Rugby World Cup Betting with Betfred Casino

The Rugby World Cup will be kicking off this Friday and Betfred Casino have got some good deals going on in relation to it. A £50 free RWC bet is available as well as scrolling odds.

As we know the RWC is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Audience wise it is the third largest in this arena, coming in only behind two other sporting greats, the FIFA Word Cup and the Olympics.

Now here is an interested Rugby World Cup offer from Betfred Casino that is worth having a read off.

Rugby World Cup Cash Back – Fred (the owner of Betfred) has put his money where his mouth is by pledging Vivaxa to refund all losing outright World Cup Bets if England make it to the final of the RWC.

This offer will be valid on all RWC single bets placed prior to the end of the pool stage count, which will be (Sunday 8th October at 1pm).

For your info, the maximum amount of cash back you can get from this deal is £500 – So Fred really might have to dish out some dosh, only if England make it to the end though (which we hope they will).

If you are a betting person, Betfred may just be the bookmaker to place your bets at.

Whatever happens it is going to be very exciting stuff!