Bet365 Casino say Heads or Tails?

If you had to decide on the flip of a coin, what would you go for heads or tails? Well this is exactly what Bet365 Casino will be asking you to do on 22nd June and you could win a cash prize with the flip of that coin.

This promo at Bet365 Casino will be running for one day only and to be in with the chance of getting you hands on some cash all you need to do is play their heads or tails game and correctly predict how the coin will fall. What will be be – heads or tails?

Now you are also able to play a single flip, two flips or three flips in each game propecia crackhead date – the more you get right, the more points you will earn, its as easy as that.

Your level of wagering on each heads or tails game will allow you to rack up even more points, thus increasing your chances of winning one of 20 cash prizes. There are up to 100 points available each time, so you can try and earn as many as possible throughout the day.

There is a top prize of £100 up for grabs in this offer, so flipping that coin could prove to be very fruitful indeed.

The heads or tails game is just one out of 150 different casino games listed at Bet365, so they certainly provide you with an immense gaming choice.

Bet365 Casino release Top Trumps Celebs

The range of slot games continue to grow at Bet365 Casino and the latest one to be added to their gaming fleet is Top Trumps Celebs. This is a glamorous new slot game (to say the least) which of course features a whole host of famous faces.

Top trumps celebs slot is a 20 line, five reel star studded machine and it comes fully loaded with a number of bonus features which include a gamble option, free games and a special (walk the red carpet) bonus.

When you play this slot at Bet365 Casino you will be presented with 16 photos of well known celebrities. This game even has a handy little feature which actually allows you to select what celebs you want to see on your reels. So if you are into David Beckham, Paris sizegenetics Hilton or even Johnny Depp (to name just a few) you can put on the celebs you want.

There are a number of promotions running at Bet365 Casino to help maximise your online slot play with them, so these are always worth checking out. The slots club runs continuously and it brings you the chance to win some superb prizes each month, plus you could also participate in their regular reel race tourney where £5k is up for grabs.

Bet365 seem to keep up to date with all the latest game releases online, so there is usually something new going on around their site (which makes things interesting).

The top trumps celeb slot is available to play at Bet365 Casino in seven different languages as well, so they pretty much cater for a wide audience.

Over 150 Games on Bet365 Casino

Its impossible for players at Bet365 Casino to ever get bored or to lose interest, after all Bet365 Casino has a Full Range of over 150 Games available.

Download the Bet365 Casino and in just a few moments get access to the very best user experience possible! There’s over 80 Instant Play games to be accessed (with NO DOWNLOAD required) with the Bet365 Instant Casino too!

Play Roulette, Blackjack, Slots and utilise the Live Dealer option as well – even with the Bet365 ‘Instant Play’ Casino! What’s more, Bet365 has a huge range of exciting promotions, including the popular “I Do Like Mondays”!

Grab yourself some of that £6,000 Bonus Bundle too players – through this great offering, players can claim up to four Deposit Bonuses per week, whenever it suits them, rather Volume Pills than when it suits the Casino!

AND there’s up to £400 available to you each time players, so you can really experience over £6,000 in bonuses every single month if you like! Yes, you can claim from £20 all the way up to £400 each time you claim. AND, as we foreshadowed above, you can take full advantage of this great offer up to 4 times per week!

All you need to do is to log onto Bet365 Casino and lodge the appropriate offer code (to be found at Bet365) before you make your qualifying deposit or transfer!

There’s also the amazing “Live Games Giveaway”, “Reel Race”, “Double Comp Points Windfall” and “Slots Club” offers and promotions at Bet365 Casino too to enjoy. Check one or all of them out today!

Slots Club News on Bet365 Casino

Bet365 Casino has a number of top notch promotions constantly and continually on offer to its players, new and old!

There’s the; (i) amazing “£6,000 Bonus Bundle”, (ii) the great “Slots Club” where you can presently win a marvellous Holiday for 2 or a Cash prize, the (iii) “Double Comp Points Windfall”, the every popular (iv) “Tickets Please” promotion and also (v) the “Live Games Giveaway”! ALL great offerings open to ALL at Bet365 Casino!

The great news is that the Bet365 Casino Slots Club has become even bigger and better this month, giving players the chance to win an unforgettable holiday for two to Las Vegas, the Caribbean, New York or Paris! As well as, the chance to win the usual Great Cash prizes!

Now as you’ve just heard the Slots Club is hosting a very special promotion this month side efects of extenze, because as well as the usual range of fabulous cash prizes, players also have the chance to win one of the following fantastic holidays simply by playing their favourite Slot games up until the 28 February! So it’s not too late players if you get going now!

The holiday prizes are:

5 Nights in Las Vegas, staying in a 5 Star hotel! Also includes a tour of the amazing Grand Canyon and tickets as well to a top Las Vegas Show!

