InterCasino to Rio Carnival

If you are ready and waiting for some carnival action in Rio de Janeiro, InterCasino will definitely be the casino site to play at this month.

We may only be at the start of January, but already the team at InterCasino are planning ahead, way ahead in fact by kicking off 2012 with their carnival promotion.

They are starting the New Year off with the best of Brazilian in their £12,400 Rio giveaway. Up for grabs is a Rio de Janeiro prize package worth around £4,000, this would include a trip to Rio for two people to their ultimate party of the year – the Rio Carnival.

The full prize package includes return flights, tickets to the Sambadrome and five star accommodation. So well worth winning that’s for sure. And even if you are not lucky enough to make it to Rio courtesy of InterCasino you could pay to go their yourself, as there is a further prize fund of £8,400 waiting to be won.

To get in on the Rio action Valium Online you need to gain entry into this promo and you can do this very simply. Just enter the bonus code (Rio) once before you make a deposit and play through a minimum of £25 playing slot games at their site. This is the warm up deal and is valid to give you one entry into the first £4,200 prize pool between 4th and 16th January.

The next £4,200 prize pot will be on offer in the second part of this promo called (rehearsal). To enter this one you need to enter the bonus code (carnival) before making your deposit and just like before you need to play through a minimum of £25. This offer will run between 17th and 29th Jan, so you need to meet this requirement at some point during this time.

To be in with the chance of winning the Rio de Janeiro prize package, you just need to have at least one qualifying entry – as above. So those bonus codes and playing through £25 is key.

New Free Casino Games on InterCasino

InterCasino now treats players to all new free & Free Online Casino games, no log in or download required either.

A great way to try out InterCasino at the same time as having some fun and winning! You’ll want to note players that winners at InterCasino have actually walked away with over £61,000,000!

As far as the fun and all new free online casino games are concerned, you can try some of InterCasino’s games quickly and smoothly – you don’t even need to log in let alone download! There’s 21 such games for you to have a whirl at including the amazing;

Millionaires Club III
Emerald Isle
Native Treasure
Fantastic Four
Iron Man
Roamin Gnome
Platinum Pyramid

You couldn’t pick a better and more exciting game to try out quickly for Free than ‘Millionaires Club’ players. Its back with this great third version Har Vokse with even better graphics and bonus rounds!

Let’s face it, surely you know that ‘Millionaires Club’ has awarded some of the largest jackpots in online casino history! You could be next! Play up to 20 lines in the game that celebrates some of the finest things in life!

Or how about some fun with ‘The Hulk – Ultimate Revenge’? This one is the blockbuster sequel to the original Hulk slot game players – it’s the latest adventure for the ferocious green giant! Coming with up to 25 lines of slot game action and wagers ranging from just 1p to £5 per line!

Or have some movie-type fun with ‘King Kong’ players, when he takes on New York City once more. You can play between 1 and 25 lines, winning up to 7,500 times your bet! You’ll really go bananas over the Wild Bonus Features of King Kong!

Emerald Isle Slot on InterCasino

Cant help but keep talking about the great new slew of all new Free Online Casino Games at InterCasino for players.

Marvellous way to start play at InterCasino and try out some of the great games without even having to log in! There’s 21 different games, ready for players to try out for FREE! You’ll quickly see why InterCasino is so very popular with players.

There’s NO STRINGS ATTACHED to this concept players – just feel free to click onto InterCasino and play – don’t even need to log in! Ideal for new players to the site.

Maybe try out “Emerald Isle” – note players that the smiling lass with the red hair (X 5) is worth 1,500 credits but the Green Hatted Leprechaun (who substitutes for all other symbols, except the scatter) is worth 6,000 credits (X 5). The Crock of gold coins (X 5) goes for 500 as does the Viagra Four Leaf Clover!

The Scatter, naturally, is the rainbow arching over that crock of gold – it grabs you 100 credits! Naturally there’s plenty of other good winners apart from these few – but you can check them out yourself!

Hit a bunch of 9’s and 4 Leaf clovers to be thrilled with your winnings! Our test players scored some great wins with ‘Emerald Isle’ slot game before going onto try that old favourite “Bejeweled”!

