Totesport Casino Featured Games

Featured games at Totesport Casino currently include European roulette, blackjack and the incredible hulk slot.

There are some of the most popular online games played at Totesport Casino and it is not hard to see why.

As we know European roulette is a classic game of all time and no matter how many new games are added to sites, it still remains at the top of the gaming leader board.

The game of blackjack is another classic that has just never waivered. It could be the simplicity of this game that has made it famous around the world – beat the banker by scoring higher than them without busting over 21.

You can get ready for some green, radioactive slots action when you play the incredible hulk slot game and this one comes loaded with victorias secret eye liner a big Hulk smash bonus.

Films, TV shows, action heros have all become some of the most popular slot games around and the interaction and graphics on lots of them are second to none.

It is easy to associate with something you have already heard of or know, so it is not that surprising these kind of games have become such big hits.

Totesport Casino deliver a good all round gaming site, with new game releases coming out all the time. You can even (bet in play) with them, which is great for racing a sports fans.

You will get rewarded as you simply play on any of the games at Totesport, so it is worth taking a look at their Emerald club loyalty programme to see just what rewards can be earned.

Pink Panther Slot on Totesport Casino

The pink panther is one of the newest slot games at Totesport Casino and this one packs 4 bonus games and 2 progressive jackpots. The great thing about Totesport is that you can log onto their site and try out most of their games – without even having an account with them.

So if you wanted to try the pink panther slot for instance, simply go to their site and click on this slot game. Its always advisable to play a new slot in free play mode first before playing it for real, so it is good that Totesport do give you the option to do just that.

Other new slot games recently launched at Totesport Casino include, incredible hulk, iron man, x men, blade, rocky, fantastic four, daredevil and Elektra.

Just the Penis Enlargement one account will give you access to all areas at Totesport Casino and you have a number of online gaming options to select from. They offer sports, bet in play, racing, a range of casino games, other games, poker and even bingo.

If you are new to online gaming checking out their player guides would be a good idea. These give you an in-depth view of the game and they should help you build your strategy on their most popular games.

Their player guides provide you with both introductions of playing the game and they offer helpful tips, so well worth having a look at – after all we have to start somewhere.

Totesport Casino pretty much have the lot gaming wise and they are a highly recommended casino to play at.

Daily Cheltenham Promo on ToteSport Casino

Festival Giveaway, Winning Daily Offers but this great promo, the Cheltenham Daily Casino Promo on Totesport Casino. Don’t miss the greatest show on turf entirely (if you haven’t participated so far this week)!

Today, the final day of the Festival there is the fabulous “£2,000 Comps Challenge”. You see, players, the Festival draws to a close with the highlight of the week – the ToteSport Casino Cheltenham Gold Cup!

And to coincide with the big ToteSport sponsored race they are offering bonuses of up to £500 for the 20 players who accumulate the most Comp Points today! Look into it seriously players – at ToteSport Casino!

Now many say that the most popular Casino game of all is ‘European Roulette’ – and that’s probably true. So easy to play simply place your bets on whatever colour, segment or number the ball will land on! When the ball stop Casino En Ligne spinning you could be onto a big big win!

Now hopefully you’ve been playing at ToteSport for a while, so naturally you would have already enjoyed that excellent Welcome Bonus but there’s so much more at ToteSport – especially that great ‘50% Monthly Bonus’ which you can grab on each of your first deposits of the month!

Always keep in mind that the Comp Points at ToteSport Casino are a reward for your loyalty and start to accumulate the very first time you play at ToteSport Casino after you have joined. Its not hard to accumulate points at ToteSport due to the very extensive range of slot games!

Keep in mind that each £10 you stake (on any game whatsoever at ToteSport) that you will earn 1 point and that the points can be converted into cash – ready for players to either wager or withdraw!

Pink Panther Slot on ToteSport Casino

Apart from the 100% Bonus ToteSport Casino offers for all new players, ToteSport Casino do have some particularly attractive offers, promotions and games.