7 Nights luxury cruise around the Caribbean, full-board on a Royal Caribbean Liberty cruise ship

5 Nights in New York, including tickets to a top attraction such as a Broadway show

A trip to Paris, with excellent accommodation and tickets also to see a show!

Log onto Bet365 Casino to see how YOU could win the holiday of your choice!

Bet365 Casino Bonus Bundle

Promotions galore at Bet365 Casino. There’s the “£6,000 Bonus Bundle”, “Spinner Winner”, the “Reel Race”, the “Slots Club” special as well as “Blackjack Bonanza”! These special promotions and more to delight and excite players at Bet365 Casino!

Log onto Bet365 Casino yourself and do some checking yourself if you would like more proof of what a prolific payer that Bet365 Casino actually is!

Progressive Jackpots are those huge amounts that players love to win, but what about those winners like “Joe” who win two of them – yes, 2 Progressive Jackpots. He really has enjoyed an outstanding month at Bet365 Casino.

The first one was £82,722 (Diamond Valley Slot) and as if that wasn’t enough (Joe took a while to calm down from that win) a few weeks later “Joe” had another success with an over £100,000 win with ‘Magic Slots’! What a happy shock for this lucky players.

Bet365 has congratulated Joe on his superb wins and he has told them he plans to continue playing his favourite slot games – why wouldn’t he?

Why don’t you try to outplay Joe and go for 3 Progressive Jackpots within a month? Now wouldn’t that be something!

BUT THERE’S MORE WINNERS to model yourself after players – “Mr J” a big fan of Bet365 Casino’s Video Slots, was recently playing on the exciting Bet365 “Wall Street Fever” game and managed to scoop an incredibly exciting £335,000!

We could keep adding to this litany of Big Winners at Bet365 Casino but that might spoil it for the players who might like to log on and find them out for themselves.

DON’T BE NERVOUS NEWBIES! Newbies to online gaming generally or playing at Bet365 Casino in particular needn’t be nervous as there is so much on the Bet365 Casino site to guide them along the way – whether they are getting started or wanting to sharpen their skills with a particular game! Its all there for them at Bet365!

Step-by-Step notes on everything you could want to play or particular details on how to download in general.

“Player Guides” at Bet365 Casino start with a quick ‘Introduction’, then progress on to ‘Player Guides’ covering particular games such as ‘Baccarat’, ‘Blackjack’, ‘Craps’, ‘Pai Gow Poker’, ‘Poker Three’, ‘Roulette’ and ‘Video Poker’!

Latest Bonus News from Bet365 Casino

The point to always remember about Bet365 Casino is that they have Bonuses every single week! The top one no doubt (in most players minds anyway) would be the terrific Bet365 “£6,000 Bonus Bundle” which enables players to claim UP TO four (4) 20% Deposit Bonuses per week!

And whenever it suits individual players too. You are able to claim up to £400 each time – so you can see players, that you can enjoy over £6,000 in bonuses at Bet365 Casino every single month!

The point to keep in mind players is that you can claim this series of 10% bonuses on deposits and/or transfers of £100 or more – and as we said, up to £400 each time. You can take advantage of this fabulous offer UP TO 4 TIMES PER WEEK TOO!

Its easy to add up the figures – it amounts to over £6,000 per month! All you need to do is to enter the special bonus code (to be found under the Promotions tab at Bet365 Casino). A great way to enjoy batches of frequent bonuses – whenever you feel like it, not when a site dictates you can!

Are you a Blackjack aficionado? Well if you are, or possibly could become one, you really should be checking out thing such as the Blackjack Bonanza’s at Bet365 Casino. The great news is that the very next ‘Blackjack Bonanza’ is on this Saturday coming, 8 January players.

There’s as much as £10,000 up for grabs with this regular Blackjack Bonanza event. Whatever you wager on Blackjack during this promotion, it will increase your chances of winning one of the 200 amazing cash prizes too!

The first prize is as much as £1,000, with second not being far behind at £700, third prize is still £600, fourth at £500, fifth at £400 and so on. The 101st to 200th prizes are still worth £20 each players. Do ‘Opt In’ and get involved with this great Blackjack experienced this coming Saturday!

So what’s the big “Double Comp Points Windfall” at Bet365 Casino all about? Simple – all it means is that players receive DOUBLE Comp Points all day on Slot Games. The promotion is to be held on Wednesday, of next week, 12 January.

All players need to do to qualify for this ‘Windfall’ is to play on Bet365 Casino’s great collection of Slot Games and they will reward you with DOUBLE Comp Points ALL DAY long! That’s a great way and chance to boost Comp Points while, at the same time, enjoying a whole host of exciting slot games at the Bet365 Casino.

