake
4 Symbols = 50 X Total Stake
5 Symbols = 200 X Total Stake

How about those odds players? Really players you owe it to yourself to log onto VC and check the ‘X Factor’ Paytable out for yourselves!

Fond of animals? How about some fun with a big one – “King Kong”. Takes a while to load but its well worth every second of your time! Give it a whirl players – exciting, rewarding and lots of entertaining slot game fun.

The new version of “Wheel of Fortune” is entertaining as well and well worth a game or two – graphics great, audio motivating and as for those bars of gold! Well, and the Bonus Jackpots are very very rewarding indeed – log onto VC and check the paytable out, particular the Bonus Jackpots!

Wild Mummy Slot on VC Casino

While its always great to note a casino site with great offers and bonuses, and VC Casino certainly has that, its even better to note that they have 100’s of top line paying games!

VC Casino has 100’s of the best games on the net – as matter of fact we wouldn’t be going too far to say that they are second to none as is the level of service, and support, shown by Victor Chandler Casino to its players!

Victor Chandler (VC) Casino gives away hundreds of thousands of £’s each and every month to its players. One of its biggest features though is its famous “Members Bonus”, where players can, and do, literally earn anywhere from £5 to £3,000 in bonus cash each week – yes players, some of you do earn the highest amounts each week!

All play, absolutely all play, across the 3 great VC gaming sites contributes towards the level of bonus you will receive so you are never missing out at any time!

The ‘Members Bonus’ is always an easy one to qualify for as well – as it is calculated simply by taking a basic number of factors under consideration – in no particular order, these include such things as:

Deposits you make
Frequency of Your Play
The types of games you play
Your Wagering

Don’t forget to follow up on and take advantage of the full Welcome Bonus when you start playing on VC Casino too players – its an excellent one!

More and more people are relaxing their play and concentrating on Video Slot play – not so stressful, and you don’t have to really concentrate anywhere nearly as much as you need to with either Table or Card Games!

Some (video slot) games that have been heartily recommended, for their winning ways mainly, include such games as “The Super 80’s”, “Dead or Alive”, “Millionaires Club”, the new “Jungle Games”, the new version of “Wheel of Fortune” and the “Groovy 60’s” – not forget other games such as “Wild Mummy”, “Diamond Dogs” and “Monkey Love”!

Now while your main focus in playing is to win money, its important too for several reasons, to enjoy yourself and have a laugh or two while you’re doing just that!

Take ‘Diamond Dogs’ for instance – you’ll absolutely love the graphics on this one, the sheer fun of it is a scream! Love those dog tags, the doggy detectives and that VIP fire hydrant (for you know what). The Paytable is terrific too paying up to 10,000! You’ve just got to log on and check this game out players – if only to take a look at the Wild symbol!

Speaking of winning and having a laugh and fun at the same time, try ‘Dead or Alive’ too players! Just love those wanted posters!

Roulette Variations on VC Casino

How many types of Roulette games do you think that Victor Chandler Casino carries? 2, 4, 5 or 6 maybe? Well you’d be wrong if you gave any of these answers as VC Casino has as many as 9 different variants of Roulette! There’s:

Euro Roulette
Roulette £5 Min
Roulette £1 Min
Roulette £25 Min
Pinball Roulette
Roulette 10p Min

Now that’s only 7 we know, you should log onto VC Casino and check out the 2 others yourself!

Looking at European Roulette quickly there is even 3 variations on this one – one with a table minimum of £1 and a maximum of £100, the 2nd one with a table minimum of £5 and a maximum of £250 and the third with a table minimum of £15 and the maximum being £500! Log onto VC Casino today and try your luck players!

Its exceedingly easy to play, quick and a game for those times when players are truly feeling lucky! Games and game resources download pretty quickly too!

And as for the variety of fabulous Table Games available at VC Casino, well players, there are so many great games to choose from, including Poker Trey, Stud Poker, Craps, Texas Hold em £0.10 Min, Texas Hold em £5 Min, Texas Hold em £25 Min, as well as Trey Poker 10p Min, Trey Poker £5 Min and Trey Poker £25 min, and also, of course, a number of variants on Caribbean Stud, as well as Let It Ride, and Battle Cards, Red Dog, Punto Banco, Switch and Baccarat!

Spoilt for choice but then players at VC Casino are always spoilt! What with the choice of games, rewards and bonuses!

Curious what most people play at the Casino, well VC Casino is happy to list its “Favourites” games, the games that players really love. They include;

Vegas Blackjack
Euro Roulette
Devil’s Delight
Jungle Games
Alice in Wonderland
Poker Trey
Texas Hold Em
Jacks or Better
Gonzo’s Quest, &
Deuces Wild

Always keep a close eye too players on that mouth-watering range of Progressive Jackpots though at VC Casino – such Progressives as the ‘Triple Wins Jackpot’ at just under £40,000, the ‘Arabian Nights’ Progressive at over £38,000, ‘Vault Assault’ at £32,500, ‘Caribbean Stud £1 Min’ at just under £20,000 and the number of others.

