Mobile Spin Palace Casino

No one really likes being chained to their desks do they? Well at Spin Palace Casino you don’t need to be as you can play all their games direct from your mobile phones and a number of other hand held devices.

Mobile gaming certainly seems to be the way this industry is moving forwards as mobile phones have definitely come on a long way from when they first launched as brick locking devices.

Tablets and the iPad are also outselling Laptops / Computers now and Spin Palace Casino pretty much have an app for whatever hand held product you are using.

So whether you are an iPhone, Wap, Ipad, Blackberry or android user, you can take Spin Palace with you whether you may be.

Being a mobile gamer with them does not mean you miss out on anything either, as you can still enjoy their promotions virginia payday loan online and play for big jackpot prizes – the only difference is you have the freedom of where you want to play them.

If you have an existing  Spin Palace account, you can log onto their site using your usual log in details – so there is no need to register separately for this either (which means you can still keep all the account benefits you already have).

Mobile gaming is a revolution and it is just not stopping! As new generations of gamers join the marketplace, the mobile gaming facility is only set to  rise and rise (just like computers did in their hey day).

It is the freedom and choice of game play that makes mobile gaming so exciting and thanks to all the new technology, graphics of these slots are just as good if not better from some of these hand held devices now.

Spin Palace Casino via Mobile

Did you know that you can now play at Spin Palace Casino via your mobile phones? Lots of online casino now have this feature available, but not all of them have as many mobile gaming apps as spin palace.

So just what mobile devices can you use to play at Spin Palace Casino? Well lets say they seem to have apps for just about every mobile device going and these include the following – Smartphone, windows 7, blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Android, along with their online website of course.

The way the gaming market is moving forwards means that you can play your favourite games whether you go, as long as you have got connection that is which can still be problematic in some areas.

Spin Palace Casino first joined the gaming scene back in 2001. Over the past 10 Live Sex years they have managed to build a strong reputation for themselves. They have an average pay out ratio of 97% and over 400 different games to select from, so you should find something to suit your own preference of play.

Some of their featured games currently include mermaids millions, mega moolah and thunderstruck II. Each of these games come loaded with an explosive progressive jackpot, so no wonder they are ‘featured’ at their site.

A multitude of slot games, blackjack, fruit machines roulette and poker, spin palace pretty much have it all and more besides, as their gaming arena is extensive.

They also offer a competitive welcome package. You will get a 100% match bonus on your first deposit, 25% on your second deposit and for your third deposit this is increased back up to 50%.

GSOS II Qualifying Events at Spin Palace Casino

Over a four week period Spin Palace Casino will be running qualifying events to get into their GSOS II final. The gain entry into the final the slots games you really need to be playing are Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II.

The grand slam of slots II final will be taking place at Spin Palace Casino between 27th May and 6th June. There is a guaranteed prize fund of $290,000 up for grabs, but this amount could get even higher, depending on you.

The entry free into the GSOS II final has been set at $200. There will be a minimum of 290 and maximum of 5,000 people participating in this online slotting event. The duration of the tourney is 11 days and you will get 18 minute playtime slots with 58,500 coins. The max guaranteed payout for the first prize is $100,000 and there is also a special prize of £2.43 million gold bars. (Nice).

To take vp-rx yorum part in the grand slam of slots II event in the first instance, you need to have a real money account with Spin Palace Casino. So if you are not yet a member of their site you simply need to sign up now and make a first deposit into your account.

All their online slot tourneys are played in real time against other players with a live leader board. This means that you will always be able to check were you currently stand in the comp. Your aim in these tourneys is to get your (win box) total as high as possible and this will be posted as your rank on the live leader board.

The player with the highest win box rank at the end of the tourney wins the prize specified, it is as simple as that. If you are into playing slot games online, these kinds of tourneys can be worth taking part in.

Grand Slam of Slots on Spin Palace Casino

They actually pay you to be a winner at Spin Palace Casino! What we refer to here is the fact that any player who wins a Progressive Jackpot of £25,000, or more, will receive an additional ‘celebratory’ £1,000 Bonus from Spin Palace!

Just to congratulate them on their win! But that’s not the only ‘extra’ you will receive, as a player from Spin Palace Casino!

Another ‘extra’ benefit you will receive as a player with Spin Palace are the wonderful “£50 Magic Strikes”!

These are the special £50 bonuses made daily to a number of Real players that happen to be in the Casino when the magic of Spin Palace strikes! Don’t worry players – you’re actually notified by email if you have randomly been chosen as a lucky recipient!