‘Bejeweled’ always sparkles and is a delight to play for that reason (apart from the great wins that it delivers of course)! It’s a great change to have the ‘drop’ instead of the reels turning too – adds to the fun of the whole thing!

You should note that the Super Jackpot pays 20,000 X Line Bet on Line 10 with a maximum bet. The Bejeweled Symbol is the Wild, substituting for any symbol on the payline.

Prize Pools on InterCasino

InterCasino carries the biggest prize pool at over £500,000 as well as, Hundreds of Thousands of £’s paid out Daily to winners at InterCasino adding up to a total payout so far of well over £61,000,000!

Make sure as soon as you log onto InterCasino that you click through to their “Weekly Calendar” so you can check out and remain completely up-to-date on which is going on and what you may be missing out on!

InterCasino’s “Promotions Calendar” will ensure players get the most from every single week of their play and daily offers at InterCasino! You see, there is always something going on to SUIT ALL TASTES at this great online gaming site!

In order to find out how to take part in the InterCasino ‘Daily Promotions’ simply check your personal promotions inbox – ie “My InterCasino” – this is where you’ll grab the necessary bonus codes too!

Its all about getting the most from each of your weeks at InterCasino through their Daily Offers, Promotions and Bonuses! Focus a close eye particularly on the personal and tailored promotions you can receive every single month for Life – with “My Bonus 4 Life” players at InterCasino!

How about ‘Valentine’s on The Orient Express’ players for instance? A real load of prizes with this promotion including;

2 X Journeys for 2 on the mystical and mythic ‘Orient Express’ – worth a massive £5,000 each players
4 X Full HD Camcorder – worth £1,000 each
Players – NB: during February on InterCasino, cupid will strike twice and will be giving away a total of £18,800 worth of prizes!

With InterCasino you can either choose from the “100% Secure Download” casino or the “Instant Play” InterCasino where no Download at all is required! And they have a huge array of slot games to select from.

Fast and Furious Games on InterCasino

Want to play a quick and furious casino game in a hurry? Well simply log onto InterCasino, go to the left-hand side of the Home Page and click on the “Instant Play” tab to launch and you’re on your way to some winning enjoyment!

Great promotions as well, of course, starting with that £250 Welcome Bonus and you can qualify for the “My Bonus 4 Life” opportunity as well! But make sure that you do check out the ‘Promo Calendar’ at InterCasino on your way in order to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the great InterCasino ‘Daily Offers’ – they are always popping up!

You see players at InterCasino you can always be sure that there is something going on to SUIT ALL TYPES of players! So make sure that you get the best you can from your playing week by checking out the Daily Offers at InterCasino.

In order to find out how best to take part in the Daily Promotions, simply check your personal promotions inbox – “My InterCasino” – where you can redeem your bonus codes.

Choose from ‘Rock your Monday’, ‘Wednesday Extra Pay’, the wonderful ‘Friday Shock Bonus: prepare to be shocked’ and ‘Saturday Hero Fever’ – and don’t forget those great ‘Sunday Happy Hours’ at InterCasino either!

‘Rock your Monday’ can be a fun and rewarding way to start off a week with this particular groovy offer on the featured game of the day – discover or re-discover one of the most entertaining and rewarding video slots and start your week on a real high. After all you could receive as much as £100 Free Credits.

Seeing its Thursday today, you should prepare yourself for tomorrow’s great promotion – ‘Friday Shock Bonus: prepare to be shocked’’. You see players, each and every week, InterCasino will be sending a “Shock Bonus” to a whole bunch of random players.

Prepare yourself to be hit with it and there is a supplementary surprise offer as well – tailor-made specially for you! AND to be eligible – all you need to do is to PLAY!

Log on yourself to discover the benefits of both ‘Saturday Hero Fever’ and ‘Sunday Happy Hours’ – you’ll be exceedingly glad that you did!

CANT MISS telling you more about the great “My Bonus 4 Life” opportunity – it’s a tailor-made reward program that offers players a promotion in line with their most recent activity – every month for life to!

