Sap Tim Pun Game on 32Red Casino

If you ever find yourself wondering just how good 32Red Casino really is, if you ever wonder if they do supply top notch games and great promotions – just check those awards out players! After all, 32Red Casino, has recently won:

Best Global Casino 2010
Best Casino Group 2010
Best Casino Manager 2010

To have all these (and other) accolades 32Red Casino must be doing things very very right!

To start with 32Red Casino provides an exceptional “Casino Welcome Bonus” of £32 FEE with each £20 that you deposit, THEN you are well set to travel smartly through a number of excellent Casino Games, Promotions and Offers.

Try something completely different, completely new – try out “Sap Tim Pun” but try it out in ‘Free Play’ first, just to practice! BUT what on earth is ‘Sap Tim Pun’? It’s a game hgh tablets based on Mah Jong and uses the same set of tiles and initial wall building layout. Once those walls have been built, two sets of dice are thrown!

The first set of dice, indicates which wall to breach. The second set of dice indicates where in the wall that breach will be placed. Sounds interesting and different doesn’t it? Log one 32Red Casino and have a got – but do play in Free Play/Demo Mode first!

You do need to stop and think with this game but don’t be frightened off – you’ll get a real buzz from it once you’ve played a game or two!

Fancy a game or two of Roulette – American, European or French Roulette? Maybe have a go at each variation and see which you prefer! AGAIN – do take advantage of that “Free Play’ tool

Roulette Versions on Spin Palace Casino

In the mood for a game that’s not too demanding, that you can relax while you’re playing but at the same time find it exciting at Spin Palace Casino? Well, if that’s what you want, you’ll find all those qualities and more in Roulette! Roulette can, and does, pay out huge amounts of money too!

Roulette, as a game, personifies the indulgent, lazy yet rich side of casino gaming – it’s the game you play and win at when you don’t really have the energy for much at all! That’s why its so very popular with players!

Roulette on Spin Palace Casino can deliver HUGE payouts, especially when players are betting straight on a number. The game at Spin Palace has state-of-the-art graphics and sounds which deliver ultra-realistic casino game play – and in the comfort of your own home too!

Many players concentrate on betting on personally significant numbers – possibly your play blackjack online real money wedding anniversary, or some other date of special consequence – possibly a birthday or the date of the birth of your first child etc

Spin Palace offers players a number of varieties of Roulette, including the following favourites:

European Roulette
European Roulette Gold
French Roulette, &
American Roulette

You can wager small, medium or big – depending of course on your bankroll and personal preferences. Note too players, that with Spin Palace, you can change the chip size before the start of each new game! You don’t need to stay stuck on the same amount.

If you’re a rank newbie to the game of Roulette, please don’t be too proud to access the many helpful options you will find in the Spin Palace “In-game” menu. Such items as Strategies, Rules, History of the game are covered – be patient, build up that experience and you’ll be on a winner at Spin Palace Casino.

Play Exchange Games on Betfair Casino

Have you played Exchange Games at Betfair Casino so far? If you haven’t tried it out yet, now is a good time to start because Betfair Casino will actually give players 100% of their losses back, so you can try all 6 Exchange Games without any risk at all. Try them out today, ASAP! Just (i) Opt In, (ii) Bet, and (iii) Win!

As a matter of fact if you play Betfair Arcade, Betfair Casino will also refund 100% of your losses back too. Two very generous offers most certainly!

How does £50,000 in prizes sound to you? £50k in prizes and 500 winners! Want the details on the Promotion, the Comp Schedule, to look at the Leaderboard and a run down on current winners – simply log onto Betfair Casino and click through to the £50k Tab!

Its about winning Online Blackjack a fabulous trip of a lifetime – have the fun of logging onto Betfair Casino yourself and finding out where to! A hint – its exotic, its teaming with people and you’ll never ever forget the experience – a truly fascinating city!

Have you tried playing that fascinating “Manchester United” slot? No, well do give it a whirl – its not just for the football fanatics players.

Have a lot of Marvel Comic fun with “Iron Man”, “The Incredible Hulk and “Fantastic Four” too. Remember too to try out a few slightly different (out of your normal comfort zone) variations on games as well players!

