VIP Deals on Betfair Casino

Are you interested in being a VIP? Maybe you already are somewhere, or have been at sometime? But are you a Betfair Casino VIP players? If not it will pay you to really look into both the (i) Betfair Casino “VIP Welcome Bonus” as well as, (ii) the VIP Club generally!

With the VIP Club generally its about climbing your way through the Grand Casino cities of the world in the all new Betfair Casino VIP Club, featuring exclusive VIP events, bonuses and comp point benefits!

Membership of the Betfair VIP Club, of course, is based on the number of comp points you earn – a total of just 1,000 will secure you membership in ‘Aruba’. Once you’re on this particular ladder to success, you can advance levels to enhance your playing experience! You can earn points from playing their slot games and maleedge varpos padidinimui all sorts of things.

For instance, 10,000 comp points and more get you to the ‘Atlantic City’ level of the Betfair Casino ‘VIP Club’ players, where the comp points level conversion is set at 95 points earned, instead of 100!

You will read the ‘Macau’ level when you earn 25,000 comp points or more. The comp points level conversion is then 90 instead of 100!

You can go all the way up to the 5 Star ‘Monaco’ level, with 250,000 comp points or more. The great news is that just one of the benefits here will get you a conversion rate of 80 points instead of 100!

Do make sure though that you read up on all the details referring to the fabulous Betfair Casino “Casino Refer & Earn” deal – this will mean a quarterly bonus to you of around £2,000!

Play Exchange Games on Betfair Casino

Have you played Exchange Games at Betfair Casino so far? If you haven’t tried it out yet, now is a good time to start because Betfair Casino will actually give players 100% of their losses back, so you can try all 6 Exchange Games without any risk at all. Try them out today, ASAP! Just (i) Opt In, (ii) Bet, and (iii) Win!

As a matter of fact if you play Betfair Arcade, Betfair Casino will also refund 100% of your losses back too. Two very generous offers most certainly!

How does £50,000 in prizes sound to you? £50k in prizes and 500 winners! Want the details on the Promotion, the Comp Schedule, to look at the Leaderboard and a run down on current winners – simply log onto Betfair Casino and click through to the £50k Tab!

Its about winning Online Blackjack a fabulous trip of a lifetime – have the fun of logging onto Betfair Casino yourself and finding out where to! A hint – its exotic, its teaming with people and you’ll never ever forget the experience – a truly fascinating city!

Have you tried playing that fascinating “Manchester United” slot? No, well do give it a whirl – its not just for the football fanatics players.

Have a lot of Marvel Comic fun with “Iron Man”, “The Incredible Hulk and “Fantastic Four” too. Remember too to try out a few slightly different (out of your normal comfort zone) variations on games as well players!

Games such as ‘Pinball Roulette’, ‘Bonus Bowling’, ‘Roulette Pro’ and even ‘3D Roulette’ – just a few games that little bit more challenging players!

Trust to Betfair Casino’s ‘Instant Play Quick Picks’ too players – they wont steer you wrong!

Refer and Earn with Betfair Casino

Refer & Earn! Sounds simple enough and it is players, well at Betfair Casino it is anyway! Players earn extra money each month (up to a handsome £2,000 Quarterly Bonus Reward) just by telling others about Betfair Casino!

Its as easy as that and naturally, once you have been charmed by (and happy with) play at Betfair Casino, you’ll find it so easy to express your delight about Betfair!

Every single friend you refer to Betfair Casino will earn you £50 (once they have wagered £50)! Everyone ends up a winner with this Betfair arrangement!

There is of course too that constant, and continual, supply of Betfair Comp Points too. They are based on actual wagered amounts and can be easily converted directly into cash! Log onto Betfair Casino to get the full story on Comp Points – you’ll be surprised at how generous this reward system is.

Betfair Casino’s system and play list is as easily utilised by Beginners as Seasoned players. A newbie? Well simply log onto Betfair Casino (they will guide you on exactly ‘How to Get Started’ and explain everything you need to know.

Then as to which games to play and when and how they’re available – that’s easy too. On the Home Page of Betfair Casino, on the left hand side you will see at the top the words “Casino Home”. Underneath that is the Download and Instant Play Casino listings!

The “A – Z Games”, the “Favourites” games, “Jackpot” Games”, “New Games”, “Featured Games”, “Card Games”, “Table Games” etc. After these listings you will see the “Getting Started” guides, ‘News & Promotions’, ‘FAW’ etc. Its all these easily found and followed.