Players are demanding bonuses that are much more personal and tailored to them – that’s why InterCasino have come up with this wonderful concept of ‘My Bonus 4 Life’ program – its at InterCasino waiting for you!

AND you can use your bonus cash on almost ALL and any of your favourite games at InterCasino. Log on today to read more about this InterCasino opportunity!

Festive Treat from InterCasino

How’s this for a festive treat from InterCasino, a £250 100% Deposit Bonus. Check out those “Every Day Christmas Promos” too at InterCasino as well, including the “Xmas Promo Calendar” and you really should also grab onto the “My Bonus 4 Life” offer too!

Its a new and great InterCasino program where players can get plenty of tailor-made offers every single month for life! AND, of course, players will want to dabble a little with the great slot game, “Millionaires Club III Slot” as well with its Jackpot being so very high!

The InterCasino “Xmas Promo Calendar” has something going on to suit all types of players – that’s right, all types of players! So, you can get the most you possibly can from your weeks with the Daily InterCasino offers players!

Its easy enough to find out how to take part, and what you can take part in – simply check your Personal Promotions index – “My InterCasino” – the place where you can redeem your bonus codes!

There’s such promos as “Rock Your Monday”, “Wednesday Extra Play” (great one for today players), and that fab “Friday Shock Bonus: prepare to be really shocked”, as well as “Saturday Hero Fever” and “Sunday Happy Hours” as well!

‘Rock Your Monday’ is a really fun one – it’s a groovy offer on the featured game of the day, where players either discover or re-discover one of the most entertaining and rewarding Video Slots and start their weeks on a high note! AND players receive as much as £100 FREE worth of credits!

You’ve really hit pay dirt by tuning into InterCasino if you’re a devoted Slots fan too as they have hundreds upon hundreds of online slot games – ranging from big name blockbusters through to classic games.

Players can rest easy as InterCasino only bother offering the very best in online casino games and their online slots are certainly no exception! All InterCasino slots offer breathtaking graphics and explosive bonus rounds. In other words players are treated to ‘state-of-the-art’ online casino gaming at InterCasino!

Just in case you’re still wondering about how good or real InterCasino’s slot games are, they are ALL Internet versions of the video slot machines you would find at your local land-based casino – they not only offer the same great advantages but more advantages – AND all from the safety and comfort of your own home!

As a matter of fact InterCasino has so many different online slot games from which players can choose, they’ve broken them down into different categories based on their actual themes! Your game of choice could be in any of the following categories – maybe the best idea is to check each, and every, category out for yourself. BUT DO REMEMBER that you can play plenty of them for FREE too!

9 Line Slots
20 Line Slots
25 Line Slots
30+ Line Slots
All Pays Slots
Casual Game Slots
DC Comic Slots
Fruit Machine Slots
Marvel Slots

LOG on yourself to check the remaining categories out players!

Millionaires Club III Slot on InterCasino

Win over £1 Million players with the fabulous “Millionaires Club III Slot” at InterCasino now. The InterCasino ‘Millionaires Club’ jackpot has now hit the £1 Million mark and is still soaring upwards – SO there’s no time at all like the present to try your luck out and try to win this life changing amount!

ALSO there’s still those 7 Air Passes (worth around £2,000 each) that will take you ‘Around the World’! Play now with InterCasino and win some of the riches of the world from the comfort and safety of your very own home!

So many things – games, offers, promotions etc – are so very easy to participate in at InterCasino. Take the ‘Around the World Air Passes’ for example. To win its as easy as just simply playing. That’s right players, during the 49 days, travel the world and the 7 seas, play a selection of exciting games and win your share of £25,000 worth of prizes!

Looking for something new as far as games are concerned? Looking for something slightly quirky? Well simply tune into InterCasino folks and try out “Sushi Express” where that octopus chef really means business. He slices and dices your sushi as your winnings at InterCasino expand!

Remember to enter the ‘Pick Your Plate’ bonus to choose which delicious sushi will award you prizes, free spins and maybe even the ever-growing progressive jackpot! Don’t make the mistake of filling right up because there’s always room for more at Sushi Express!

AND how about “Noughty Crosses” players. ‘Noughty Crosses’ is a stylish, sassy and sexy new tattoo-themed game which all you need to do is show a little skin to win! Its great fun at InterCasino!