Games such as ‘Pinball Roulette’, ‘Bonus Bowling’, ‘Roulette Pro’ and even ‘3D Roulette’ – just a few games that little bit more challenging players!

Trust to Betfair Casino’s ‘Instant Play Quick Picks’ too players – they wont steer you wrong!

Littlewoods Casino VIP Benefits

Are you taking advantage of the VIP benefits at Littlewoods Casino? You haven’t really looked into for a number of reasons – possibly you’ve just started playing or have never seen yourself as the VIP type?

Well to be a VIP at Littlewoods Casino its not automatic, as you need to have accumulated at least 150,000 bonus points and also deposited a minimum of £2,500! Now, its not about anyone – especially Littlewoods Casino – trying to get you to recklessly invest money in gaming online! But its amazing how quickly the points and £’s mount up – so keep an eye on your figures and you’ll be there before you know it!

If you haven’t played at Littlewoods before you need to be aware that you will be receiving a health 100% Welcome Bonus – worth up to £100! You also need to be aware that you will receive up to a £200 deposit bonus for playing at Littlewoods “Live Casino”!

The “£200 Live Casino Bonus” works like this players – playing any of the Live Casino games from the 8th to the 14th of every month will get you a 50% bonus – up to £200 on your very next deposit! What a great way to start! What a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this month – remember the 14th February is ‘Valentine’s Day’ players!

Another way to accumulate those points (along with your winnings of course) is to participate in any of the following tournaments at Littlewoods Casino:

The Big “Casino Race” – (worth £9,160)
The “Video Poker Tournament” –     worth £2,060)
The “Roulette Tournament” – (worth £10,460)

Actually players – there’s 3 more Tournaments to play in at Littlewoods Casino – but we thought we’d leave you the fun of discovering those yourself. Good Luck!

Refer and Earn with Betfair Casino

Refer & Earn! Sounds simple enough and it is players, well at Betfair Casino it is anyway! Players earn extra money each month (up to a handsome £2,000 Quarterly Bonus Reward) just by telling others about Betfair Casino!

Its as easy as that and naturally, once you have been charmed by (and happy with) play at Betfair Casino, you’ll find it so easy to express your delight about Betfair!

Every single friend you refer to Betfair Casino will earn you £50 (once they have wagered £50)! Everyone ends up a winner with this Betfair arrangement!

There is of course too that constant, and continual, supply of Betfair Comp Points too. They are based on actual wagered amounts and can be easily converted directly into cash! Log onto Betfair Casino to get the full story on Comp Points – you’ll be surprised at how generous this reward system is.

Betfair Casino’s system and play list is as easily utilised by Beginners as Seasoned players. A newbie? Well simply log onto Betfair Casino (they will guide you on exactly ‘How to Get Started’ and explain everything you need to know.

Then as to which games to play and when and how they’re available – that’s easy too. On the Home Page of Betfair Casino, on the left hand side you will see at the top the words “Casino Home”. Underneath that is the Download and Instant Play Casino listings!

The “A – Z Games”, the “Favourites” games, “Jackpot” Games”, “New Games”, “Featured Games”, “Card Games”, “Table Games” etc. After these listings you will see the “Getting Started” guides, ‘News & Promotions’, ‘FAW’ etc. Its all these easily found and followed.

Most players have some idea of what type of games they wish to play – whether it be Card Games, Slot Games, Video Poker, Arcade Games or Scratchies! Others like to stick to a range of Favourites or prefer always to play New Games – whatever – all games are listed.

The “A – Z Games” cover everything within the Betfair Casino game stable, starting with ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8’ before the Alphabetical listing of A to Z begins.

Under the initial numbers you will find games such as ’10-Line Jacks or Better’, ‘10’s or Better’, ‘3D Roulette’, ‘4 Line Aces & Faces’, ‘4 Line Jacks or Better’ and ‘8 Ball Slots’.