Most players have some idea of what type of games they wish to play – whether it be Card Games, Slot Games, Video Poker, Arcade Games or Scratchies! Others like to stick to a range of Favourites or prefer always to play New Games – whatever – all games are listed.

The “A – Z Games” cover everything within the Betfair Casino game stable, starting with ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8’ before the Alphabetical listing of A to Z begins.

Under the initial numbers you will find games such as ’10-Line Jacks or Better’, ‘10’s or Better’, ‘3D Roulette’, ‘4 Line Aces & Faces’, ‘4 Line Jacks or Better’ and ‘8 Ball Slots’.

Alphabetically we start with “A Night Out”, “All American” onto to “Baccarat”, “Beach Life”, through to “Queen of the Pyramids”, “Safe Cracker”, to “Ugga Bugga”, “UK Blackjack”, “Ultimate Fighters” and finishing with “X-Men” and “Zero Jacks or Better”!

Betfair Casino Santa Surprise

How about a Santa Surprise? Log onto Betfair Casino and take a peak at that snow-laden page that offers players some real treats, what with “Triple Doubles”, “JackPot Luck”, “Bonus Bets”, “200% Comps”, “SuperHero Bonuses” and “Man U Triples”.

Surprises, don’t know what some of these will mean to you – well simply keep logging on every day to Betfair Casino and discover what they are all about!

Yesterday’s (Sunday) ‘SuperHero Bonus’ for instance meant that players scored a great “10 for every £100 Wagered”! Today’s ‘Santa Surprise’ is about a fabulous “100% Reload” where you can ‘Double your Deposit’. Grab that one at Betfair Casino players!

Curious about the “Man U Triples”? As you should be, this one on Wednesday next, 22 December, will see players scoring a Hat Trick of Comps!

These are more are all part of the fabulous Betfair Casino “Christmas Countdown”, all Santa Surprises of one kind or another!

Always keep in mind too players, even if its not for yourself, but for others – that fabulous Betfair Casino £200 Welcome Bonus is sill their running hot waiting! Yes, your new playing friends can earn up to £200 – its all about taking advantage of a great bonus for each of their first 3 bonuses at Betfair!

And that on top of what can earn for referring players under the amazing Betfair Casino “Casino Refer & Earn” package. Its easy peasy earning money by simply telling others about how good Betfair Casino is and earning a quarterly bonus reward of up to £2,000!

Don’t quite know what to play and when? Well why don’t you make it a little easier on yourself by running down the alphabetical listing of games at Betfair Casino. Sometimes we can miss things by looking for the difficult approach! Simply log onto Betfair, turn to the “A to Z” of games – either ‘Download’ or ‘Instant” – and see what name (or names) catches your imagination!

It could be “10’s or Better”, it could be the great new “3D Roulette”, it could be even “50 Line Jacks or Better”, or something fun such as “”Alchemist’s Lab”, “Around the World” or “Greatest Odyssey” or something light such as the “Beetle Bingo Scratch Card”.

OR try something more challenging possibly, such as “Half Double Blackjack”, “Hold’em Showdown” or “Progressive Baccarat”, “Premium American” or “Premium European Roulette or even “Premium Roulette Pro”!

But do be sure at some time in the next few days, to get into the spirit of the festive season and play accordingly – maybe “Santa’s Surprise” or even the “Santa Scratch Card”!

Betfair Casino Tools

Hope all players are still taking advantage of that excellent Betfair Casino “Instant Play Casino Quick Pick” tool, which just makes choosing (when you’re not clear) that much easier and quicker! Remember too, you can always play Betfair Casino games either for “Fun” or for “Real”. Practising first is the best way to go and the cheapest too players!

Play the Betfair Casino Arcade Games regularly or possibly think they aren’t your thing? Well do try them for a change – choosing between ‘Darts’, ‘Penalty Shootout’, ‘Keno’, ‘Bonus Bowling’, ‘Hold’em Showdown’ or on of the other 13 ready and available for players to choose from!

Great choice of “Scratch Cards” too at Betfair – maybe have a whirl with a ‘Roulette Scratch Card’, a ‘Football Mania Scratch Card’, ‘Blackjack Scratch Card’ or one of the others. Especially have a go with the ‘Beetle Bingo Scratch Card’ – its fun!

There’s quite a number of Instant Play Casino ‘Video Poker’ games to choose from and certainly heaps upon heaps of Instant Play Casino ‘Slot Games’ – just under 50 of them!