‘Noughty Crosses’ is an All Pays slot featuring both classic and original tattoo designs, including Aces, Lucky Horseshoes, Tribal Motifs and (of course) Dragons! TO WIN – all you need to do is to line up the ink!

You’re a Poker fan? Well you’ll want to try out “Over Poker” for size then players. ‘Over Poker’ is an exciting, patented video poker-style game that gives players more control over the cards and the hands that you play!

The ‘Over Poker’ cards are revealed in stages – keep them, discard them, or move em to a new hand each time a decision is required!

Experienced poker players will love this game and beginners will find it a very easy one to learn as well!

YOU’VE just go to look at some of the amazing but current jackpots available for you at InterCasino – ‘Caribbean Stud Poker’ is worth nearly £173,000, ‘Blackjack’ at £88,000, ‘Rags to Riches’ jus under £132,000 – log on yourself to discover more players!

Around the World Promo on InterCasino

Around the World, not in 80 Days but with 1 of 7 Air Passes (worth over £2,000 each) being given away by InterCasino!

Don’t miss out on this great autumnal promotion of InterCasino and win the riches of the world from the comfort of your own home players.

TO WIN all you need to do is to play your favourite games too! Yes, up for grabs, are 7 Air Passes worth £2,000 each and a total of 11,550 Casino Credits! You just have to play remember, that’s all.

During the 49 days of this event, travel the world and the 7 seas, play a selection of exciting games and win your fair share of £25,000 worth of prizes!

Now Stage 5: “Oceania – Pacifica” has started but you have time as it will be continuing until 16 November players. Play “Sub Mariner” (an exciting 25 payline slot) where there’s rewarding payouts throughout the game’s two unique feature sequences: the (i) Swim Feature and the (ii) Protector Feature. You are rewarded with an assortment of both Free Games and Cash prizes to players!

Win your own bounty with “Buccaneer’s Bounty”, a great 20 line slot filled with skulls and crossbones, pirates and swords! In other words full of fun as well as rewards! ‘Buccaneer’s Bounty’ has two adventurous bonus rounds and a chance to win up to 6,000 times your bet players!

The only problem with this game – is that you’re bound to be hooked in no time, once you start playing it!

BUT THAT’S NOT THE ONLY GAMES INVOLVED OF COURSE! There’s “Reel In the Cash” and “Dolphin King” as well. With ‘Reel in the Cash’ you need to gas up your motor boat and cruise up the ricer to your favourite fishing hole. Land on 3 or more scattered Fishermen and trigger that amazing bonus feature, where you will fish for extra cash!

Now with the ‘Dolphin King’ game, you are dealing with Dolphins, considered one of the most intelligent of sea animals. And this slot game comes with a top award of 10,000 coins! Dolphin King is a 9 line Progressive Slot – its hard not to feel you really should be playing it!

As we’re so very close to yet another great weekend, it’s a good idea to remind players that this Sunday, InterCasino are once again running their “Sunday Happy Hours” promotion. Get into a really happy mood with this brand new ‘Happy Hours’ promotion and extend those hours of fun from 5pm to 10pm EVERY single Sunday!

Log on now to grab some more details from InterCasino!

Marvel Slot Fans head to InterCasino

A Marvel fan? More particularly are you a Marvel Slots fan? Well you’ll find InterCasino then is the place for you to play, what with the ‘Fantastic Four’ (of course), ‘The Incredible Hulk’, ‘Wolverine’, the X Men’, ‘Blade’, ‘Captain America’ and ‘Ghost Rider’ amongst a range of others! And there’s Free Marvel Slots too players!

Either you jump from reel to reel in ‘Spider-Man’ style, smash your way to victory using the sheer brute force of the ‘Hulk’ or line up all those gadgets of ‘Iron Man’ for your highest payout! Whatever you do, whatever you play, you are sure to be spending unforgettable moments playing the InterCasino Marvel Slots!

All players need to do is to download the InterCasino casino to start playing for Free – doesn’t take long to do that and download is free also!