To start with why not try the great and fun “Pink Panther” with its 5 Bonus Games? Or possibly the brand new Rocky Slot version and while you’re doing that pick up the generous 50% Monthly Bonus remember! And of course there’s the great and rewarding ToteSport Casino Emerald Club as well!

With ‘Pink Panther’ it’s a matter of re-creating some of the panther’s classic adventures in the 5 different bonus games – that’s spot on, not 1, 2 or 3, but 5 different bonus games AND ON TOP OF THAT there’s 2 amazing Mystery Progressive Slots!

The game starts with bouncing music, plenty of colour and that wickedly naughty pink panther winking at you! There’s a bomb or two and the inspector of course and you need to keep your Forex eye out for those pink paw prints on the reels and a can or two of pink paint that get splashed on the reels as well of course!

Our test players were thrilled by their multiple £200 plus wins! You’ll love it when one of those explosive pay-outs happens, when the Wild comes up and subsequently the bigger £’s too!

Naturally, the Pink Panther is the Wild on this slot game, with 5 Inspector C’s paying £500, keep your eyes peeled for all those Bonus Games and Mystery Progressive Jackpots. That is the ‘Pink Pow’, the ‘Crack the Pink Code Bonus’, the ‘Colour Pink Bonus’, the ‘Pink Trail Bonus’ and the ‘Wheel of Pink Bonus’! All quite differently and all triggered randomly within the Main Game players!

The two Mystery Progressive Jackpots are the (i) Major Pink (currently worth around £517) and (ii) the Minor Pink (currently worth just over £182).

Multi Card Games on ToteSport Casino

In the mood for a card game or two players? No, well how about a Table Game or a Progressive or even Video Poker on ToteSport Casino? Plenty of choice, there’s even a number of Other Games for you to try – depending on your mood at the time!

If Card Games are your forte, try the ToteSport Casino versions of Blackjack maybe! There’s certainly many more than just the one, with:

Blackjack Multihand
Blackjack Switch
Blackjack Surrender
Stravaganza (yet another version)
Progressive Blackjack
Blackjack Surrender Multihand

AND THAT’S NOT ALL the different Blackjack versions you have to choose from either!

‘Blackjack Switch’ for instance has some great pluses over other versions, namely that you can ‘switch’ your hand.

The fact is that ‘Blackjack Switch’, as is all Blackjack versions, is so easy to play just place your bet and click on Deal! A hand is dealt, you know your score and choose then whether to ‘Hit’ (for another card), to ‘Stand, ‘Double’ or ‘Split’!

You can really have some fun with “21 Duel Blackjack” too players – with this game all 21’s are equal! Some players do find “Pai Gow Poker” more challenging and tactical. Its where the player gets dealt with 7 cards and makes 2 hands to beat the dealer’s hands!

Again – make a point (particularly if you haven’t played before) of trying ‘Pai Gow Poker’ out for Fun first! One of our test players won 10 hands of Pai Gow Poker in a row, claiming although luck is needed, instinct is too! Really there’s only the need to choose your bet then two other choices!

Go Green with ToteSport Casino

ToteSport Casino does green very well doesn’t it, even emphasising the Incredible Hulk to advantage, get ready for that particular green experienced with this radioactive slots action game and be ready to guide the Hulk through the ‘Smash’ Bonus!

Be there at ToteSport Casino to experience true action! Go for that brand new version of the slot ‘Rocky’ (even if you’re not a Rocky fan too).

Just seen that fun adventure movie “Iron Man” again and feel like trying the ‘Iron Man’ slots game out – don’t miss it. The graphics are stunning, the sound affects wonderful and you really shouldn’t miss ‘Iron Man’s Missile Attack Bonus –it will bring you Cash, Free Games and a fabulous Multiplier as well!

Takes a few seconds to download on most machines but even for an impatient person we can tell you its more than worthwhile the few seconds you will spend! Our test player experienced several medium sized to larger wins and ended up more than several hundred £’s ahead – good going for such a short period of play.