During this great promotion players can collect SIX Comp Points for every £10 they wager on Slot Games, INSTEAD OF the usual three!

Festive Fun on Bet365 Casino

This month is proving to be a truly packed, although festive, month at Bet365 Casino, partially because it involves the return of two exciting promotions – (1) Race To A Million, and (2) Five Star Bonus!  There’s the exciting ‘Christmas Prize Draws’, ‘Live Games Giveaway’ and ‘Blackjack Bonus’ as well as ‘On the House of Course’ to participate in and enjoy!

Make doubly sure players that you check the Bet365 Advent Calendar for details of all the great Bet365 Casino offers during the Festive Season! PLUS continue on with the Spinner Winner, the Big Bonus Feast and the marvellous Slot Club – at Bet365 Casino!

The ‘Christmas Prize Draws’ present players with the chance to enjoy £20,000 worth of cash prizes – you may have missed the first draw (9 December) but there’s still the 2nd of Thursday, 23 December to enjoy.

Players will receive one ticket for each £1,000 they wager in the Bet365 Casino on the 23 December. At the end of the event all tickets are entered into a draw to win one of the five cash prizes of £1,000. BUT there is also a further 100 cash prizes of £50 up for grabs during each draw as well.

That means a total of £20,000 in cash to be given away – so make sure you Opt In to this one players!

Tip top slot game, Race To A Million! Win one of three Mercedes-Benz SLKs – comp started but wont finish until 26 December players – so get going! And that number of Mercedes cars is the least amount – it could very well be more than THREE! The prize pool adds up to at least a total of £250,000!

All players wagering is  being clocked up until the 26 December. Each time that magical million point milestone is reached, Bet365 Casino is entering all qualifying players into a prize draw – from which the winner of a luxurious Mercedes-Benz SLK sports car will be drawn!

Bet365 Casino expects to hit that million point milestone at least three times during the promotion. If by any chance though its not arrived at, three million points that is, there will be a special prize draw for ALL qualifying players at the end of the promotion – MEANING that there will be AT LEAST three Mercedes-Benz SLKs awarded – GUARANTEED!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL – as during each ‘Race To A Million’ there will be plenty of additional cash prizes on offer. For each, and every, 100,000 points added to the Speedometer there will be a Prize Draw – WITH 50 cash prizes of £50 to be awarded!

These milestones are bound to be reached regularly, so players really do need to keep their eyes on the clock – or if you prefer to say – on the meter! YOU could be the proud owner of a Mercedes sports car this Christmas!

Bet365 Casino Offer Five Star Bonuses

Five Star Bonuses, that’s exactly what players receive from Bet365 Casino, enjoy that run of bonuses with up to as much as £10,000 available too! The Bet365 Casino ‘Five Star Bonus’ commences very soon at the site – next Wednesday, 1 December as a matter of fact, continuing until Friday, 10 December!

Reach for the stars with this particular bonus at Bet365 Casino and claim up to £10,000 when you take part. You see players there are actually Five (5) Levels of Deposit Bonus available – ranging from 10% to an absolutely incredible 50%!

And YOU can CLAIM one or other of these bonuses every two days over the 10 day period! That means simply that you have 5 opportunities to ADD that big CHUNK OF CASH to your account!

The size of your actual bonus though does depend, of course, on the amount you deposit and/or transfer each time so simply log onto Bet365 Casino, check out the bonus levels (whether you want a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Star Bonuses) and make the qualifying deposit every 2 Days! That way you will get the best possible benefit from Bet365 Casino’s ‘5 Star Bonus’ promotion!

“Live Games Giveaway” – it will be on in December again there’s no doubt about that, check regularly back to Bet365 and see exactly what dates its happening players. This promotion really is for those of you who especially love the LIVE Games in the Bet365 Casino.

The ‘Live Games Giveaway’ is certainly a competition those players wont wish to miss, and all you need to do is what you, as Live Game fans, would be doing anyway – that is playing either LIVE Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette or Sic Bo! That way players will be in the running for sure for one of those 200 terrific Cash Prizes.

REMEMBER THOUGH that you need to ‘Opt In’ to take part, so do that. Its worth noting too though, with regard to this tourney, that you can do that at any time right up until the end of the tournament – you don’t need to have done it before the tourney begins!

NOTE TOO that the 1st Prize is £1,000, 2nd not far behind at £700, 3rd prize is still great at £600 and other prizes simply follow on right down to the 200th prize which is still worth £20!

You shouldn’t neglect looking into the great Slots Club games either players! With the Bet365 Casino ‘Slots Club’ you always get great helpings of fabulous Cash prizes. The Club is an excellent way for players to enjoy that range of special offers and promotions tailored specifically and especially for them – Slots players!