Each month, Spin Palace, also offers players the chance to win EXTRA CASH as well as some GREAT PRIZES. Simply play the games that Spin Palace Casino recommends and go from there on your winning way!

The competitions for March, include “The Grand Slam of Slots” in which you battle your way to victory at the exclusive slot extravaganza where big winnings could very well be yours!

Just in case you don’t already know, the ever popular 5-reel, 243 ways to win Video Slot, “Thunderstruck II” will be the tournament slot during this second instalment of the thrilling ‘Grand Slam’! So you better be ready for the thunderous rewards!

Of course there is not just the one tournament at Spin Palace for players to enjoy and benefit from – there’s also the “Midweek Moolah” (with its £10,000 prize available weekly), the “Weekend Whopper” (that offers yet another £10,000 per week) as well as the fabulous “Monthly Monster” that presents a huge £25,000!

Roulette Versions on Spin Palace Casino

In the mood for a game that’s not too demanding, that you can relax while you’re playing but at the same time find it exciting at Spin Palace Casino? Well, if that’s what you want, you’ll find all those qualities and more in Roulette! Roulette can, and does, pay out huge amounts of money too!

Roulette, as a game, personifies the indulgent, lazy yet rich side of casino gaming – it’s the game you play and win at when you don’t really have the energy for much at all! That’s why its so very popular with players!

Roulette on Spin Palace Casino can deliver HUGE payouts, especially when players are betting straight on a number. The game at Spin Palace has state-of-the-art graphics and sounds which deliver ultra-realistic casino game play – and in the comfort of your own home too!

Many players concentrate on betting on personally significant numbers – possibly your play blackjack online real money wedding anniversary, or some other date of special consequence – possibly a birthday or the date of the birth of your first child etc

Spin Palace offers players a number of varieties of Roulette, including the following favourites:

European Roulette
European Roulette Gold
French Roulette, &
American Roulette

You can wager small, medium or big – depending of course on your bankroll and personal preferences. Note too players, that with Spin Palace, you can change the chip size before the start of each new game! You don’t need to stay stuck on the same amount.

If you’re a rank newbie to the game of Roulette, please don’t be too proud to access the many helpful options you will find in the Spin Palace “In-game” menu. Such items as Strategies, Rules, History of the game are covered – be patient, build up that experience and you’ll be on a winner at Spin Palace Casino.

Lord of the Rings Adventure on Spin Palace Casino

Players have been reporting that not only have they been having a lot of fun on but have been very well financially rewarded by “The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Rings” game at Spin Palace Casino! Some have gone to the extreme of saying they love the slot more than the movie!

Online gaming has actually reached a new level of adventure with ‘The Lord of the Rings …’ but after all, its only one of many excellent games awaiting players at Spin Palace Casino!

Online Slots are without doubt the most popular of the casino games – probably because they have so very many variations – entertaining themes – colourful graphics – wonderful sound affects and music and, most important of all, the chances of HUGE WINNINGS!

If in doubt about the Huge winnings you may like to check with “Karen D” who won £633,336.24 playing ‘Major Millions’ slot at Spin Palace! Its really no wonder why so many choose to play slots at Spin Palace.

Spin Palace Casino happen to have a more than vast array of different Online Slot games to play; ranging from simple and easy 3 reel machines (ideal for beginners players), all the way through to the most advanced 5 Reel Online Slots with bonus features and also Progressive Jackpots – that will keep even the most experienced player entertained and going for hour upon hour!

You can play any of the Spin Palace Casino games in a variety of currencies! NOTE too that ALL games are available to play in either Instant Play or Deluxe Download versions.

Great news – for those of you who love to play Online Slots – Spin Palace Casino offers all NEW players a chance to win as much as they can in one hour, with £500 Free – NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED!

Slot Game Choice on Spin Palace Casino

Did you know players that Spin Palace Casino offers all new slots players a chance to win as much as they can in one hour with £500 Free, no deposit required?

That’s how confident Spin Palace Casino is that you will love the exciting blend of fantastic graphics, multiple game features and truly fantastic payouts and bonuses – that you will definitely find with the Spin Palace Casino games!

You can play any of the Spin Palace Casino games in a variety of currencies too (something which sometimes can be very handy). Also ALL games are available to play in Instant Play or in the Deluxe Download versions.