Never Ever neglect the new Betfair Casino VIP Club either players. Its about climbing your way through the grand casino cities of the world in this great new VIP Club concept at Betfair – featuring VIP exclusive events, special VIP bonuses and great VIP Comp Point benefits – you can always find out more by logging onto Betfair Casino yourself.

But we can tell you that the Betfair Casino ‘VIP Club’ is all about REWARDS and BENEFITS! And there are sure plenty of both of those for players to shout out about!

Keep in mind that membership to the VIP Club is based on the number of Comp Points you earn – with a total of 1,000 securing you membership! Once a member you can advance levels to enhance your playing experiences!

The levels currently are:

Aruba – 1,000 Comp Points or More
Atlantic City – 10,000 Comp Points or More
Macau – 25,000 Comp Points or More
Las Vegas – 100,000 Comp Points or More
Monaco – 250,000 Comp Points or More

There are a range of benefits received by VIP Club Members, including such things as: (i) Monthly Reload Bonuses, (iii) special VIP Promotions, and (iii) VIP Events!

Take “VIP Events” for instance, as a Betfair VIP you will be treated to a range of exclusive events with examples ranging from all expenses paid trips to major sporting events, to exclusive invites into the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot!

Betfair Casino actually have so many VIP events going on that they simply don’t have the room to list them all on their site at once but all players can rest comfortably assured that Befair Casino always has their players best interest well covered!

Score with Betfair Casino

You score, as a player, from the very beginning with Betfair Casino by being part of the ‘Instant Play Revolution’ at Betfair Casino (where there’s over 100 new games available now), earning comp points galore and turning them into Cash!

Benefit too from a VIP Casino Club £500 1st Deposit Bonus! Log onto Betfair Casino and utilise their Instant Play ‘Casino Quick Picks’ (makes playing choice so very easy)!

Enjoy the generosity of a huge £200 Welcome Bonus from Betfair Casino also and really be thrilled by those ‘Marvel Jackpots’ with Ironman as well!

Betfair Casino takes away the hassle of choosing with their great ‘Featured Games’ category – just log onto Betfair and click through to Feature Games and click on whatever immediately takes your fancy! A table game such as Blackjack maybe, or Baccarat or Caribbean Stud Poker, possibly even Casino Hold’em?

What about ‘Craps’ or ‘Jacks or Better’? Maybe even ‘50 Line Jacks or Better’ for more excitement, try ‘10s or Better’ or ‘Thrill Seekers’ or even ‘Roulette Pro’ or have some fun with ‘Bonus Bowling’ or try a ‘Roulette Scratch Card’ or two? Plenty of choice but make it easy on yourself – just click on anything and possibly try something completely new or different.

Always keep in mind the fact that you can play most Betfair Casino games two ways! You can play them either (i) Play for Fun, or (ii) Play for Real! That way you can always try a game out first, before you invest your own money – way to go players!

You prefer Card Games? Well some of us do, and you’ve got heaps of choice at Betfair Casino! Maybe try a different card game now and then, don’t always stick to the same game. A change of game often means a change in luck too you know.

For instance, you always play Blackjack? Well if you want to stay with the basic game but also want some variation, try either ‘Blackjack Switch’ or ‘Blackjack Surrender’ instead. Or you want a complete change – then maybe dabble in ‘Red Dog’ or ‘Tequila Poker’?

But if you’re really a dyed in the wool Blackjack fanatic – you could also possibly try out ‘Pick’em Blackjack’, ‘Half-Double Blackjack’ or ‘Zero Blackjack’? OR even more fun – try out every single Blackjack variant available to you at Betfair Casino – there’s certainly heaps of them to choose from!

If variation in Table Games is what really gets your motor running, there’s no better place actually than Betfair Casino, choose between:

3D Roulette
American Roulette
Club Roulette
European Roulette
Mini Roulette
Pinball Roulette
Roulette Pro
Sic Bo
Solo Mahjong Japanese Rules
Wild Viking

Integrity of Betfair Casino

Something very special about Betfair Casino players, Betfair prides itself on its integrity and fairness for all of its products, the same values that caused them to sign up with the likes of 42MoUs, UEFA and FIFA have been applied in relation to all their Casino products. This ensures that Betfair’s RTP (Return to Player) percentages are always correct and always top of the ladder!

Betfair Casino are very proud of the fact that they actually, and continually, maintain the lowest overall margins in the entire industry and even publishes official certifications on its site to back up this claim!

And players, you can try out all Betfair games first by “Playing for Fun” – great way to sample the products at no cost to yourself!

