Slot Games

Playing slot games online carries a distinct advantage over playing slots in a land based casino for two reasons:

  1. The online payouts are set as high as the highest paying machines in a Las Vegas based casino – keep in mind the point that online slot games generally have higher payouts than live casinos due to their much lower overheads.
  2. Online players all have the opportunity to learn the game by playing as many free slot games as they want!

Online slots use exactly the same algorithms (the device by which payouts are set) as the land based machines with both types using random number generators. Rest assured players – every single time you play an online slots machine the figures that come up are completely random!

What an online slots player should study, is more or less the same thing as the land based player should – the payoffs – i.e. which combination’s pay and if multiple bets return better payouts (and how much).

There is no 100% strategy to beat slot games – casinos always, we repeat “always”, have the edge, but there are a number of positive steps a player can take to improve their chances and payouts! Plus there are those slot machines with special ‘extras’ (multipliers and additional bonuses and surprises for instance).


  • Set your loss limit before you start to play so you can keep losses to a minimum, i.e. don’t go chasing your money, and play within your comfort zone – make sure that your limit is something you are happy to lose!
  • Develop your slot machine strategies – for all machine types – play slots that have high payouts and large jackpots.
  • Have some fun with Progressive Jackpots but don’t chase them only.
  • Choose the casino you play on carefully – i.e. don’t play a slots game you don’t fully understand.

The most important tip is make sure you get plenty of practice in on the free version of the slot games before you start playing for real (and try to keep daily practice up if possible) – and make sure you practice on all types (such as Classic, 5 Rell, Slots with Bonus Features, Multi-payline slots, and multi spin etc).