State of the Art Slots on Rushmore Casino

When you log onto the homepage of Rushmore Casino they profess to have a state of the art slot selection, which guarantees ultimate player satisfaction and from what we can see they are right.

They do bring you over 90 of the most exhilarating casino games to select from online and what we also like about their site is there is no max pay out – So whatever you win, you can withdraw it straight away.

If you do have a massive win you may be asked to provide extra documentation to prove who you are and verify your details, but you will only be asked to do this once.

Each week a £10k slots tourney takes place at Rushmore Casino and this can be a great one to take part in if slots are your thing. You do have to be quick on heather thomas pokies this one though, as spaces for it are limited to 1,000.

To gain your seat on the weekend £10,000 slots tourney you simply need to make one deposit at their site during the week, but don’t forget entry into this is on a first come first severed basis.

There are also multiple slot tourney running every single day at their site and these might be worth checking out also, as they bring you something extra to for whilst you are spinning the reels of your favourite slots.

Please not though – all slot tourneys are played on the download software format of their site, they do have instant play available as well – but you just cannot beat the graphics on the download version.

Downloading their software to your pc only takes a matter of minutes and you will only need to do this once.

US Players Welcome at Rushmore Casino

When you log onto Rushmore Casino a banner pops up saying, all US players are welcome at their site and a 400% bonus is offered. Many UK online gaming sites will still not accept US players and this is down to their gaming laws, which can change from state to state.

As there is no real clear cut gaming law legislation in the US, it makes life very difficult for gaming companies, what happened to Full Tilt Poker is a prime example of just that.

This goes for other countries as well, take Sweden for instance – A number of Swedish MP’s have spoken out this week about their lottery law, liking it to the wild, wild west. They want to see a an open well regulated market in which private clearpores facial system operators can have a hand in, which in turn could see Svenska Spel expand internationally.

So the gaming market in other countries is far from an open and shut case. We have seen UK companies move there wares into European countries, only to pull out again due to their gaming laws, which we have to say do have a tendency to alter whenever they want.

Rushmore Casino are one of only a few sites currently accepting US players and they do have a lot to offer in the way of online gaming.

According to their homepage, they have a state of the art slot selection which guarantees ultimate player satisfaction. We have checked out their slots and we must say they certainly have a great mix of them available.

Weekend Slot Events with Rushmore Casino

Each weekend Rushmore Casino run a £10,000 free roll online slots tourney and it is really easy to get access to this event. You simply need to make one deposit into your account and you will receive a free ticket into the free roll slots tournament, it really could not get any easier than that.

The £10,000 weekend slots tourney at Rushmore Casino runs between 8pm Friday and 2pm Sunday, but you do need to be quick to qualify as there are only 1,000 seats available for this one. Other slots tourneys also run daily at their site, so it is always well worth checking out the schedule relating to these events.

Rushmore Casino seem to hand out bonuses for all sorts of things and this of course will give you more play for your money. You could get semenax before up to £888 free on their welcome bonus, plus they also hand out a bonus for your second deposit made. In addition to this there are special blackjack bonus, slot game bonuses, weekly bonuses, high roller bonuses and authorization bonuses.

So if you are looking for an online casino site where those bonuses just keep on coming, Rushmore Casino may be the place to be at.

In terms of online games Rushmore Casino pretty much have the lot and then some, so whether you are into slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker or craps they should have something to suit you.

You can select to play at Rushmore Casino in instant play or download play, but we would definitely recommend trying out the download gaming version of their site and you get more out of it graphic and gaming wise.

Rushmore Casino Jackpots

To assess properly how great Rushmore Casino is as far as both Jackpots and actually winners are concerned, its dead easy players, just log on and check out the ‘Jackpots’ and ‘Winners Corner’ on the Rushmore Casino ‘Home Page’!

You can see for yourself how very good a winner playing at Rushmore Casino could make you!