Alphabetically we start with “A Night Out”, “All American” onto to “Baccarat”, “Beach Life”, through to “Queen of the Pyramids”, “Safe Cracker”, to “Ugga Bugga”, “UK Blackjack”, “Ultimate Fighters” and finishing with “X-Men” and “Zero Jacks or Better”!

Roulette Games with Virgin Casino

Players you’ll be stunned by the number of great Roulette games that Virgin Casino runs, all different, all with a twist and packed with extra features and you can try them ALL out for FREE too! There’s actually 10 different Roulette Games at Virgin – they are:

I.    Expert Roulette
II.    European Roulette
III.    Grande Roulette
IV.    3 Wheel Roulette
V.    Roulette – Classic
VI.    Roulette
VII.    Double Bonus Spin Roulette 2
VIII.    Double Bonus Spin Roulette
IX.    Hot Streak Roulette
X.    Mini Roulette Casino

Taking a look first at Expert Roulette at Virgin Casino, this game is a must for any Roulette lover and comes complete with betting patterns and expert history. This one (who some would more easily know by the name of ‘Players Suite Roulette’) is the Roulette game that die-hard fans had been wanting for a long time!

There’s hyper-realistic outcomes players can trust, a clean and crisp layout for first-time players, and advanced bet options for those really hard-core players.

Log onto Virgin Casino to check out Expert Roulette and have your Free trial players!

But what about that long-time favourite “Roulette – Classic”? This is a real casino favourite with the option to save your own betting patterns. A version that has long been a favourite version and deservedly so with Section Bets and a great payback with that single zero wheel and half-back on green for outside bets.

AND as for “Grande Roulette”, well its Classic Roulette that just got a whole heap better. Packed with features like saving favourite bets, customisable bets, baize colour and different new options. Log on to check it out and again ‘Play for Free’!

A Roulette version with a real twist or two would have to be “Double Bonus Spin Roulette” or “Double Bonus Spin Roulette 2”! With the first alternative, its about playing roulette with a double bonus spin feature and winning free spins when the ball lands on the bonus number in the Yellow Bonus well. The Double Bonus Spin is triggered, giving you, the player, 2 FREE chances to win on any standing bets!

With ‘Double Bonus Spin Roulette 2’ its about Virgin Casino enhancing an already popular roulette variation to immerse players in a luxurious and dynamic play experience! With a bet on the special Bonus Spot players can win over 1200 X!

Hot Streak Roulette” allows players to possibly score very big indeed with a 25,000 X stake payout! It’s a real gaming first, combining classic roulette with a jackpot.

With “Mini Roulette Casino” its about being able to play just about the biggest game in Europe in a mini-version! Very handy to be able to do at times. You’re missing out if you don’t even bother to check out ‘Mini Roulette Casino’ players!

Snake your way on Virgin Casino

Snake your way players to £600 on Virgin Casino, as it’s a festive time of year, and its often a time when those old board games get dusted down (when the rellies arrive) and people anticipate and enjoy some good old-fashioned (pre-telly) family fun ONLY to find half or some of the pieces have gone missing!

Virgin Casino decided it would be fun to try to make up for that let down by announcing their brand new “Snakes & Ladders” slots game!

BUT this time around its not just about going up ladders and slipping down snakes, as there’s also free spins and a rather thrilling snake charmer feature! If you’ve been playing from Monday of this week, the 27 December up until today (Friday, 31 December) New Year’s Eve you could get £600 Free!

It’s the 31 December today BUT – ITS NOT TOO LATE because you can still take advantage of this great ‘Snakes & Ladders’ offer when you deposit anything from £5 to £600. Your deposit will be matched 100% by Virgin Casino but do it today – the last day! Log onto Virgin Casino for the rest of the details players.

Every Day Virgin Casino boasts a number of excellent promotions though – its not all about just one weekly promotion with Virgin! Up until the end of today for instance, if you play any of your favourite Virgin Casino Blackjack or Roulette Games you will get 3 points instead of 1 for every 1 you have earnt! A real “3 for 1” offer!

Next Monday, which will be the 3 January 2011, there’s the first “Monday’s Fiver” of the year bonus. Yep, first of the year to lift those possible Monday and holiday blues. Join in with other players in slots on Monday, wager £50 or more and you’ll get an additional £5!

