Free Cheltenham Bets on Paddy Power Casino

Just look at these latest offers from Paddy Power Casino, as they include free Cheltenham bets.

Free Cheltenham Bets
“Head 2 Head” – Vs “Pick Your Team” Win CASH
£5,000 Every Day
Exchange Loyalty Points For VIP Hospitality (Aintree Grand National)

Some of the tip top events that are currently popping up on Paddy Power Casino! There’s also events such as the “£250 Table Chase”, the “Tuesday VAT Back”, “Wednesday’s Win or Lose – get £10” and TWO “Thursday Thunders”!

Firstly, a big congratulations to the lucky ‘Race to Win’ winners – well done. Great promotion at Paddy Power Casino wasn’t it?

“£5,000 EVERY DAY” during Cheltenham! You can win cash of £5,000 daily in the Cheltenham races. Earn the most points in any 24 hour period during Cheltenham and you get to scoop the big prize BUT BEWARE players, you’ve only got up to this Friday, 18 March remember!

There’s loads of find and sort users user search user list kollagen intensiv free trial other prizes (in addition to the £5,000) you can collect along the way as well as a load of Free spins to be given away!

“Exchange Loyalty Points for VIP Hospitality” – now this is a promo that is available only to VIP players at Paddy Power – one where they can exchange their loyalty points for VIP tickets to the race of all races – the Aintree Grand National in April!

VIP players can exchange 570,000 loyalty points for a VIP place at the big race, set for Saturday, 9 April. Log onto Paddy Power for the details. Enjoy the day!

Players, you’ll be delighted to note that the “2nd Head 2 Head” is back with a vengeance! Get that 100% Match Deposit and pick the winner of the Head 2 Head. Will it be ‘Dungeons & Dragons Crystal Cavern’ or ‘Triple Fortune Dragon’. Choose the winning slot game and score!

Paddy Power Casino Race to Win

£30,000 race to win promotion with a heap of ways on how to win on Paddy Power Casino!

Log onto Paddy Power Casino to get all the details, to see the ‘Main Leaderboard’, the ‘Daily Leaderboard’, the ‘Win Prizes’ details, how to ‘Earn Points, the additional ‘Promo Details’ and of course, how to ‘Opt In’.

Very exciting – after all there’s £30,000 up for grabs! For some a life-changing sum of money!

To qualify for this promo all you need to do is simply ‘Opt In’ and then play any of the Paddy Power 90+ casino games up till this coming Saturday, 26 February! You get to earn points every day based on your personal play – the aim of course is to finish as high up the Daily Leaderboard as possibly you can. You can keep a running Buy Cialis check on that yourself!

Your position on the Daily Leaderboard is rewarded with promo points – naturally the more promo points you earn the higher up you will be.

The main aim of course is to finish in the Top 100 on the “Main Leaderboard” after the final day – that means you will win a share of that huge amount of cash – £30,000!

To give you some idea of what you will miss out on if you don’t ‘Opt In’, here’s just some of the prizes up for grabs:

1st Position – £10,000
3rd Position – £2,000
6th Position – £600
11th Position – £150
21st to 30th – £100
51st to 75h – £50

Check out the other prizes and slot games yourself at the Paddy Power Casino site!

Don’t forget today’s trusty regular special promo – the “Wednesday Mid-week Cash-Leak” – at Paddy Power Casino!

Paddy Power Casino Wipe Out

Wipe Out wonderful new game at Paddy Power Casino, accompanied by the power of those great new recognitions received by Paddy Power Casino – keeping in mind that recognition is only ever received by a site when it does particular things, particularly well, for its players!

Paddy Power Casino is recognised for:

Number One for Casino Promotions
More Variety than any other Online Casino
More Prizes for BIG Cash Winnings
More Fun Fresh Promotions Daily

Hope you took advantage of that “little bit extra” you could have got this past weekend from Paddy Power Casino – that means not only a generous 100% Match Deposit (up to £250 worth) but also entry into that special prize draw to win a VIP trip to London AS WELL AS entry in a special Mystery Bonus as well!

If you didn’t this past weekend MAKE SURE that you do next weekend – what an opportunity it was and will be again!