Log on yourself players and check out the big range of fabulous jackpots at VC!

VC Casino Gold Rush

Catch a look at some of these fantastic VC Casino Progressive Jackpots players, there’s the ‘Triple Wins Jackpot’ at £38,760+, the ‘Arabian Nights’ at £34,000+, ‘Vault Assault’ at £32,300+, ‘Caribbean Stud £1 Min’ at just under £20,000 and others such as ‘Cash Bomb’ at a tidy £3,223 or ‘Gold Rush’ at just under £1,80.

More, many more, progressives too at VC Casino but this will give players some idea of what they have been missing out on – if they’re not playing at VC Casino currently!

After the excellent £175 Welcome Bonus players can grab from VC, they will also get to enjoy a Members Bonus of “Up to £3,000 Per Player, Per Week”! Hard to take in possibly players but these figures are accurate and players do get them!

Yes not only does VC Casino give away Thousands of Pounds in FREE CASH every month, that Cash is not hard to obtain either, ie its straightforward to qualify for! VC Casino’s Weekly Loyalty Bonuses are calculated by taking a number of varying factors into consideration and in no particular order, these factors include:

1.    Deposits
2.    Frequency of Play
3.    Types of Games Played
4.    Wagering
5.    Profit/Loss

No. 5 (Profit/Loss) is interesting, and operates with a bit of a player proactive twist. Winning customers get rewarded of course, but losing customers will be able to earn that little bit more – of course this is encouraging for some!

VC Casino now presents a number of new games live with the Game of the Week, this week, being ‘World Cup Stars Top Trumps’! That doesn’t mean that players should contemplate not patronising the ‘Millionaire Club’ too.

Note please that All games displaying the IGM mark have the new menu option as part of their features.

What’s your favourite game at Victor Chandler Casino players – could it be ‘Devil’s Delight’, ‘Vegas Blackjack’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Cash Drop’ or one of the others? These games are all listed amongst the ‘Favourites’ area at VC Casino so you really should try them out when you can.

And what’s even better news, is the point that trying them out wont cost you a single penny, as you can play each of these games just for Fun!

Take ‘Devil’s Delight’ slot game for instance – this is a great favourite with many and a game we have talked about before – simply because its great fun, got great graphics, and pays well! Players love those cute purple devils, the burning devils’ hearts, the pentagrams, gravestones and more. Want to have some colour, giggles and other fun while playing a great game? You just must try out ‘Devil’s Delight’ at VC Casino then players!

Just keep an eye on that ‘Soul-O-Meter’ players! And that Handsome devil in the sports coat who takes the part of the Wild!

Bonus Factors on VC Casino

The first promotion available to players considering the Victor Chandler, VC Casino is that rather wonderful £175 Welcome Bonus – 1 Great Bonus, 3 Great Sites and 100’s of Great Games (and prizes naturally)! Yes new customers to VC Casino, Games & Live Casino are eligible to receive a fantastic £175 Welcome Bonus.

As soon as you commence playing on any of the great VC websites (Casino, Games and/or Live Casino) you will start building towards the first tier of your New Player Welcome Bonus!

Want more details? Well all you need to do is to log onto VC Casino and check the few simple details out!

One of the best offers and opportunities available at a Casino online is the VC Casino ‘Members Bonus’ – and players can earn up to £3,000 per player, per week, with this wonderful loyalty oriented reward! Minimum of £5 per week – maximum of £3,000 per week – not bad players!

So what factors come to play in the Victor Chandler Casino actually estimating what is the individual loyalty reward you will receive as one of their players? The VC weekly loyalty bonuses are actually calculated by taking a number of factors into consideration. We list them below for your interest in no particular order of importance though:

Deposits – play with your own cash, not just promo cash or other bonuses
Frequency of play – Victor never ever forgets a username
Types of Games played – check out the vast array of Video Slots at VC Casino
Wagering – the more you play, the more bonus cash Victor will pay
Profit/Loss – winning customers get rewarded but losing customers will earn just that little bit more!

With excellent bonuses and a great range of games, its no wonder at all why so many gamers choose this site and once players start at VC Casino they rarely leave!

Visited the VC Casino VIP Lounge yet gamers? All players at VC can earn their exclusive invitation into the VIP Lounge (not everyone gets automatic entry you know) to enjoy some truly fantastic casino benefits – so log onto VC Casino and investigate the VIP program for yourself!