For instance, how about giving ‘European Roulette’ or ‘Blackjack’ a whirl (‘Playing for Fun’ first of course), particularly if you haven’t played them before.

Or how about something quite quite different, such as one of the versions of “Solo Mahjong”? There’s ‘Solo Mahjong Japanese Rules’, ‘Solo Mahjong Pro Japanese’, ‘Solo Mahjong Pro Wmf Rules’ and ‘Solo Mahjong Wmf Rules’! Never played Mahjong in any form before – don’t worry just log onto Betfair Casino and try it out first by ‘Playing for Fun’!

Variations of classic games, but with a twist, seems to be a speciality of Betfair Casino – take Roulette for instance. Betfair Casino doesn’t just have Roulette but the great ‘Pinball Roulette’ and ‘Roulette Pro’, as well as ‘Mini Roulette’!

And yet another one would be the fabulous “3D Roulette” – you really should log on yourself to Betfair Casino and try at least one or two, or even three, of the Roulette variations. You’re sure to be glad you did players!

Another thing players really should take a close look at is the “All New” Betfair Casino VIP Club. You climb your way through the grand casino cities of the world in this new VIP Betfair Club. There is a range of VIP exclusive events, available only to certain members, as well as bonuses and comp point benefits!

There are 5 different VIP levels, starting with the 1 Star ‘Aruba’ on 1,000 Comp Points or more, rising to 2 Star ‘Atlantic City’ on 10,000 Comp Points or more, all the way up to 5 Star ‘Monaco’ where you need 250,000 comp Comp Points or more.

Log onto Betfair Casino and grab all the details and discover exactly how the Comp Points system works.

Luckily for players, Betfair Casino runs one of the most generous and rewarding “Casino Refer & Earn” programs on the next, earning quarterly bonuses of up to £2,000!

Instant Play Evolution on Betfair Casino

Have you heard about the “Instant Play Evolution” on Betfair Casino? There’s now over 100 new games available now, as well as of course, Marvel Jackpots with Ironman, a VIP Casino Club and £200 Welcome Bonus – all at Betfair Casino!

Yes players, Betfair Casino patrons are welcomed with a HUGE bonus program that covers each of their 1st 3 Deposits up to a maximum of £200. Following is how it works players:

Deposit 1: 100% up to £100
Deposit 2: 50% up to £50
Deposit 3: 50% up to £50

BUT for the member, set on joining the Betfair Casino VIP Club, Betfair has a very special Mega 1st Deposit Bonus – a massive £500 on any Deposit of £1,000 or more!

Its easy too to claim these great bonuses – simply log onto Betfair Casino to grab the details and start your run!

Actually players, you will receive an amazing 100% on that 1st Transfer to the Download Casino – up to £250 worth actually. Now Betfair Casino are sure you’ll love the over 150 fantastic new games they have in the Download Casino – but just in case you’re very hard to please they have decided that they will sweeten the pot with a Casino Welcome Bonus up to that maximum of £250!

BUT for the deal of the year, you really should look into the Betfair Casino “Casino Refer & Earn” deal. Earn money from Betfair simply by telling others how good Betfair Casino is – you could be earning a quarterly bonus reward of up to £2,000! Log on and look into this offer now players!

‘Video Poker’ fan? Even if you aren’t presently you could very well be after playing one of the many video poker games available at Betfair Casino – choose between:

4-Line Jacks or Better
4-Line Deuces Wild
4-Line Aces & Faces
50-Line Jacks or Better
25-Line Aces & Faces
10-Line Jacks or Better
50-Line Joker Poker
Jacks or Better
10’s or Better
Joker Poker
2 Ways Royal
Deuces Wild
Aces & Faces

Some times it would be easy to be confused by the diversity of choice of games at Betfair Casino, as in addition to the many Video Poker games there is also an excellent choice within the ‘Table Games’ category as well.

For instance you can choose between:

Mini Roulette
Club Roulette
American Roulette
French Roulette
Roulette Pro
Premium French Roulette
3D Roulette
Premium European Roulette
Premium American Roulette
Premium Roulette Pro

As for your available choice of Slot game waiting for you at Betfair Casino – well that’s far too long a list to mention here – so log onto Betfair and discover them for yourself players!

Betfair Casino offer Quick Picks

If ever in doubt (about what to play) when you log onto Betfair Casino just utilise their great little tool, the Instant Play Casino Quick Picks! Saves time, saves frustration – just go straight to a game AND you can either Play for Fun or Play for Real as well!