TODAY players get to benefit from Paddy Power Casino’s “Monday Loyalty Lunacy” promotion. Every Monday players can enjoy up to 5 Times, YES 5 X normal Loyalty Points on ALL slot games at Paddy Power!

So, LOG IN & OPT IN players – that’s all you really need to do!

Tomorrow is the excellent “21 Tuesday Promotion” at Paddy Power Casino – where when players deposit £21 they will have it matched by 100%! Play ANY combination of the selected games at Paddy Power including slot games, to turn that bonus into Withdrawable Cash – log in and check the details out players!

And don’t neglect that wonderful Paddy Power “Wednesday Mid-Week Cash Leak” promotion either. Log On, Good Luck and Have Fun – at Paddy Power Casino of course!

Vacation USA with Paddy Power Casino

Feel in the mood for leisure players? Leisure games we mean! Pack up the family and spend vacation time winning money with this great 10 payline slot with two bonus rounds in Vacation USA at Paddy Power Casino.

Line up just 3, or more, symbols on a payline for quick cash OR accumulate Route 40 and Route 80 symbols to go coast-to-coast and earn yourself a Free Trip to the Big Money destinations. Bet your max and win up to 125,000!

You can play this one either via ‘Free Play’ or ‘Real Play’! If you haven’t played it before, definitely make a point of starting off with ‘Free Play’ – it’s the same as practising at the expense of Paddy Power Casino.

Or try “Miss Hi-Lo Club” or “Krazy Hi-Lo”. ‘Miss Hi-Lo Club’ is Paddy Power Casino’s own version of the popular Hi-Lo odds game, where a single stake can become a HUGE award. As Miss Hi Lo presents a number between 1 and 49, wager on whether the next number drawn will be either higher or lower.

After any win, you can take the prize, bank half and keep going, or parlay your full winnings on your next prediction! Take your chances with a risky guess and the potential payout gets bigger and bigger and bigger!

With ‘Krazy Hi-Lo’ its those small initial stakes that can quickly turn your winnings into small fortunes, the same but different than ‘Miss Hi-Lo Club’ players. Try them both or play the original ‘Hi Lo Classic’ game, remembering the odds change with each turn. Risk it all on the next number or cash out – the fun is in the choice being yours!

Another very easy leisure game – truly a leisure to play is Paddy Power Casino’s “Multiplier”. This is an exciting game of pure simplicity – the player chooses how much they want to win and how much they’re prepared to risk!

Take a conservative approach, or take that risk for a large win – or maybe somewhere in the middle? The choice REMEMBER is yours! Decide then hit the Multiplier button and see if the correct combination unlocks the safe for your cash!

“Bananarama Match 3” – now you can win up to ½ Million credits in this instant win slot game that allows you to keep picking until you match three of the same symbols! Match 3 of the same number and win a cash prize! BUT match 3 of the same monkey and you progress up the cash ladder!

BE SURE to watch out for the very special ‘Mystery-Rama’ cards that are your chance to hit the Mega Jackpot!

Last Festive Deals on Paddy Power Casino

Been enjoying the exciting Littlewoods Casino Advent Adventure Calendar at all players? Each day has been excitingly rewarded in different ways.

Yesterday, for example there was as many as 100,000 Leaderboard Points available to players at Paddy Power Casino, with 200 Advent Adventure Points up for grabs to players per each £1 stake made! And all players had to do was to simply ‘Opt In’! 200 Points per £1 stake – a very generous reward indeed!

As for today, Day 24, and the Final Day of the Advent Calendar at Littlewoods, well log onto find out exactly what is it but having some fun players, we’ll repeat the little clue proffered yesterday by Littlewoods Casino themselves!

“The final promo is an old favourite mixed with leaderboard points! Check it out tomorrow!”

Log on – Good Luck & Enjoy!

Have some different fun at Paddy Power Casino players – try “Texas Tea” out for size. It’s a gusher of a game with barrels of bonus game action! The Oil Dividend Bonus for instance could earn you a big fat dividend, with the Big Oil Bonus allowing players to drill for huge bonus rewards!

Or how about taking a swing at “Five Times Pay” – which just happens to be one of the most popular high slot games in the world today – no wonder really with a name like that!

