Roulette Enthusiasts choose VC Casino

Why do online Roulette enthusiasts often choose VC Casino over other online casinos? Probably because of VC Casino’s exciting casino atmosphere, or could it be the high-paying promotions? Whatever it actually is that causes many players to switch to, and stay at VC Casino, VC certainly sets the standard for online roulette. At VC Casino players can choose between two online roulette styles – single and double zero roulette.

Other VC Casino play advantages include the no-download gaming software that’s yours, the players’, for free! When you become a member of VC Casino rest assured that you can play unlimited roulette at VC 24/7 – that is 24/7 players have chances to win bets and collect on amazing promotions!

But VC Casino isn’t just about Roulette of course as VC also carries excellent online Blackjack as well. VC Casino’s Blackjack has top quality graphics, an extremely realistic Casino atmosphere and, of course, very exciting Blackjack promotions. Players can choose between 4 quite different Blackjack styles: Classic, European, Single Deck and Lucky Seven Blackjack!

Players can also visit VC Casino for unlimited 24/7 Blackjack as well!

Players should note too that VC Casino presents them with a £100 Welcome Bonus. Simply deposit funds and play the games to a value of £2,500 to receive £100 Free. This wagering should be met within a month of your first real money game play at VC. Immediately upon you meeting the wagering requirement the £100 Welcome Bonus is yours!

But there’s more to the Victor Chandler Casino of course than a Welcome Bonus, as good as that is. March has seen Victor Chandler give thousands upon thousands of £’s away in bonuses to his loyal players – the more loyal they are the more VC players get! Victor will give away as much as £3,000 per player, per week, during April as he did in March – players can be sure of that!

But not only do players get thousands upon thousands per month, the bonus is very easy to qualify for as well. The best idea we feel is for you, the player, to log onto VC Casino and see for yourself, rather than us simply keep advising you of the details!

Do keep in mind though players that at VC Casino that the Member’s Bonus is based on your regular play at the casino, nothing else, there are no hoops to jump through, no extra special tricks you need to perform, just play!

These weekly loyalty based payments are calculated upon a number of different factors – (i) deposits, (ii) wagering, (iii) frequency of play, (iv) types of games actually played and (v) profit/loss!

Log onto VC Casino and check out the full details for yourself players, you’ll be very agreeably surprised!

Littlewoods Casino wrap up Roulette

Looking for a great Roulette Tournament to participate in players? Well you’ve found it in Littlewoods Casino! Littlewoods Roulette Tourney is a £10,460 tourney too, with a Top Prize of around £7,500, how could a serious Roulette Player resist playing at Littlewoods Casino!

The Roulette Tournament at Littlewoods Casino players is always conducted on the 15 and 16th days of each month – all day. Okay so you’ve missed it this month but as time flies by so quickly, the next tourney will be here with us before we realise it! So be sure and mark down the days, dates and times (00.00 to 23.59) in your bingo diary or on your bingo calendar so you don’t miss out on the next Roulette Tournament!

Its simple to participate in too – just play roulette during the event hours and accumulate as many comp points as you can. With bonuses to be won on both event days and overall event bonuses up for grabs too, you’ve got 3 great chances to win players! And be sure to note, that the Top 100 comp point accumulators on each day win – log onto Littlewoods to find out what!

Of course the Littlewoods Casino “Spin City Tournament” is just about the most popular event around. There’s Classic Slots and Video Slots at Littlewoods Casino and these games are your ticket to big big winnings in the Littlewoods Casino ‘Spin City Event’. You may not realise it but there is a total of over £5,465 to be won by players, simply by playing in this tournament!

The odds are with you with the Littlewoods Casino “Spin City Tournament” too players as there are 55 winners in this one, with a top prize of up to £1,875! Its simple to participate and win too – as all players need to do is to play classic and video slots during the event hours (22 & 23 of each month, 00.00 to 23.59) and win as very many points as you possibly can.

There are bonuses to be won on earth day of the event and there is also a number of great overall bonuses as well for players to benefit from! Log onto Littlewoods Casino and check Spin City out players!

“Happy Hours” at Littlewoods Casino is like a real ‘Happy Hour Blizzard’! You’ll love the Littlewoods Casino ‘Happy Hours’ because you’re guaranteed to win players! So when are they on – the last day of each, and every, month from 7pm to 9pm players. The top prize is up to £50 and the number of winners is ‘Unlimited’!