5 Iron Man symbols pays 5,000 and you should note that the two Iron Man symbols stacked on Reels 2, 3 and 4 covering the entire reel become an Expanding Wild! Curious about this game then simply log on and try it out for Free at ToteSport Casino!

Don’t miss out on trying ToteSport’s “Gold Rally” game players – unfortunately you cant try it out first as its only available in Real Money mode but as you can imagine, with a Progressive Slot that could net you over £1 Million, some investment of your money is well worth while!

While you’re at it players you should also try out a few of the other Progressive Slots such as Cinerama and Wall Street Fever!

Then play maybe just for the fun of it with slot games such as “A Night Out”! Pretty girls, luscious drinks and fun – what more could you really want with a slot? And it’s a winner. Nothing ultra sophisticated with this game but its entertaining and it throws up lots of winners!

The wins aren’t in the hundreds or thousands of pounds (although you can score 10,000 by getting 5 X Wild) normally but they’re more than big enough to keep you both going and entertained! Our test players came out ahead but just as importantly they were able to keep playing and playing and being entertained!

A great game to try out if you haven’t before is “Lotto Madness” – this game has some great bonus rounds plus a Progressive Jackpot. Give it a whirl it’s a rather fab 20 line slot! It may not be ultra-sophisticated but the graphics are colourful and fun and the audio is lightly and breezy (guaranteed to put you in a good mood)!

Our test players loved it because they kept winning and winning – with nearly every spin actually!

ToteSport Casino Featured Games

Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, whatever is your fancy you’re bound to find it (or something even better) at ToteSport Casino!

Try out one of the new games at Totesport Casino, possibly “Santa’s Surprise” or one (or more) of the great ‘Featured’ games that players are flocking to playing! Games such as “European Roulette”, “Jacks or Better (4 Line)”, “Gladiator” or “Gold Rally” – at least try out these great ones players!

ToteSport casino offer a great 50% Monthly Bonus each month – claim this on your first deposit of the month (so be sure to make that one worthwhile wont you), after you’ve grabbed your 100% Welcome Bonus of course!

Fancy feeling as if you’re actually playing in Vegas? Well you’ll need to play “American Roulette” then as opposed to the ever popular “European Roulette” wont you? ‘American Roulette’ is played the Las Vegas way – its similar to European Roulette however players have the option of a ‘Double Zero’ bet!

In a hurry or like things on a smaller basis sometimes – but love Roulette? The ideal game for you then is “Mini Roulette” which is like standard European (Single Zero) Roulette BUT the game has number 0 to 12 only!

But you’re in a hurry to grab some bigger money, to score some bigger payouts players? Well jump right onto the “Progressives” at ToteSport Casino then. Start with “Gold Rally” possibly – one of the most popular slots of all time!

Players really dig for gold with this particular progressive slot – where the Jackpot often reaches, or even exceeds, £1 Million! Another £1 Million Plus progressive is to be found in “Beach Life” players – its bright, breezy and fun as well as being a stupendously rewarding Progressive Jackpot at ToteSport Casino!

Now a game with a twist, an exciting ‘Roulette type’ game except cards are used instead of a Wheel! Its name “Wild Viking”!

Or maybe you have a yearning to find the ultimate poker hand and be flushed with winnings of around 4,000 times yours take! If that is the case log onto ToteSport Casino and play “Jacks or Better (10 Line) P”!

Are you lucky with lotto games usually? Well then you should have a fling with “Lotto Madness”, the 20 line slot with bonus rounds and a progressive jackpot. Give it a try it’s a winner and fun to boot!

Turning to the bulk of slot games though players – these are still heaps of fun and rewarding – especially when they are operated by ToteSport Casino!