Truthfully, this game is more for the seasoned slot players who simply don’t mind forgoing frequent smaller pays in their quests for bigger awards – and by bigger you are looking at between 5 X and 25 X bigger players. Three ‘Five Times Pay’ symbols on the payline (with maximum bet) and the player will win the top award of this game!

Note players that you can play both these games are eligible for ‘Free Play’ so you can not only try them out first to see if you like them, but you can keep on playing them for Free until you feel comfortable enough with the game to go for Real Play!

Many players have played the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ slot game but have you tried “Wheel of Fortune Hollywood”? With this version of this popular game you need to build up your personal progressive jackpot for a chance to collect during the exciting bonus round. All the excitement of the popular game show without having to turn any letters players!

Players can go on having lots of fun switching games, switching themes with slots – games such as “3-Reel Hold Up”, “Vacation USA” and “Bananarama Match 3” can all be played for Free first, all are very different but all provide a lot of entertainment to their players!

Day Seven at Paddy Power Casino

Today is £10,000 Advent Adventure Day 7, all you need to do players to be in with the play is to ‘Opt In’ to the Paddy Power Casino ‘7th Advent Adventure Promotion’ today and go into the fabulous draw to win yourself around £341 in cash.

Why £341 exactly – well it just happens to be the 341st day of the year today and every player who does opt in and stakes just £20 (or more of course) will go into the hat to win! Great idea from Paddy Power Casino!

“24 Promotions – 24 Days” — sounds just the thing for serious Paddy Power Casino players. Its all about enjoying Advent at Paddy Power Casino players this Christmas with the £10,000 Adventure – so do make a point of logging onto the site to find out more.

Everything is happening between NOW and Friday, 24 December – Christmas Eve! Its all really about every player enjoying a brand new promotion each day between now and then at Paddy Power Casino!

“1st Deposit of the Month” – have you made yours yet players – at Paddy Power Casino we mean of course? If you haven’t, this special opportunity finishes TODAY – Tuesday, 7 December, so get cracking if you want a 100% match up to £50 worth from Paddy Power.

While you can, put a face to the name, a character to the title – “Meet the Casino Team” at Paddy Power Casino! Just log onto Paddy Power today and click through – it can only help you by doing so players!

How long is it since you played that great slot “White Orchid” or possibly “Wolf Run” or even “Bitten”, “Elvis – A Little More Action”, “Noah’s Ark”, “Super Hoot Loot” or even gone for some real action with “Transformers: Ultimate Payback”? A long time or not at all? Either way you’re losing out players and NEVER lose sight of the fact that you can play every single one of these first “Free Play” – that really cuts down the risk while you try things out by practising!

Start with that 40 lines of animated action, plus multipliers (up to 200 X) with ‘Super Hoot Loot! Its great fun – here’s a whole forest of excitement to hoot about especially on the Loot Line payline! Free Play it first though players!

‘Wolf Run’ is the tops according to many Paddy Power Casino players though. ‘Wolf Run’ is a multi-line/multi-coin slot game which will literally have you running wild mainly because it has a pack of really exciting beneficial features!

For instance 40 Paylines for much more action – Stacked Wilds for amazingly BIG wins – a super-rich retriggering Free Spins Bonus. The Wild Symbols can line up to trigger a MASSIVE number of simultaneous wins!

Current Paddy Power Casino Offers

If you’re on the lookout for an online gaming site that has great promotions, great community, great games and even better prizes, well players you really cant go past Paddy Power Casino!

Enjoy such terrific current offers as the “£25,000 Casino Legends, Monte Carlo” promotion, the “Monte Carlo 100% Match Deposit Choice”, as well as “Loyalty Lunacy” (each Sunday and Monday), “Twenty Quid Tuesday”, “Wednesday Free Fiver”, “Thursday Thunder Turbo” and MORE!

‘Loyalty Lunacy’ for instance may not sound as glamorous as some other promotions at Paddy Power Casino, but it delivers 5 times the points for all your play – that’s 5 X on both Sunday and Monday! And the good news is that your points will be totalled and awarded directly into your account as Cash! So don’t delay opt in and play this weekend!