“Shopping Spree” is worth over £1,056,000, while its sibling “Shopping Spree II” is now worth well over £200,000, “Jackpot Pinatas” is astronomical at nearly £1.75 Million, “Cleopatra’s Gold” just under £300,000, while “Aztec Millions” is now showing at over £1¼ Million, “Caribbean Stud Poker” at just on £96,000.

We mustn’t forget “Mid Life Crisis” either which is now worth well over £1 Million. AND OF COURSE, there’s lots more Jackpots worth in the hundreds of thousands of £’s at Rushmore Casino that are part of the Jackpot pot!

As genf20 leading edge herbals for big-time winners, who knows better than:

“Tammy W” – Who won just short of £41,000
“Jacques B” – Who won just under £27,000
“Ricardo G” – Who won just short of £23,000
“Renee F” – Who grabbed £31,000 for herself
“Stephanie H” – Who won £20,000
“David P” – Won £23,000
“Phil G” – Won £21,000
“Cindy C” – Won over £23,000

how rewarding it can be to play at Rushmore!

These are just some of the most recent winners at Rushmore. The point is proved we think – its pays to play at Rushmore Casino!

If your still a ‘prospective’ player for Rushmore Casino, grab yourself that wonderful £888 Free Welcome Bonus, then follow that with the special “Blackjack Special Bonus” or the “Slots Special Bonus” THEN move onto those extra extra generous “Weekly Bonuses” and the “Weekend Bonanza” at Rushmore Casino.

THERE’S MORE TOO of course. Check things out yourself!

Rushmore Casino Mission

The Rushmore Casino Mission is not only clear but is 100% completely fulfilled! Just in case you don’t know what it is, the Rushmore Casino ‘Mission’ states:

“Amazing Gaming – Unbelievable Entertainment and Unrivalled Customer Service”

What they don’t have in there but should include is the fact that the Rushmore Casino Promotions, Offers and Bonuses are unrivalled as well!

They start off with that fabulous £888 Free Welcome Bonus (spread over your 1st and 2nd bonuses players). £400 on your 1st Deposit and £488 on the 2nd! And that is only the very start of the amazingly generous bonuses you will receive from Rushmore Casino – there’s also a:

Blackjack Special Bonus
Slots Special Bonuses
Weekly Bonuses
Weekend Bonanza bonus
High Roller Bonus
Authorisation Cash Bonus

That ‘High Roller’ Bonus at Rushmore Casino for instance will bring you a huge £1,500 when you deposit £1,000! And that’s only on your first High Roller Deposit.

You can also receive a 2nd High Roller Bonus of another £1,500 when you deposit £1,000!

One of the lesser known, and lesser utilised bonuses, would have to be the “Authorisation Cash Bonus” at Rushmore Casino. It’s a matter of submitting your Authorisation form and getting 10% of your last FIVE deposits in CASH! Now that would be worthwhile and is certainly not difficult to obtain from Rushmore!

Here’s how you do it players – make 5 deposits at Rushmore Casino and submit your Authorisation Form with a month of your first deposit. Once its approved, you are entitled to and will receive 10% of those last five deposits in CASH! Want more information about this great opportunity and the form – log onto Rushmore for the full information and to get the ball rolling!

Slot Tourneys and Games on Rushmore Casino

New and exclusive Slot Tournaments at Rushmore Casino. New emphasis on Slot tourneys every day of the week with huge prizes to be won at Rushmore players.

Just log on, sign into your accounts (or register a new account if you don’t have one yet), and in the Casino lobby select the ‘Slots Tournaments’ log – then choose your particular tourney and spin your way to big wins from there! Please note all US players are welcome folks.

Possibly grab one of those Rushmore Casino Progressive Jackpots along the way – possibly “Aztec’s Millions” at over £1¼ Million or ‘Shopping Spree” at over £1 Million, or “Mid Life Crisis” at £1 Million, or “Let Em Ride” at well over £100,000, “Shopping Spree II’ at £202,000. And we mustn’t forget “Jackpot Pinatas” at just under £1.7 Million.

Of course there’s heaps more Progressive Jackpots at Rushmore Casino – smaller ones at around a few hundred thousand pounds and more!