Victor himself continues to frequent his Casino every Thursday and Sunday and if you are interested in coming out on top, with an additional 10% Free Cash, well you should try to beat him!

On Thursday’s Victor will be dealing the cards at the Trey Poker table and adding an extra 10% Free to all winners accounts. As far as his Sunday play is concerned, Victor’s current favourite Video Slot is ‘Devil’s Delight’ so if you want that extra 10%, log on on Sunday and try to beat Victor at that as well!

Beat Victor Challenge at VC Casino

Want to ‘Beat Victor’ players, we bet you do, because if you succeed in beating Victor in his own VC Casino either each Thursday or Sunday he will credit you with an extra 10% Free Cash on TOP OF your winnings! Yes, on top of your winnings players – 10% extra!

On Thursdays, Victor deals the cards at the ‘Trey Poker (Three Card Poker) table and adds an extra 10% FREE to all winning players accounts! While on Sunday’s Victor’s favourite video slot, “Devil’s Delight” is the subject of his largesse, with all winning players having their winnings topped by yet another 10% FREE!

SO – if you reckon you’ve actually got what it takes to beat Victor on VC Casino at least have a try because you could end up not only with your game winnings but with another 10% FREE besides on top of them!

Okay players we have another Weekend upon us – you could win 20 Free Spins this weekend too you know? To celebrate the exciting new ranges of video slots now available at Victor Chandler Casino, VC are now giving away Free Spins to all customers on a weekly basis!

All players need to do is play two of the most popular slots (Devil’s Delight and Reel Steal), meet the wagering requirement and their accounts will be credited with the 20 Free Spins. It really is as simple and easy as that players! Want to know more about this offer – just log onto VC Casino today!

CASH DROPS – Victor has a strong fondness for rewarding his more loyal casino customers so it now happens that he is becoming more and more generous! In addition to the Weekly Member’s Bonus payments, Victor is personally dropping Cash into multiple accounts on a DAILY BASIS!

Daily Cash Drop payments vary from as little as £5, going all the way up to as much as £500! The thing would be to keep checking your account balance as you may very well have received one of Victor’s random cash drops without even being aware of it! Good luck!

Check out some of these amazing current Progressive Jackpots at Victor Chandler Casino players –

Triple Wins Jackpot With £36,398
Vault Assault With £31,027
Arabian Knights With £26,909
Caribbean Stud £1 Min With £18,820

Log on and check the many others out for yourselves players – you will certainly enjoy the experience!

How about trying something different as far as your Casino games are concerned. If you normally just play Roulette, how about going for such a game as “BJ Double Exposure £1” or “Ghost Pirates”?

Or if you’re normally a Blackjack players have some fun and try playing “Bloodsuckers” or “Groovy 60s”. Being different always give players that added edge remember.

Progressive Jackpot News on VC Casino

Just look at some of these VC Casino Progressive Jackpots players, they’re just waiting to be taken out at the Casino! There’s the:

Triple Wins Jackpot £2 – £34,909
Vault Assault – £30,971
Arabian Nights – £25,654
Caribbean Stud £1 Min – £21,099
Bonus Keno – £  6,211
Mega Joker – £  5,468
Cash Bomb – £  3,205

That’s just 7 of a long list players – wonderful hunks of cash waiting for you to claim at Victor Chandler Casino!

Love the horses? Well you can play ‘Champion of the Track’ online at VC Casino. Its fun and has quite a bundle of cash awaiting the right player! Particularly when you score a bonus and get to pick a jockey for the race of the day – one of our test players won 660 coins for simply scoring the Bronze Cup! They also scored a bunch of Free Spins as well! One of which won him 392 coins! It seemed t be win after win!

The big winner with this game is the Career Bonus where a player can score 67,000 coins! To win this one you need to advance 20 career steps to grab that Champion of the Track Career Bonus. A Bonus Game not only wins you coins but up to 4 Career Steps as well!

You will also want to know that the Champion Trophy icon awards the Career Bonus – so keep your eyes and ears open for that one – you’ll certainly know from the audio when you’ve scored it!

The Gold Cup awards mystery wins along the way too! The more you bet the more you win naturally enough players!

As for Free Spins with the ‘Champion of the Track’ slot game, the Scatter wins pay total bet x the multiplier and 3+ Scatter Symbols activates 10 Free Spins and the Training Track. Actually there’s a lot more fun to be had with this particular game. We heartily recommend it as it has so much involved below the surface!

Log onto VC Casino and click through to ‘Champion of the Track’ – you can try it for Free first too remember players!

Well this next game appeals to many – it may be the name that draws many in at first but we can confirm that its also great to play. Its called “Devil’s Delight”! Its colourful, bright and creative with fab audio! You’ll love the Wild symbol (what a great devil) but as for the Bonus Symbol (well for a skeleton with a sickle he’s not too bad) – anything that makes a game more of a winner is okay with players!