Now as for the big ‘£25,000 Casino Legends, Monte Carlo’ promo you’ve got to really hurry with that one players, because today’s the 17 November and the promotion ends on the 18th! Apart from the £25,000 in Cash to be won, there’s £000’s in Shopping Vouchers as well as that fun Vintage Car Driving experience to enjoy!

The best thing would be for you to do would be to log into Paddy Power and find out the full details but don’t leave it any longer. Its not too late to win something if you’re determined!

But the ‘Casino Legends’ treats don’t end there players, there’s also the ‘Monte Carlo 100% Match Deposit’ for you to enjoy. Actually there is not just 1 but there are 3 choices of cash bonus for players to benefit from. Paddy Power Casino are offering ALL players a 100% match deposit worth up to £150 with this one players!

Do investigate ‘Wednesday Free Fiver’ and ‘Thursday Thunder’ players but we must suggest also that you try should out that great brand new slot game – “Cats”. Well worth trying, different and great entertainment. The ‘Splits Symbols’ feature with ‘Cats’ gives players the best of both worlds – lots of wins and also big win potential as well!

Into vampires at all, even in a fun way? Well, try “Bitten” a newish slot game that has many players enthralled! You can really sink your teeth into this rather enticing world of vampires and hopefully their immortal fortunes at Paddy Power Casino!

Really get to feel the power of the ‘Bitten’ wild symbol (which not only doubles line awards but also pays as a scatter award). You can actually win up to 250 X your total bet with 5 Bitten wild symbols players. Enjoy!

A real Blackjack fan players? Well you really should try “Power Blackjack” then. Your favourite game is electrified in this version with two powerful second-chance features that Blackjack players will really love – (i) Power Double & (ii) Power Split. Not to be missed!

Beat the Boks at Paddy Power Casino

See the Boks from the Box! Interested? Of course a large number of you are players, so join in with the play of the Paddy Power Casino Beat the Boks promotion this week and you could be joining the VIP crowd in the Paddy Power box at the new Aviva stadium this November!

After all this event is doubly worth winning, as it’s the 1st Rugby International to be played in the new Aviva stadium. The winners (there’s 2 prizes) will each receive (i) 2 X VIP tickets in the Paddy Power Casino box, (ii) Complimentary bar for the duration of the match, (iii) Lunch served at your table and (iv) 1 nights accommodation in a 4 or 5 Star Dublin hotel, close to the Ground! Beat that players!

Interested in playing? Well, what you need to do now is to make your next deposit, or transfer, to Paddy power using the “ppboks” code, play any of the Paddy Power Casino selected games to wager against your bonus to redeem the cash (cash in on that great bonus) as well as going into the draw – for this amazing VIP prize at Paddy Power Casino!

Then just check your emails next Monday, 1 November, and/or the winners page on the Paddy Power Casino site, to see if you’re one of the lucky ones that will be joining in for the 1st Rugby International in the new Aviva Stadium players!

Want a good laugh – well you could put your hand up to win some Peter Kay tickets. All you need to do is to log onto Paddy Power Casino, complete the form you will find there, and play any of the 85+ games before this Sunday, 31 October and you will automatically go into the draw to win tickets to see Peter Kay LIVE at the 02 in London. Good Luck players!

Hey – its ‘Thursday Thunder” again today – actually its Thursday Thunder Turbo Slot Games Match Deposit time again! Bag yourself one of those great match deposits from Paddy Power – log onto Paddy Power, grab the relevant bonus code and use that when you’re making your deposit players! You’ll be so glad you did!

Do note that brilliant new game at Paddy Power too players – its called “Bitten”. Try it out today and make sure you bite off more than you can chew!

And seeing we’re almost at another weekend, its time to keep that great offer of “Loyalty Lunacy” in mind that pops up each Sunday and Monday at Paddy Power Casino! You can grab yourself “5 X the normal Loyalty Points” with this one players!

Mega Jackpot Game on Paddy Power Casino

Well bad luck players, you missed the great ‘Twenty Quid Tuesday’ promo at Paddy Power Casino if you didn’t play there yesterday. Now, we have covered this great promo previously, but make no apologies for talking about it again – as it’s a great quality Cash Bonus for you that pops up each week at Paddy Power.

Definitely one of those promotions/offers that should never be missed!