Lots of happy winners too, just ask “Davin L” who scored over £10,000, “Elizabeth P” with nearly £13,000, “Jacques B” with £39,000 or “Cindy C” who scored just under £56,000! Check out these winners, and more, at Rushmore Casino – it will give you an accurate idea of how many, and how big, the winners are at Rushmore!

A Welcome Bonus of £888 is nothing to be sneezed at players – its Rushmore Casino’s Free Welcome Bonus to you on your 1st and 2nd Deposits. You may be a Blackjack or a Slots fanatic, therefore you will decide no doubt to take advantage of the Blackjack Special Bonus (which can net you up to £1,000)! If you’re keener on Slots it will probably be the Slots Special Bonus (worth some £2,400) first?

Its easy to claim either one of these bonuses so log onto Rushmore Casino players and do so!

BUT the biggy (in our view anyway) would have to be those “Weekly Bonuses” because they’re worth up to £5,000! 50% Match to play Slots, Blackjack, Video Slots, Keno, Scratch Cards and Video Poker. Grab these ones each week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) players. Log onto Rushmore Casino today to get the details.

The Rushmore Casino “Weekend Bonanza” is well worth your while investigating as well – it’s a 150% Match Bonus worth up to as great £750! You can use it to play Slots, Blackjack, Scratch Cards, Keno and your other favourite games.

“High Roller Bonuses” — this one is worth up to £3,000 all up players – exciting news indeed. Your 1st Deposit of £1,000 will earn you a £1,500 Bonus, and your 2nd Deposit of £1,000 also will earn you a £1,500 bonus as well – at Rushmore Casino of course!

New and Exclusive Slots Tourney on Rushmore Casino

Rushmore Casino Slots Tournaments, new and exclusive Slots Tournaments every day at Rushmore Casino! And what’s the very best news of all – these NEW exclusive Slots Tourneys every day come with HUGE Prizes as well!

Its just a matter of players either signing into their accounts, or registering for an account (if they don’t yet have a Rushmore Casino account yet).

Players then pop into the Casino lobby, select the ‘Slots Tournaments’ logo and choose the particular tournament that grabs their imagination – and then SPIN TO WIN!

Rushmore Casino’s “Welcome Bonus” provides what could be called ‘ A Welcome & a ½’ as its worth up to £888! Over 2 deposits actually – players 1st Deposits will give them a 100% Match Bonus worth up to £400, with their 2nd Deposit giving a 100% Match Bonus being worth up to £488.

Do keep in mind players to take full advantage of this amazing Welcome Offer from Rushmore Casino that you make sure that you redeem Coupon Codes in the “Redeem Coupon” section of the Casino cashier, AFTER making your 1st and 2nd Deposits, BUT BEFORE making any wagers!

A bonus that many players either forget about or just aren’t properly aware of at Rushmore Casino is the “Authorisation Cash Bonus”! Its simply a matter of submitting your authorisation form to get 10% of your last 5 (yes 5) Deposits in CASH!

Yes, make five deposits at Rushmore casino and submit the appropriate Authorisation Form, within a month of your first deposit! Once this bonus is approved players are entitled to a whole 10% of their last five deposits in CASH!

Log onto Rushmore Casino and click through to “Authorisation Cash Bonus’ for all the details!

It has often been said that Rushmore Casino VIPs are at the top of the online gaming world – particularly thanks to the wonderful rewards program provided by Rushmore Casino. AND the benefits of Rushmore Casino’s VIP Membership only increases and increases over time as well.

Following is a very brief list of Rushmore Casino’s VIP highlights:

“Bonus Play – Bonus Money”
All Presidential VIP Members are entitled to redeem their bonus funds. Redeem a bonus and you will always see that extra cash in your withdrawal.

“VIP Lounge Weekday Bonuses – UP to £18,750”
On weekdays, Rushmore VIPs receive HUGE bonuses for each of 5 deposits per day – from Monday morning to Friday noon – as we said, worth up to nearly £19,000!