The fun of this game is added to if players do have a bit of a black humour you might say – especially because of those special ‘Sin Spins’ where players need to collect 15 souls to enter!

Gonzo’s Quest on VC Casino

Have some fun with this new game players at VC Casino, “Gonzo’s Quest” you can try it out first for fun remember! ‘Gonzo’s Quest’ is the search for the legendary Eldorado players – its rewarding of course, but its also heaps of fun and exciting. Its different and the music and back ground graphics and audio is little short of fantastic we can promise you! The character Gonzo is rather winning himself too players!

We love the way that the mysterious tiles fall down into place – it really has a different feel this game, it certainly wont bore you at VC Casino! Some of our test players did so well they really wanted to keep going and going along with Gonzo! But then Gonzo himself really does contribute to the play. Sometimes though players will need to wait until the smoke around Gonzo settles in order to see how good their wins actually are!

Don’t miss this fantastic new game players if you like excitement, large wins and fun graphics and audio!

As a matter of fact a number of our players did so well (Playing for Fun) that they passed over to playing for Real without any further delay! The number of times the Avalanche Multipliers blew up and settled back down with a huge win was amazing, truly amazing players.

You’ll be very happy to note too players that the win multiplier increases with each new Avalanche in a game round! The Free Fall symbols must appear in succession, starting from the leftmost reel – log onto VC Casino to see which symbol applies players. The Wild Symbol is the tile with the “?” and the other symbols counting for anything from 50 coins up to 2500, is noted on Gonzo’s explanation notation.

Do yourself a favour, log onto VC Casino to see the colours, the fun and enjoy yourself to play this great new game – its going to be a star!

Another new game at VC Casino that you really should try out is the “Single Deck BJ £1 Min” – again you can go straight into playing it for Real, or start out with ‘Play for Fun’! We can safely tell you that this game of Blackjack is easy to play and seems to be a generous payer too players! The background music while you play reminds many of one of the old fashioned upmarket casino’s!

Another new game at VC is a sibling of the ‘Single Deck BJ £1’, its called Single Deck BJ £25 Min’ and it’s a real goer we can tell you. We heartily recommend that you do start your experiences with this game by first ‘Playing for Fun’ – the way to go particularly so for newbie players!

VC Casino Cash Grab

If you usually play multi-line, video or other slots how about revisiting some old friends at VC Casino, Classic Slots, such as ‘Cash Grab’, ‘Jumping for Gold’, ‘Lucky Cherry’ or possibly ‘Wild West’ for instance?

One fun game is Cash Grab, where the rather cute charter ‘Lou’ is the Wild, meaning of course it can substitute for any other symbol, except ‘Any 1’ – it also multiplies the amount paid too players! The goal of the game is naturally to achieve a winning combination of objects in the middle row of the game’s 3 reels!

Classic Slots are a good way for new players in particular to start off playing at a new site or for their first foray into online gaming!

Another good classic slot to try would be ‘Space Invasion’ or even ‘Pot O’ Gold’ (also a 3 reeler, but one with a bonus round where the player can win extra credits).

But then Video Slots at VC Casino are exceptionally popular, for a very good reason players. Try ‘Viva Venezia’ for instance, a 5-reel, 20-Payline Bonus slots game, with the goal being to achieve a winning combination of objects along any of 20 paylines. There is also a bonus game included within this 5 reel slot, that awards free spins and multiplies any winnings awarded during free spin play!

The 20 paylines pay from left to right, with all winning patterns for regular play beginning with an icon on the left-most reel and continuing left to right, along that payline. Log onto VC Casino for a further more detailed explanation of this excellent Video Slot game.

Another video slot which supplies a lot of fun and entertainment to players is ‘Fortune Teller’ a truly great Video Slot game. ‘Fortune Teller’ is a 5-reel, 15-payline bonus slot game. There are 3 different ways to earn bonus cash with this game players – note that!

Players can bet between 1 and 10 credits on any of the ‘Fortune Teller’ paylines for a bet between 1 and 150 credits per spin. You don’t need to bet on all the paylines though players, you can bet different amounts on different paylines as well – its worthwhile noting! Just click on any of the payline indicators in the side of the reel panel to place a 1-credit bet on that payline or use one of the other buttons!

The cloaked fortune teller figure is the Wild and the Sun and the moon signify the Scatter Bonuses, the Free Spin feature is the bright eye symbol and easily stands out players. Do note too that there is also a Multilevel Bonus Game which is triggered when the icon appears on a payline’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels!

Do log on and have a close look and at least a Fun Play of this great video slot game at VC Casino players – you’ll be delighted when you do!