Mini Roulette with ToteSport Casino

Why Not (try) as they say (other players that is) – Mini Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Stravaganza, Queen of the Pyramids, Casino Hold ‘Em, Mega Jacks, Blackjack Surrender, MegaBall or Jacks or Better – they’re all good games and you could end up being the player who’s their top winner ever – who knows!

There is a heap of New Downloadable games at ToteSport Casino too, including Safari Heat, Sparta, Diamond Valley Pro, Farmer’s Market and a number of others – all quite different – there’s something new for just about everyone players!

Its not surprising that amongst the Top 10 Games at ToteSport Casino you will find Roulette, Blackjack, Jacks or Better, Gold Rally or Casino Hold ‘Em but it might be a little more surprising to see Gold Rally, Blackjack Surrender, Caribbean Stud Poker, A Night Out and Wall St Fever amongst the Top 10? You might not think so but many may!

The fact is that there is well over 100 top quality games at ToteSport Casino – they all enjoy superior graphics and faster gameplay in the Downloadable Casino. Plus ToteSport Casino boasts a 100% Welcome Bonus (worth up to £100) as well as a great 50% Monthly Bonus – available on the 1st Deposit you make each and every month!

Did you realise that upon making your very 1st Deposit or transfer to Gaming Chips at ToteSport Casino, that you will become an Emerald Club Member at ToteSport? Thereafter you are entitled to a 50% Monthly bonus, said bonus being added to your account immediately after your making your deposit!

Emerald Club Members start to accumulate Comp Points as a reward for their play immediately they commence at ToteSport Casino – for every £10 they stake they will receive 1 point and each 100 points is convertible to cash!

How about trying one of the following games out for size, especially if you haven’t before or haven’t for a long time:

European Roulette – the most popular casino game of all by far! Place your bets with this one on colour, segment of number, the ball may land on when the roulette wheel stops spinning and you could be spinning your way to a very big win!

Jacks or Better – undoubtedly the most popular Video Poker game of them all with 4 separate lines offering more chances to win. You will get paid for a matching set of Cowboys (Jacks) or more and if you are fortunate to hit a Royal Flush you will win up to 4,000 X your stake!

Gold Rally – dig for Gold on this fantastic progressive slot where the jackpot often not only reaches but exceeds the sum of £1 Million!

Paddy Power Casino offer Free Cheltenham Bet

Opt in today for your chance at a Paddy’s Day £1,000 Special Free Bet for Cheltenham! Now you wont see any offer better than that anywhere else online players – just from Paddy Power Casino! Yes, opt in now and play any game today and win your £1,000 Free Bet!

The thing is, the great Cheltenham Festival is just around the corner now and Paddy Power Casino wish to load up players accounts with plenty of cash so you can punt away to your heart’s content on our beautiful four legged friends!

Easy to do, opt in at Paddy Power Casino now, TODAY, and you could find yourself scooping up that Paddy’s Day very special £1,000 Free Bet for Cheltenham and what could a £1,000 bet possibly bring you in return? £2,000, £3,000, £6,000, £10,000 or more – what?

So, as we said all you need to do players is to ‘Opt In’, play any of the great Paddy Power Casino Games offered – you need to note te that each £10 staked will equal 1 entry into the draw for you!

How long is it since you’ve been in the Paddy Power Casino ‘Winners Lounge’ or have you possibly even just started playing at Paddy Power? Well, just look at these few examples of some of Paddy Power Casino’s winners last week players:

MM – Birmingham, England – £18,682
DL – Romsford, England – £15,569
TE – Tavistock, England – £13,538
MD – Charlestown, England – £8,492
AR – Maynooth, Ire – £8,178

We could go on and on, but these few examples will give you some idea of the size of winners at Paddy Power Casino, even over a few days of last week!

Players may very well be interested, or should we say amazed, to see how much (over £10 Million actually) was paid out last week – the Top 5 games were:

Roulette Classic – £1,214,968
Ten Play Jacks or Better – £1,081,416
Blackjack – £827,397
Da Vinci Diamonds – £665,782
Double Bonus Spin Roulette – £630,760

Amazing isn’t it, what certain games pay players?

Do take advantage of the fact players that today is ‘Blockbuster Wednesday’ at Paddy Power Casino. Get your average stake back playing on any one, or a combination of, the latest 3 smash hit games at Paddy Power Casino: (i) Super Hoot Loot, (ii) Dungeons & Dragons: Crystal Caverns and, (iii) Treasures of Troy.