Keep in mind, particularly if you are new to online gaming, that one of the reasons online slots has the universal appeal that it has is because they can be played by players at ALL levels – whether he/she is a beginner, a middle of the road player or a seasoned and experienced gambler!

Spin Palace Casino boasts a payout of over 96% so its not at all surprising that so many people choose the Spin Palace Casino as their casino of choice, particularly to play Slots online. SO, if you haven’t already, open an account and start selecting from the huge selection of Online Slots!

So, you’ve decided to play Slots – the thing now is to decide which type – will it be:

3 Reel Slots
5 Reel Slots
Feature Slots
Bonus Slots
MegaSpin Slots, or
Progressive Slots

Which ones will it be players? Or will you want to experience them all?

If you were to choose to concentrate your play on ‘5 Reel Slots’ for instance you’ll be experiencing those multiple reels of fun with the very latest 5 Reel Slot releases. There’s an amazingly big range of themed action to suit the most discerning of tastes!

Most 5 Reel Slot fans come to love playing them as much as they do enjoy playing Progressive Slots – what with the great range of slick graphics and mega jackpots. Maybe try “Hitman”, “Cash n Curry” (great fun that one), “The High Life” or “Magic Spell (now that is a great and entertaining game).

Want more entertainment with your Slots games – more interaction for instance? Well, go for the ‘Feature’ slots at Spin Palace Casino then, for they will deliver a rather magic blend of interactive gaming and bonus wins! The kind of delivery you want!

One good example of what ‘Feature Slots’ are about is the blockbuster “Inca Gold”, where the player is presented with certain challenges. A great game that presents the player with a chance to win up to 35 bonus spins!

Keep those eyes peeled for the hot new releases that come out most months at Spin Palace Casino! Good Luck players!

Great Gift Giveaway on Spin Palace Casino

10,000 Gifts being given away during the Festive Season in the Great Gift Giveaway at Spin Palace Casino.

Christmas is now over but this promo at Spin Palace Casino isn’t and wont be for a while yet. It might have started in November, its played all this month too – BUT its continuing on into January 2011 players.

The 10,000 GIFTs include a Porsche, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Las Vegas, a totally magnificent watch, an iMac – to name just a few of the best gifts to be offered on the Net by any site. Spin Palace Casino are also giving away cash rewards and other brilliant gifts too – as part of the “Great Gift Giveaway” at Spin!

MORE NEWS about this ‘Great Gift Giveaway’ too players – you could also be one of the lucky players randomly selected to win these fantastic prizes if you deposit on special gift giving days! Log onto Spin Palace, look around and investigate this wonderful gift receiving opportunity!

“Midweek Moolah” – now November’s ‘Mid Week Moolah’ tourney at Spin Palace resulted in 5 lucky players grabbing £1,000 each for themselves. Have you been smart enough to play this month or have you forgotten?

Well its never too late to start filling your pockets with some of that wonderful Spin Palace Casino £85,000 prize money available – don’t leave it any longer – start filling them up now players!

There are several tournaments actually involved – they are; (i) Midweek Moolah with £10,000 achievable every single week, (ii) Weekend Whopper with yet another £10,000 in prize money and the (iii) Monthly Monster tournament where that glitteringly massive £25,000 in cash is up for grabs!

We sincerely hope as many players as possible helped their Christmas celebrations along by competing for their share of that amazing £20,000 in the fantastic “Christmas Cracker” tournament at Spin Palace Casino?

Did you battle it out with other players to win big in that very festive 14-Day tournament where a simple spin at the action-packed slot game “Hitman” could have won you and certainly won a number of players some massive cash prizes.

If you didn’t know about this tourney because you hadn’t logged onto, and checked out, the Spin Palace Casino site for a while – well make sure you don’t make the same mistake again – regularly log on and see with Spin Palace keeps popping on their players!

ALWAYS there is that wonderful ‘Exclusive Offer’ up for grabs for new members to Spin Palace. Log on and check out the details but all you need to do is to follow 3 Easy Steps:

1.    Download the FREE Software from Spin Palace
2.    Register a Real account
3.    Click on the “START YOU FREE PLAY” button

As easy as 1 – 2 & 3!!!

Great Gift Giveaway on Spin Palace Casino

Its known as the Spin Palace Casino Great Gift Giveaway (there’s 10,000 gifts to be won)! So don’t wait players log onto Spin Palace Casino, make sure you discover which ‘great gift’ will become yours!