Blade Slot on Bet365 Casino

Did you realise players that Bet365 Casino has over 150 top games operating within their Download Casino and over 80 Instant Play Games in their Flash Casino? Quite a number to choose from and all of an excellent quality with A1 Security attached.

You can play Roulette, Blackjack, Slots and even fantastic Live Dealer games at the Bet365 Casino flash casino, where there is no download required! Great news! But within Bet365 Casino’s “Download Casino” you have a choice from over 150 great games – the choice is yours between the two types of playing!

Some unbelievably high Progressive Jackpots available for you too at Bet365 too players, take “Blade” for instance, it currently stands at well over £750,000!

Do keep a very close eye on the fabulous range of Promotions at Bet365 Casino though players especially with that “£6,000 Bonus Bundle” that’s around at the moment! With the new £6,000 Bet365 Bonus Bundle players can claim up to 4 X 205 Deposit Bonuses EACH WEEK! And whenever it suits you as well!

What with up to £400 available each time, players get to enjoy over £6,000 in bonuses EVERY SINGLE MONTH at Bet365 Casino!

What is your favourite game? What do you play the most? Might it be Slots, might it be Blackjack or Roulette, or even Baccarat? Whatever it is you may care to concentrate on it and take advantage of any special promotions attached to that particular game?

One great example of benefiting by doing this would be with the Bet365 Casino “Slots Club” where players collect Comp Points on their slot play and can win a fabulous cash prize while doing just that!

The Bet365 Casino ‘Slots Club’ is the best way for players to enjoy a great range of special offers and promotions – tailored specifically for Slots players! Its FREE to join, all you need to do is to ‘Opt In’ and start playing on Slot Games to become a member of the club. Its that easy!

One benefit of Slot Club membership is to be found in an exciting promotion where everybody can win. You could actually earn a cash prize simply by just playing your favourite Slot Games as normal.

All you need to do is to earn a certain number of Comp Points, on as many days as you can manage. Log onto Bet365 Casino to see your choices and the prizes available – its well worthwhile players!

Then there’s other great opportunities – other great promotions at Bet365 Casino – ‘Blackjack Bonanza’, the ‘Live Games Giveaway’ and an old favourite ‘Tickets Please!’. Try them all if you fancy but pay particular attention to the ‘Live Games Giveaway’!

Climb the VIP Ladder at Bet365 Casino

Bonuses given away every week at Bet365 Casino, huge range of exciting promotions (including the ever popular one, “I Do Like Mondays”), very diverse full range across a very broad range of over 150 games in the Download Casino at Bet365 Casino!

Additionally, there is over 80 Instant Play games as well! These offers and more give players a real change to really climb that Bet365 Casino VIP Ladder as well!

Fancy a turn or two at “European Roulette” players, or possibly “Frankie Dettori’s Magic 7” or even “Football Rules” – or a whole bunch of other games available in the Bet365 ‘Instant’ Casino?

Try your hand with all these games through ‘Free Play’ first though – that way you’ll become comfortable with the feel of the games and wont be wasting your money just getting used to things. By using ‘Free Play’ to best advantage you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and winning at Bet365 Casino!

Just about all games, barring just a few Progressives and Live Dealer Games, can be experienced first via ‘Free Play’ so make sure you practice first before playing with your own Real Money.

With ‘Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven’ players enjoy realism, amazingly wonderful coloured graphics and experience a thrill a minute – with the Wild of course being a head shot of Frankie! 5 X that symbols wins big with the magic “7777”! It’s a 25 Line Game with a Line Bet maximum of £10. Note please players that there’s a Free Games Race included, where the pays are:

5 X 250
4 X 25
3 X 5
2 X 1

Want the ‘Magic 7’ Bonus? Well you get that when the Racetrack Icon shows up anywhere on reels 1 + 5. There are so many payouts with this game players – log on to check some of them out at Bet365 Casino!

Our test players were delighted with this game as they kept winning sums of £30, £50, £100, £200 or so! Seems extra easy to win in the Hundred’s of £’s in this game for some reason!

Not a Sylvester Stallone fan, well don’t let that turn you off the great ‘Rocky’ game especially as it loads fairly quickly and the graphics are excellent, not to forget the payouts of course!

Players can really score big with those ‘Knockout Bonuses’ with “Rocky”! Up to 25 Free Games with X 2 Multiplier, Spell Rocky to win 5 X Total Bet too! You’ll love the quality of the colour shots, the beat of the music and the 10,000 coin payouts as well! Check out that “Spell Rocky” offer though players!

Again our test players had great returns with this slot game – so try it out would be our recommendation – but try it for Free first remember!