Maybe a quick game of Blackjack, or European Roulette or Kat Lee, or even Pinball Roulette – all different – maybe try them all – as well as all the other great games at Betfair Casino of course!

The graphics on many of the top games at Betfair Casino make the games almost pop out of the screen – the quality and the realism is so very very good! Whether it’s the ‘Fantastic 4’, ‘Elecktra’ or whatever the game – you will be quickly drawn in!

One of the best offers on Betfair Casino though (or anywhere on the net for that matter) has to be their amazing “Casino Refer & Earn” program. Its simple and hassle free to follow, all it involves is earning money (good money) by telling others about Betfair Casino and being rewarded by a quarterly bonus payment of up to £2,000 by doing just that!

Betfair Casino also has a truly excellent ‘Betfair Comp Points’ program as well. A program that was introduced by the Casino to reward ALL their valued customers – not just a chosen few! Comp Points are based directly on wagered amounts and can be easily converted directly into Cash!

Experience the power of Betfair Casino by checking out its newer games maybe – this range includes games of the calibre of ‘Surf’s Up’, ‘Mega Bingo Keno’, ‘Triple Bonus Spin ‘N’ Win’, ‘Fortune Teller’ and more of course.

You can play one of the many Card Games (maybe Red Dog, possibly Lucky 7 Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Single Deck Blackjack or Casino Stud Poker or even Casino War) or try a Table Game or two! Possibly the exciting and entertaining game of Craps, Pinball Roulette or European Roulette?

Or if you’re into big numbers – look into one of the very many top quality graphic games, a top Slots game or two?

Themes are big in Slots games – want to experience magic, the jungle, dragons, golf, fortune tellers, treasure hunts, the Wild West or even a mummy or two? Then you must try out ‘Amazon Adventure’, ‘Wild Mummy’, ‘Kat Lee: Bounty Hunter’, Hole In One or even ‘Hollywood Reels’. Then you could try ‘Dragon 8s’ or ‘Arthur’s Quest’ or ‘Fortune Teller’ – your choice is almost endless!

Betfair Casino get Spanish Glory

Spanish Glory? Curious? Well log onto Betfair Casino and see what happened to one new player who firstly took advantage of the great 1st Deposit Bonus at Betfair casino, and followed that by playing ‘Hulk’!

Which yielded that particular player no less than 9 Wild Symbols with 25 pay lines you can imagine what the payout was! But he continued to play another of the expanding ‘Hulk’ game features, releasing an even bigger payout!

But that wasn’t enough for this hot running new Betfair Casino player, as he switched to playing ‘Iron Man’ scoring yet another 9 Wild Symbols, which triggered a 3 reel expanding wild feature, paying out yet another huge win!

We only mention these two new wins to illustrate how all the dominoes can fall sometimes, and that it isn’t all that hard for players at a well set up site, such as Betfair Casino, to win big not just once but a number of times!

The above lucky first-timer ended up with over £150,000 worth of winnings!

Many of the Marvel Progressive Jackpots are still intact though and could pay out at any time, for instance;

Power – Currently at £125.55
Extra Power – Currently at £2,529.36
Super Power – Currently at £23,909.74
Ultimate Power – Currently sitting on £263,910.53

So the moral of the above story players – take full advantage of that first deposit bonus, ie the 100% bonus on that first transfer! Just look at what it did for the above player – he’s now £150,000+ richer!

So which Slots games have you been trying your luck on players? Possibly ‘Dragon 8s’, ‘Kat Lee’, ‘Polar Riches’, ‘Pot O’ Gold’, ‘Viva Venezia’ or even ‘Goooal!’? Whichever one it is how about making a change, trying something new – such as ‘Neptune’s Gold’, ‘Cash Inferno’, ‘Fast Track’, ‘Cash Grab’, ‘Berry Blast’, ‘FanCASHtic’ or even ‘Fruit Party’.

A change is as good as a holiday as the old saying goes and if you haven’t experienced your usual run of good slots luck lately at Betfair Casino, you really do need to change your tack – and try a different game or two.

Another lucky two slots game, that are every popular with winning players would be either ‘Hole In One’ or ‘Hollywood Reels’! Try one or both – whatever you do though, make sure that you take full advantage of playing at Betfair Casino and their many offers!

And make sure that you don’t miss out on any of their great versions of Video Poker either – try ‘All American’, ‘Deuces Wild’, ‘Jacks or Better’ or one of the others!