That is after you have taken advantage of that £1,000 Free Exclusive Offer by simply downloading the Free Spin Palace Casino software, registering your real account and click on the “start your Free Play” button! And also put yourself in a position to grab at least one of those Spin Palace Casino “£50 Magic Strikes”!

Want to try something simple – well sample the amazing variety of Scratch Cards that you will find at Spin Palace Casino. But why play scratch cards at all let alone online scratch cards? Well, the point is that online scratch cards have an amazing extensively broad card price variety, something most certainly that traditional scratch cards just don’t come even close to matching.

Players on online scratch cards not only enjoy much much more card price variety than offline scratchies but they don’t have to pay a set fee and they are not set to 3 or 4 fixed prices. Below is the type of card stakes and jackpots available at Spin Palace Casino:

10p – Maximum prize = £500
20p – Maximum prize = £1,000
50p – Maximum prize = £2,000
£1 – Maximum prize = £5,000
£2 – Maximum prize = £10,000
£5 – Maximum prize = £15,000
£10 – Maximum prize = £20,000
£20 – Maximum prize = £25,000

The sheer flexibility of online scratch cards offers players a number of distinct advantages. One particularly distinct one is the fact that players on low gaming budgets can play low stakes cards for hours instead of reaching their limit (offline) quicker and  having to stop playing. Online they can start much smaller, build up and go on from there! Perfect!

That is those players with very small gaming banks can play for a much longer period of time, build their pots, progressing gradually to the higher value cards – you can even choose to instantly reveal a number of cards all at once!

Scratch cards may not be the most glamorous of games at a casino but it’s a great way to progress up to better and bigger things, and yet, at the same time, win enjoy yourself while really building your gaming bank!

Then again if you would like another type of relaxing, yet exciting game to play BUT one which can pay out massive sums of money – Online Roulette is definitely the one for you!

Roulette is actually the best example and illustration of indulgent casino fun! Visit Spin Palace Casino, check into the games lobby and select a new favourite version of the game. Roulette is truly a unique game of chance and it really keeps you spinning players!

Its Slot Heaven on Spin Palace Casino

With over 90 Slots games to choose from at Spin Palace Casino there is no way any player will be stuck for choice. At Spin Palace Casino players get to experience a whole new generation of online slots – bringing them the games in an atmosphere of easy-play gaming – yet with more features and bonuses than ever before, than ever thought possible!

All games are different with varying themes, different graphics, different music and sound effects (suited to the individual themes of course). Spin Palace Casino slots are powered by very slick graphics and very rich sounds, delivering that real arcade or casino thrill in your own home!

What do you think would be the world’s best known category of slots games? 3 Reel Slots claim that title, they are undoubtedly the world’s most famous slot game – they are an exact duplication it is said of the first ever slot machine (invented way back in the late 1800’s)!

You should be pleased to know that Spin Palace Casino brings its players 35 or so of the coolest 3 Reel Slot Games there are – log onto Spin Palace and take your pick – but here’s a few game names to get you thinking:

Break da Bank
Couch Potato
Cutesy Pie
Double Wammy
Free Spirit
Goblin’s Gold
Jackpot Express
Jingle Bells Slot (Brand New)
Lions Share
S.W.A.T. Team
Zany Zebra

Now those are just a sample of the 3 Reel Slots available to you at Spin Palace, be sure and log on to see the rest for yourself!

Always keep in mind players that to receive the biggest payout for your winning combination, that you must have staked the maximum coin amount!

Of course different 3 Reel Slots will suit different players. Are you either a beginner, or feel in the mood for a good dose of simplicity? Well, a good one to play and/or to start off on would be “Cutesy Pie”. This 3 reeler is a 1 payline, 3 coin slot. Its simplicity of course makes it ideal for beginner players.

As the name indicates, this slot game has a very cutesy theme but don’t let that fool you completely players, because despite the cuddly looking pandas and love hearts, ‘Cutesy Pie’ is a game with some very serious payouts! You could actually score a 21,000 coin payout with ‘Cutesy Pie’ at Spin Palace Casino!

The brand new slot, “Jingle Bells” applies all the magic of Christmas to Spin Palace Casino, you could really fill your stocking with heaps of Christmas Cash and jingle all your way to the bank – it comes with a 30,000 coin payout players!

‘Jingle Bells’ is a classic slot, offering players intuitive game controls with its basic 3 reels and 5 paylines! Think of the coming festive season and give it a spin players!