You also will be treated to “Cash Pot Tuesday”, “Slot Back Wednesday”, “Tournament Thursday” and the amazing “Weekend Whopper” at Virgin Casino as well players. So you’ll enjoy the start of yet another wonderful playing year at Virgin!

DON’T FORGET either come the 1 to 7 January that if you deposit a minimum of £10 that Virgin Casino will give you a massive 50% Deposit Bonus up to the sum of £75!

Did you realise players that if you happen to ‘Refer a Friend’ to play at Virgin Casino, they join and start playing that Virgin Casino will present you both with 1,000 V*Points each? To each of you.

V*Points for those of you who might not be aware yet as those points Virgin Casino players earn for playing at the Virgin site – they can be exchanged for cash or a range of other exciting Virgin rewards – every time you play!

Great Gift Giveaway on Spin Palace Casino

Its known as the Spin Palace Casino Great Gift Giveaway (there’s 10,000 gifts to be won)! So don’t wait players log onto Spin Palace Casino, make sure you discover which ‘great gift’ will become yours!

That is after you have taken advantage of that £1,000 Free Exclusive Offer by simply downloading the Free Spin Palace Casino software, registering your real account and click on the “start your Free Play” button! And also put yourself in a position to grab at least one of those Spin Palace Casino “£50 Magic Strikes”!

Want to try something simple – well sample the amazing variety of Scratch Cards that you will find at Spin Palace Casino. But why play scratch cards at all let alone online scratch cards? Well, the point is that online scratch cards have an amazing extensively broad card price variety, something most certainly that traditional scratch cards just don’t come even close to matching.

Players on online scratch cards not only enjoy much much more card price variety than offline scratchies but they don’t have to pay a set fee and they are not set to 3 or 4 fixed prices. Below is the type of card stakes and jackpots available at Spin Palace Casino:

10p – Maximum prize = £500
20p – Maximum prize = £1,000
50p – Maximum prize = £2,000
£1 – Maximum prize = £5,000
£2 – Maximum prize = £10,000
£5 – Maximum prize = £15,000
£10 – Maximum prize = £20,000
£20 – Maximum prize = £25,000

The sheer flexibility of online scratch cards offers players a number of distinct advantages. One particularly distinct one is the fact that players on low gaming budgets can play low stakes cards for hours instead of reaching their limit (offline) quicker and  having to stop playing. Online they can start much smaller, build up and go on from there! Perfect!

That is those players with very small gaming banks can play for a much longer period of time, build their pots, progressing gradually to the higher value cards – you can even choose to instantly reveal a number of cards all at once!

Scratch cards may not be the most glamorous of games at a casino but it’s a great way to progress up to better and bigger things, and yet, at the same time, win enjoy yourself while really building your gaming bank!

Then again if you would like another type of relaxing, yet exciting game to play BUT one which can pay out massive sums of money – Online Roulette is definitely the one for you!

Roulette is actually the best example and illustration of indulgent casino fun! Visit Spin Palace Casino, check into the games lobby and select a new favourite version of the game. Roulette is truly a unique game of chance and it really keeps you spinning players!

Ladbrokes Casino win Casino Operator of the Year Award

Up to £200 free players, that’s the Welcome Bonus at Ladbrokes Casino! The casino that has just won “Online Casino Operator of the Year” at the gaming world’s own Oscars! Ladbrokes Casino was also shortlisted for the online Poker Operator of the Year as well which makes it more or less the All Round Champ players!

But onto more important items of interest to players – the release of New Games for December and that wonderful NEW Live Slingshot Roulette as well!

As for the new games at Ladbrokes Casino – they will be released next Tuesday, 7 December – they are:

Santa’s Wild Ride (Instant Play)
Silver Fang (Instant Play)
Caribbean Draw Poker (Download)
Premier Roulette Gold (Download)
Santa’s Wild Ride (Download)
Royal Feast (Download)

‘Santa’s Wild Ride’ will see players really enjoy some wild holiday merriment with this great new video slot. It’s a different way of leaving your chimney clear for Santa to deliver plenty of exciting goodies! As a matter of fact you can almost make sure that Santa will leave you something!