“VIP Weekend Bonanza – UP to £9,750”
VIP members get more bonuses, that triple their balances, on their first six deposits of the weekend – to a total of £6,000! The five weekend deposits subsequent to that trigger match bonuses of up to £3,750. Making for a great total of nearly £10,000 from noon Friday until the end of Sunday!

Blackjack Special on Rushmore Casino

Rushmore Casino gives so much to players apart from that great £888 Free Welcome Bonus that is! There’s also a very credible ‘Blackjack Special Bonus’ worth around £1,000 (it comes via a 200% Match bonus players).

Then there’s an even more generous Slots Special Bonus at Rushmore Casino worth up to a whopping £2,400 – it’s a massive 400%!

Things get even better when the Weekly Bonuses pop up because they run up to the incredible total of £5,000 – across an unbelievable sum of 10 different bonuses players!

There are yet more bonuses available for you to grab from Rushmore Casino, but players are better to log on and check them all out for themselves – that way they will see the details and be able to decide on the facts!

Rushmore Casino in their keenness to demonstrate a real sense of transparency within their gaming site, have set up a unique, built-in game and financial history feature. Something any player can use to review each previous wager they’ve made (including date and time), the amount won, and even detailed game results.

This great tool also displays all deposits and withdrawals from players casino accounts which is a great help for those needing and wishing to keep track of the figures!

Keep in mind too players that if you enjoy your playing experiences at Rushmore Casino that at least some of your friends would share in that enjoyment, if they knew about Rushmore – especially if they heard how good the Rushmore Casino site was from you!

And why shouldn’t you make a little by inviting them – yes they get a special bonus but Rushmore Casino want to reward you as well. Once your friend has made 1 deposit at Rushmore Casino you automatically receive a £15 Free Gift!

Experience the magic of either American or European Roulette, Craps, Sic Bo, Keno or Hot Dice. Try out too Lucky 8’s, Magic 7’s, 5 Diamond Blackjack (now that’s a fascinating card game players.

The Rushmore Casino ‘Table Games’ stable of course is led by Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Hold’Em Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker!

UNDOUTEDLY one of the very best things about Rushmore Casino – one, if not the, best offerings is Rushmore’s “VIP Rewards” system. You’re playing at a whole new level when you play Rushmore VIP! The Rewards Program is superb, offering a number of benefits – bonus play, bonus money!

All Rushmore Casino ‘Presidential Members’ are entitled to redeem their bonus funds. Redeem a bonus and you’ll always see that extra cash in your withdrawal.

But the benefits go far further than that with Rushmore Casino’s VIP Rewards – there’s also VIP Lounge Weekend Bonus (worth up to nearly £19,000), VIP Weekend Bonanza’s (worth around £10,000). Log on to discover the others players – but only at Rushmore Casino!

Multimedia Blackjack Action on Rushmore Casino

“Karen S” just won nearly £45,000, and lucky “Rhonda B” nearly £32,000, while “Luis F” grabbed £27,000, while “Lucille B” got around £70,500 and a pile of other recent winners won amounts between £20,000+ and £35,000 or so – ALL at Rushmore Casino!

Not surprising at all to have so many big winners at Rushmore Casino when you consider that Rushmore Casino has a massive collection of fabulous Progressives and other jackpots!

Progressive Jackpots ranging from a lowly £17,000 to £40,000 odd, then £196,00 or so, to £250,000 plus all the way up to well over £1 Million (£1,664,162 ‘Jackpot Pinatas’, £1,051,800 with Shopping Spree, £1,245,750 ‘Aztec Millions’) PLUS PLUS more great Progressives and other jackpots.

Play the ultimate ‘One-on-One’ showdown of skill and take advantage of the:

Start of the Art fast paced multimedia Blackjack action
Fair play, fast payouts and unrivalled customer support
The Double-Down 200% Bonus – with NO Max Cashout!

The big benefit with Blackjack action at Rushmore Casino players definitely has to be that ‘Double-Down 200% Bonus – with NO maximum Cashout either!