There’s Gladiator, Wild Spirit, Top Trumps Football Legends, Cinerama, A Night Out, Desert Treasure (X marks the spot as players scour the desert for hidden treasure with this fun popular 5 reel slot game), Football Rules, Dr. Lovemore – the list of winning slots at ToteSport Casino goes on and on and on!

Good Luck players and a very Happy and safe New Year from ToteSport!

ToteSport Casino Christmas Cracker

ToteSport Casino Christmas Crackers, 25 Days, 25 Promos! Hope you’ve been keeping a very keen eye on the wonderfully different “ToteSport Christmas Crackers” offerings players? Make sure you log onto ToteSport Casino and you’ll find a marvellous combination of both Casino and Bingo offers hidden underneath each bauble on the Christmas Tree!

Simply click on the appropriate day’s date and the offer is revealed. For example, yesterday, Thursday, 9 December players were presented with a “£100 Winners Bonus” – which simply means that ToteSport’s Top 10 Casino winners on the day each received an additional £100 Bonus on top of their other winnings!

Today player’s are treated to a “Fantastic Fiver” where when you wager £50, or more, on the Fantastic Four slot at ToteSport Casino, They will give you £5 Free in Cash! Try it out players, everything to gain!

Saturday gives you a great “15% Christmas Cashback” (between 12pm and 4pm, with a maximum of £50 up for grabs).

Sunday, 12 December, is a goody too players as its all about a “Super Comps Sunday” – its TRIPLE COMPS on ALL Casino Slots and DOUBLE COMPS on all other Casino games. Now you cant afford to miss that one at ToteSport Casino!

Monday of next week will treat you to a “Bankroll Boost” – log on and check it out players! But there are many “Christmas Crackers” awaiting you at ToteSport Casino so don’t delay, play today!

Even though some of the new Slots at ToteSport cannot be resisted by most players, there are other players that simply prefer a Table Game or two, or Card Games or one of the other categories – all of which are available for your playing pleasure at ToteSport Casino.

A constant Card Game favourite without a doubt would be “Blackjack Multihand” particularly, of course, for Blackjack fans. As ‘Blackjack Multihand’ gives players the option to play up to 5 hands at once against the Dealer!

Just about an equal favourite though with ‘Blackjack Multihand’ would have to be “Blackjack Surrender” because it comes with a terrific advantage. ‘Blackjack Surrender’ is standard Blackjack with the option to back down if you happen to be dealt with a weak hand! And everyone gets those at some time or another players!

OR BETTER STILL (in the eyes of many devoted Blackjack players) would be “Stravaganza”! Because with this twist on the standard Blackjack type game, players cannot go bust! No wonder it appeals to so many players at ToteSport!

Do keep in mind too players the great 50% Monthly Bonus that ToteSport Casino so generously gives regular players – that is after the generous 100% Welcome Bonus you get on your first deposit that is!

Good luck and enjoy players!

More Online Games on ToteSport Casino

Does the following interest you players, More Games, Faster Gameplay, Exclusive Promotions, Superfast Payouts? Well if it does its about time you spent some serious playing time at a real winner of a site – ToteSport Casino!

Totesport Casino have everything your playing heart could desire, Card Games, Table Games, Slots, Progressives, Video Poker, Bonus Bowling, Jackpot Darts, Hi Lo, Keno, Pop Bingo, Dice Games and MORE! Much more as a matter of fact!

Maybe start off by having some light playing fun with “Heads or Tails” – place bets on heads/tails and the number of consecutive times the chosen side will be tossed. Or try ‘Roller Coaster Dice” where you need to predict whether the two dice will be higher/lower than the previous roll. 11 correct guesses wins the jackpot!

Then there’s “Dice Twister” where you place your bets on the outcome of the roll of two dice. Best either exact total, odd/even or even range of betting! Fun games ALL!

“MegaBall” is a game and a half players – as a matter of fact ‘MegaBall’ is actually 8 games in one, plus fantastic Progressive Jackpots waiting to be won as well! Try it out today at ToteSport Casino!