‘Santa’s Wild Ride’ (both Instant Play & Download) is a 5-reel, 243 Ways Video Slot, with a very exciting Free Spins Feature, triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere at all on the reels.

In addition to ALL Free Spin wins being multiplied by 2 X, the player has the choice of 3 totally awesome Wild features within Free Spins!

‘Silver Fang’ is a exceptionally entertaining game with the cold air as piercing at the steel blue of the wolf’s eyes. Through the winter wonderland thrown up by this game, players will come across the frozen paw prints of this stoic creature. DON’T let him scare you away from your winnings though! The cold cash is all yours for the taking as you receive a heap of both multipliers and scatters!

‘Silver Fang’ also is a 5-reel slot! It has 50 paylines and recurring Free Spins Feature with a 5 X Multiplier so obviously a top top game to be found at Ladbrokes Casino players!

Be sure to log onto Ladbrokes Casino ASAP to read about the other wonderful new games and to experience them first-hand!

BUT WHAT ABOUT that exciting sounding game that’s new at Ladbrokes Casino also – “Slingshot Roulette”! Ladbrokes Casino actually is the very first UK operator to launch this wonderful game of ‘Live Slingshot Roulette’ players!

‘Slingshot Roulette’ gives players the excitement of Live Roulette through a web video stream and interactive interface.

This simple, yet thrilling game is the most popular game in casinos around the world at the moment. Slingshot Roulette brings the action of Live Roulette courtesy of the fully-automatic Slingshot Roulette Wheel!

The whole set-up concept of this game is fascinating and well worth players logging onto Ladbrokes Casino to have a closer look – our advice would be to do so ASAP! Great way to get all your questions answered!

Bet365 Casino Offer Five Star Bonuses

Five Star Bonuses, that’s exactly what players receive from Bet365 Casino, enjoy that run of bonuses with up to as much as £10,000 available too! The Bet365 Casino ‘Five Star Bonus’ commences very soon at the site – next Wednesday, 1 December as a matter of fact, continuing until Friday, 10 December!

Reach for the stars with this particular bonus at Bet365 Casino and claim up to £10,000 when you take part. You see players there are actually Five (5) Levels of Deposit Bonus available – ranging from 10% to an absolutely incredible 50%!

And YOU can CLAIM one or other of these bonuses every two days over the 10 day period! That means simply that you have 5 opportunities to ADD that big CHUNK OF CASH to your account!

The size of your actual bonus though does depend, of course, on the amount you deposit and/or transfer each time so simply log onto Bet365 Casino, check out the bonus levels (whether you want a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Star Bonuses) and make the qualifying deposit every 2 Days! That way you will get the best possible benefit from Bet365 Casino’s ‘5 Star Bonus’ promotion!

“Live Games Giveaway” – it will be on in December again there’s no doubt about that, check regularly back to Bet365 and see exactly what dates its happening players. This promotion really is for those of you who especially love the LIVE Games in the Bet365 Casino.

The ‘Live Games Giveaway’ is certainly a competition those players wont wish to miss, and all you need to do is what you, as Live Game fans, would be doing anyway – that is playing either LIVE Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette or Sic Bo! That way players will be in the running for sure for one of those 200 terrific Cash Prizes.

REMEMBER THOUGH that you need to ‘Opt In’ to take part, so do that. Its worth noting too though, with regard to this tourney, that you can do that at any time right up until the end of the tournament – you don’t need to have done it before the tourney begins!

NOTE TOO that the 1st Prize is £1,000, 2nd not far behind at £700, 3rd prize is still great at £600 and other prizes simply follow on right down to the 200th prize which is still worth £20!

You shouldn’t neglect looking into the great Slots Club games either players! With the Bet365 Casino ‘Slots Club’ you always get great helpings of fabulous Cash prizes. The Club is an excellent way for players to enjoy that range of special offers and promotions tailored specifically and especially for them – Slots players!