For a credit card deposit players, this 200% Bonus means up to £1,000 on that first deposit. Log onto Rushmore Casino to check out the details for yourselves! But never forget that ‘Blackjack’ is truly the Connoisseurs choice!

But there’s hardly an end to the quality and quantity of top notch bonuses at Rushmore Casino players – the Welcome Bonus for instance sees players getting up to £888! This amount is over 2 actual bonuses – your 1st and 2nd ones.

The 1st bonus will return a player (on a 100% Match) up to £400. On the 2nd deposit, you will score (again a 100% Match Bonus) an amount up to £488!

Rushmore Casino really spoils Slots players as far as bonuses are concerned, giving players an amazing 400% Match Bonus – worth up to as much as a whopping £2,400!

As for the great Rushmore Casino “Weekly Bonuses” – well they return big big-time to players, with there being an incredible total of 10 of them. It’s the £ value that counts though – the bonuses are worth up to the sum of £5,000!

BUT as we’re now almost at another weekend, players are bound to be curious about any special weekend bonuses that play at Rushmore Casino might turn up! And Rushmore Casino certain does turn up an excellent “Weekend Bonanza” with its 150% Match Bonus worth up to a very generous £750 for players – each and every weekend!

Possibly you fancy yourself as a ‘High Roller’? If so you’ve really got to check out the amazing “High Roller” bonus you could possibly score, courtesy of Rushmore Casino – its worth £1,500 players!

Roulette Variations on Rushmore Casino

Feel like giving the wheel a bit of a spin? Well, you’re in the right place if you pop along to Rushmore Casino players, where you really do get the best thrills from following that bouncing ball.

Its so easy to play Roulette at Rushmore Casino too – our test players certainly didn’t have any trouble winning a heap of £’s! Mostly by betting ‘Odds’ and hitting the ‘Repeat’ button – lazy but successful!

Maybe switch from ordinary “00” Roulette to that great favourite “European Roulette” players, a number of players continually say they fair better when playing this version of the game!

Roulette is a game of luck most players would agree but you could have a bit of fun by paying attention to the numbers if you are so inclined!

Then if you want to see some more colour, something more with graphics action, try one or more of the many slot games at Rushmore Casino. Yes, move over to Slots games at Rushmore Casino for a whirl or two. Try ‘7s and Stripes’, ‘Caesars Empire’, ‘Food Fight’, ‘Diamond Dozen’, ‘Derby Dollars’, ‘Tiger Treasures’ Goldbeard’ or one or two (or more) of the many other slots available and waiting for you at Rushmore Casino!

‘Derby Dollars’ for instance, where the field is set, for players to gather up their Derby Dollars. Line up two or more coins and win up to 25 Free Games with this one players. During Free Games prizes are TRIPLED and more Horse and Coin symbols are added to the reels to give players an even better chance at getting into the winner’s circle!

Note players, that the ‘Horse’ symbol substitutes for ALL symbols (except the Coin) and awards a special payout and that Scattered Coins appearing anywhere also award a special payout.

Players can even WIN BIG when they are just right out of the gate (at Rushmore Casino) with the randomly awarded Progressive Jackpots with ‘Derby Dollars’!

When you try that great slot ‘Goldbeard’, make sure you don’t confuse it with Blackbeard players though as it really pays. You have a chance to win Goldbeard’s fortune, with Scattered Goldbeard Coins awarding a special payout and the substitute Goldbeard doubling the prize in most winning combinations.

You can win up to 24 Free Games at Rushmore Casino when Goldbeard appears on reels one and five, and all wins are TRIPLED during Free Games. You could even end up winning the biggest bounty of all – Goldbeard’s coveted Progressive Jackpot.

A lot of fun is found in this game as well as a whole lot of winnings from Rushmore Casino!

Last but by no means least – make a time to try out ‘Tiger Treasures’ players where secreted away, deep in the jungle of this themed slot, a great treasure is awaiting some players. Encounter Giant Pandas, collect precious rubies. But to score big you need to catch a tiger on your reels.