We may have pointed Wednesday’s Blockbuster out to you before, as a matter of fact we’re sure we have, but it certainly bears repetition its such a good offer!

Littlewoods Casino run Roulette Tourney

Now most online casinos offer bonuses to players, especially new players, but one casino is giving new players £50 for Free before they even actually get around to playing! And that casino is Littlewoods Casino players – the whole idea is to get players started on the right foot at Littlewoods. But they don’t stop there even – once players have actually started playing, and enjoy the games at Littlewoods Casino, they will get another £50! Now that is an excellent deal/offer indeed for any new player!

Its true what is said that there’s no warmer welcome than that extended by the Littlewoods Casino Welcome Bonus – and the promotions at Littlewoods make playing at their Casino a really rewarding one!

But the ‘Race to a share of £9,350’ would have to be not far away from the Welcome Bonus in its generosity! There’s never actually been a better time for players to race to games than during the exciting Littlewoods Casino Race – because players have a real chance to win a share of the massive £9,350 in bonuses with this one players!

Now you’ll have to wait a little to participate in this one but please diarise it for the 5 of April – don’t miss out on all those bonuses players.

Still time to participate in this month’s ‘Roulette Tournament’ if you hurry. The Roulette Tournament is on every month on the 15 and 16th days of the month – so its probably not too late for you in March!

The Top Prize up for grabs is £10,460. But how do you play and win and how much do you win as well? Just play Roulette during the event hours and accumulate as many comp points as you can. With bonuses to be won on both event days, and also overall event bonuses up for grabs too, players have 3 great chances to win.

There are prizes for the Top 100 Comp Point Accumulators on each day as well as the Top 10 Comp Point Accumulators combined over both days! Log onto Littlewoods Casino to discover the full details players!

If you’re a poker player looking for some real excitement, log onto Littlewoods Casino and play in the Video Poker Tournament. Now whether Video Poker is your thing or not, you most probably love winning bonuses, and therefore you wont want to miss out on this Littlewoods Casino Video Poker Tournament – the Top 55 players in this tourney each win a bonus!

The Littlewoods Casino Video Poker Tournament is held on the 8 and 9th of each month, so you’ll need to wait until next month, but there’s no reason why you cant practice in the meantime players. There’s usually around 55 winners in the Littlewoods Casino Video Poker Tournament  so you wont want to miss out on this one again – mark it off on the calendar players!

Pin Ball with Ladbrokes Casino

Wondering how many games, and how many varieties of games, there are at Ladbrokes Casino players? Just look at the number of Table Games there are for example – Roulette Platinum, Roulette, Lucky Star, Roulette Classic, Backgammon, Pin Ball, Wheel Spinner, Celtic Spirit, Moneycomb, Joker Jackpot and La Boule – and you can play all these for Free or for Real.

Don’t know what some of them are all about? Simply log onto Ladbrokes Casino and you will easily find all the info you could ever want to tell you the best way to play anything at all you may fancy trying!

Take “Roulette Platinum” for instance – where is Roulette Platinum different? Ladbrokes Platinum Roulette has the ‘La Partage’ rule in operation, which simply means that you get half your stake back on even money bets if the ball lands on ‘0’. The conditions are:

La Partage rules are only available in Roulette Premium
La Partage rules only pay out on even money bets (i.e. bets that pay out 2 X)
The rule will return half your stake on even money bets if the ball lands on ‘0’

So you can see players that Roulette Platinum has a very distinct big advantage for you!

Roulette Platinum at Ladbrokes Casino has an extensive number of features available for the player (including a terrific number of playing hints) so its recommended that to see all that is on offer that you should log onto Ladbrokes Casino and personally check out the game – its easy to do and will certainly pay!

Heard of “Moneycomb” or played it even? ‘Moneycomb’ is a very tasty new version of Roulette with a range of exciting new bet types and the possibility of combining the Zero with other numbers – interesting twist!

What the player needs to do is to predict the outcome of a randomly generated number (from 0 to 36), bet on individual numbers, or even multiple number combinations (including 4, 5, 6 & 7 number lines) as well as 2 or 3 number splits, odds or evens, or even special combinations such as inner, middle and outer rings!

Of course there is many other details you’ll want to know about the great ‘Moneycomb’ game, so log on and look into all the betting details!

But how about “La Boule” which is very much a simplified roulette type game played in, and very popular at, French Casinos. Simply predict the outcome of a randomly generated number from 1 to 9. Bet on individual numbers or multiple number combinations including those of red or black – that is all a player really needs to know!