Apart from the Marvel Slot games mentioned above, InterCasino, also carries the following fabulous Marvel games;

Dare Devil
Iron Man
Spider-Man Revelations
The Hulk – Ultimate Revenge
The Punisher

Those familiar faces you know only too well from the Marvel comics will help you accumulate symbols on the winning lines, adding to your regular entertainment.

ALL Marvel Slots at InterCasino have 3 Jackpots – that are awarded randomly – WITH NO NEED for players to match symbols to win them! What a great and winning twist that is players!

Make a point of trying the great range of ‘Video Poker’ games at InterCasino too – all games (at InterCasino) come with a new modern appearance with great graphical improvements, new fully resizable windows and brand new enhanced UI buttons for much easier and more satisfying play.

Also, the new ‘Auto-hold’ feature will ensure much easier and faster game play – something that makes each game more satisfying and controllable!

Video Poker games at InterCasino also come with colour-coded win indicators for easier understanding of results as well and you can play anything from 1 all the way up to 100 hands as well. You can even switch the number of hands you are playing without the need to exit and re-launch the game!

You really need to do yourself the favour of actually logging to InterCasino to check out the Bonus Feature there for Video Poker – so many pluses, you need to see it all for yourself!

But we can indicate to you, that just one of the features (the Auto Hold feature) enables players, when the feature is enabled, to receive suggestions as to which cards to keep – what a very helpful playing feature that is! With each hand actually played, a unique deck of cards is presented (minus the held cards and discards) to draw replacements!

“Shock Bonus” – do keep this great plus in mind. Log onto InterCasino to check it out if this is you first time coming across it – a surprise gift indeed!

Slot Blockbusters on InterCasino

Of the many types of games available for players at InterCasino there happens to be literally hundreds of top notch Slots games, ranging from big name blockbusters such as Superman, Spider-Man and Batman through to classics such as Cubis and Bejeweled!

All of the InterCasino slots are the true Internet versions of the actual video slot machines you could find at your local club or casino – they offer the same great advantages – BUT OF COURSE from the comfort (and security) of your own home!

Thinking of trying a 9 Line slot? Well you have some goodies to choose from, including ‘Barnyard Boogie’, ‘Cleo Queen of Egypt’, ‘Kanga Cash’, ‘Millionaires Club’, ‘The Punisher’, ‘Free Kick’, ‘Hot Dog’, ‘Daredevil’ and many others. There’s all sorts of themes to keep even the most unenthusiastic player heartily amused – but only at InterCasino players!

And playing 9 Line slots couldn’t be simpler actually – all players need to do is to choose their bet amounts (which range from a mere 5p all the way up to a massive £20 per line), choose how many lines you wish to play (1 to 9 of course) and then click on “Spin”!

Matching up on a range of symbols, scatter and substitute symbols, will give your casino balance a really good boost but remember always to keep your eyes peeled for those special bonus rounds and free spin features!

Or maybe the idea of trying a 20 Line slot or two is more to your fancy? If that is the case then InterCasino is the place for you as it has an impressive catalogue of ’20 Line Slots’ for players to try – including ‘Eastern Dragon’, ‘Millionaires Club III’, ‘Buccaneers’ Bounty’, ‘Daily Horoscope’, ‘Desert Dreams’, ‘Diamond Cave’, ‘Haunted House’ amongst their huge variety of games!

Catch some of these InterCasino Progressive Jackpots maybe – ‘Rags to Riches’ is well over £131,000, and ‘Caribbean Stud Poker’ is over £170,000, while ‘Millionaires Club’ is almost £1.25M!

Actually variety is the spice of life with InterCasino Slots players, apart from both 9 and 20 Line Slots you can choose between:

25 Line Slots
30+ Line Slots
All Pays Slots
Casual Game Slots
DC Comics Slots
Fruit Machine Slots
Marvel Slots
Hollywood Jackpots
Rapid Fire Jackpots
Traditional Slots, &
All of our Slots

WOW see what we mean for number and variety players. No where better than InterCasino and not only for slots games either!

InterCasino also carry an extensive range of Casino Games, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps and Card Games!

As you can see players are always spoilt for choice at InterCasino!