Most players can never quite avoid the temptation of the great slots games at ToteSport Casino  -there are some truly fabulous ones we can assure you – all differently themed, some with huge Progressives and ALL fun and entertaining at the same time as paying out big-time!

Choose from “Gladiator”, “Wild Spirit”, “Top Trumps World Football Stars”, old favourites and real winners such as “Gold Rally”, “A Night Out” (lots of stunning girls guarantee a great fun night out when you play this ever popular 20 line slot game), “Wall St Fever” (win this particular progressive jackpot and your slots shares could go through the roof) and many others, including “Dr Lovemore” and “Football Rules”!

The games are all fantastic at ToteSport Casino and the promotions and offers are just as good too – starting with that £25 Free Play, the 100% Welcome Bonus and 50% Monthly Bonuses too!

If you’re ever in doubt as to exactly what is actually being won at ToteSport Casino – take the time to log on and click through on the “Winners” tab – you’ll see how many multiple thousands of £’s are won each day at ToteSport Casino players!

ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND that players can play ALL ToteSport Casino games first for FUN only, if that is what they’d prefer to do. That way you can get to feel comfortable with a game first before you risk your own cash!

All you have to do players (to try ALL games out first for FREE) is to simply open up ToteSport Casino from either the ‘Download’ or launch a game from the brand new ‘Instant Play’ pages and give any of the ToteSport games a spin – before you play for real that is!

Racing with ToteSport Casino

Whatever your choice, whether it be racing, sports, totepool, casino or other games (even bingo) you can go to no better place than ToteSport Casino players – it not only has everything you could want but it delivers those items with superior safety and a sense of protecting players privacy!

ToteSport Casino provides a superior level of play and does so generously (great offers, great prizes)! Take the £25 FREE PLAY for instance, or the 100% Welcome bonus or the 50% Monthly Bonuses?

So much more than these few factors too – there’s the ToteSport Casino VIP Club – the ‘Emerald Club’, the wonderful ‘Comp Points’ a range of great games including some top notch new ones always being brought into play by ToteSport so the games and play is continually freshened up for players at their Casino!

ToteSport Casino also has a range of very helpful and instructive ‘Player Guides’ as well. Not only for the benefit of new players but seasoned players as well.

Just take a glance at the many Winners at ToteSport – from smaller (£2,000 plus) to bigger (£6,000) and bigger (£9,000 plus) and bigger and huge (at well over £100,000, £115,000 to be precise)! Log onto the ToteSport Casino site, click through to the Winners list and see for yourself.

One recent winner, “SP” won that £115,000 on ‘Wall St Fever’, while another “PG” won nearly £10,000 on ‘Gladiator’. A wealth of others: “TV” £3,100 (Great Blue), “AW” £2,160 (Roulette), “PA” £5,500 (Roulette), “GV” £6,000 (Blackjack) – the winning and winners go on and on at ToteSport Casino players!

Play something you’ve played often before, such as ‘Jacks or Better (4 Line) (said by some to be the most popular video poker game by far) or ‘Gold Rally’ (a great Progressive slot) or ‘Blackjack Multihand’ or play something completely different – ie something out of your comfort zone!

Always play Video Poker, then try a Slot game or two! Always playing Slots, well “vice-versa” then players! Play several games of Video Poker or some Table Games, maybe a Roulette Game of some kind, or a Card Game (such as standard Blackjack or a variant such as ‘Blackjack Multihand’ or even ‘Blackjack Surrender Multihand). Possibly even ‘Stravaganza’. Just try something new – particularly if your luck could take some improvement.

A “change” is sometimes “as good as a holiday” they say!

The newer games at ToteSport Casino include such ones as ‘Blade’, ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Elektra’ – some very superior versions – better graphics, better odds players!

Keep those amazing ToteSport Casino “Comp Points” in mind as well – they are a reward for your loyalty to the ToteSport Casino site – they start to accumulate immediately upon your joining and playing at the ToteSport Casino site!