Sap Tim Pun Game on 32Red Casino

If you ever find yourself wondering just how good 32Red Casino really is, if you ever wonder if they do supply top notch games and great promotions – just check those awards out players! After all, 32Red Casino, has recently won:

Best Global Casino 2010
Best Casino Group 2010
Best Casino Manager 2010

To have all these (and other) accolades 32Red Casino must be doing things very very right!

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Try something completely different, completely new – try out “Sap Tim Pun” but try it out in ‘Free Play’ first, just to practice! BUT what on earth is ‘Sap Tim Pun’? It’s a game hgh tablets based on Mah Jong and uses the same set of tiles and initial wall building layout. Once those walls have been built, two sets of dice are thrown!

The first set of dice, indicates which wall to breach. The second set of dice indicates where in the wall that breach will be placed. Sounds interesting and different doesn’t it? Log one 32Red Casino and have a got – but do play in Free Play/Demo Mode first!

You do need to stop and think with this game but don’t be frightened off – you’ll get a real buzz from it once you’ve played a game or two!

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