Also, today, Wednesday, there’s a Free £5 as well – an easy way to become a ‘Wednesday Winner’ at Paddy Power Casino. Log onto Paddy to discover how you qualify.

Just in case you weren’t aware players, at Paddy Power’s “Instant Casino” there’s over 86 Top Quality Flash Games – Paddy Power Casino is the best for player promotions too. The Mega Jackpot games alone have over £1.5 Million waiting to be won!

As far as the ‘Download Casino’ at Paddy Power is concerned, there are over 65 Enhanced Download games – nothing that isn’t Top Quality at Paddy Power. This is a casino that prefers QUALITY to quantity of games!

As far as Paddy Power are concerned they are really into a great range of tournaments, free spins and top quality promotions.

The Paddy Power “Live Casino” has LIVE Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat and that real LIVE Dealer Interaction.

Often its as if the cards and dice are almost bursting out of your PC screen, the atmosphere and sense of reality is so electric!

Yet more promotions to benefit from at Paddy Power Casino players – its on tomorrow, Thursday, and is called “Thursday Thunder Turbo Slots Match Bonus”! Yes, ‘Thursday Thunder’ is back – bag your exclusive match deposit tomorrow. Log onto Paddy Power Casino quickly to find out about this one players.

Havent played at Paddy Power this month yet! Great – well it is for you, as Paddy Power Casino are prepared to match your 1st Deposit in October by 100%! 100% Match Deposit up to a value of £50 – log onto Paddy Power for the code – but truly that’s all you need to do.

You make your deposit anywhere between £5 and £50 and Paddy Match it. You can then redeem your bonus on any of the selected slot games – games such as:

50,000 Pyramid
Arabian Riches
Banana-Rama Deluxe
Battleship – Search & Destroy
Fortress of Fortunes
Montys Millions
Wolf Run

There’s a whole heap more of games that are eligible, so don’t worry you’re absolutely sure to find at least 3, 4 or 5 that you’ll love.

Bitten lands at Paddy Power Casino

Have you been Bitten yet players? Have you played the new game at Paddy Power Casino, try it out today and you could bite off more than you can chew!

Enjoy a Match Deposit bonus with only a X 25 wagering requirement at Paddy Power Casino. You can also enjoy a £20 Cash Bonus with only a X 20 wagering requirement every Tuesday, when you may your first deposit of the day – don’t forget to take full advantage of this one players! Its referred to as “Twenty Quid Tuesday”!

And, remember too, that Wednesday of this week will see yet another “Wednesday Free Fiver” day. Become a Wednesday Winner this week at Paddy Power Casino with this offer. Stake £100 on any of the selected Paddy Power Casino games and they will give you £5 Free – guaranteed! At least log onto Paddy Power and check the offer out!

There are a heap of other offers at Paddy Power Casino waiting for you so log on and discover them for yourselves players!

A little more about that great new game “Bitten”! Players can sink their teeth into the enticing and thrilling world of vampires and their immortal fortunes. Feel the power of the Bitten Wild symbol, which not only doubles line awards but also pays as a scatter award too!

Players can win up to 250 X their total bet with 5 Bitten wild symbols! Try this slot game in Free Play first if you prefer!

Feeling more in a leisurely type of mood – well tune into the great and diverse range of ‘Leisure’ games at Paddy Power Casino then. Maybe a game or two of ‘Goal! Three 2 Win’, ‘Arabian Riches’, ‘Monopoly on a Roll’, ‘Vacation USA’, ‘King Keno’ or one, two or three of many others in this great Paddy Power Casino section!

Take ‘Goal! Three 2 Win’ for instance, offers a win of up to 500,000 credits! Yes up to 500,000 credits, just for playing a little football! Keep picking until you match 3 of the same symbols. Three of the same number wins you that prize, three of the same coloured ball moves you up the cash ladder. But watch out for the special Mystery-Rama cards, which provide your chance to win the Mega-Jackpot at Paddy Power Casino!

But what about ‘Monopoly on a Roll’ – with this trip around the Monopoly Board, players win a lot more than Monopoly Money. Place your bets on your favourite properties and roll the dice. Land on your chosen spot and win! Or land on one of four bonus spots for that dose of extra excitement and rewards!

Try ‘Monopoly on a Roll’ the game like no other players!