Roulette Games with Virgin Casino

Players you’ll be stunned by the number of great Roulette games that Virgin Casino runs, all different, all with a twist and packed with extra features and you can try them ALL out for FREE too! There’s actually 10 different Roulette Games at Virgin – they are:

I.    Expert Roulette
II.    European Roulette
III.    Grande Roulette
IV.    3 Wheel Roulette
V.    Roulette – Classic
VI.    Roulette
VII.    Double Bonus Spin Roulette 2
VIII.    Double Bonus Spin Roulette
IX.    Hot Streak Roulette
X.    Mini Roulette Casino

Taking a look first at Expert Roulette at Virgin Casino, this game is a must for any Roulette lover and comes complete with betting patterns and expert history. This one (who some would more easily know by the name of ‘Players Suite Roulette’) is the Roulette game that die-hard fans had been wanting for a long time!

There’s hyper-realistic outcomes players can trust, a clean and crisp layout for first-time players, and advanced bet options for those really hard-core players.

Log onto Virgin Casino to check out Expert Roulette and have your Free trial players!

But what about that long-time favourite “Roulette – Classic”? This is a real casino favourite with the option to save your own betting patterns. A version that has long been a favourite version and deservedly so with Section Bets and a great payback with that single zero wheel and half-back on green for outside bets.

AND as for “Grande Roulette”, well its Classic Roulette that just got a whole heap better. Packed with features like saving favourite bets, customisable bets, baize colour and different new options. Log on to check it out and again ‘Play for Free’!

A Roulette version with a real twist or two would have to be “Double Bonus Spin Roulette” or “Double Bonus Spin Roulette 2”! With the first alternative, its about playing roulette with a double bonus spin feature and winning free spins when the ball lands on the bonus number in the Yellow Bonus well. The Double Bonus Spin is triggered, giving you, the player, 2 FREE chances to win on any standing bets!

With ‘Double Bonus Spin Roulette 2’ its about Virgin Casino enhancing an already popular roulette variation to immerse players in a luxurious and dynamic play experience! With a bet on the special Bonus Spot players can win over 1200 X!

Hot Streak Roulette” allows players to possibly score very big indeed with a 25,000 X stake payout! It’s a real gaming first, combining classic roulette with a jackpot.

With “Mini Roulette Casino” its about being able to play just about the biggest game in Europe in a mini-version! Very handy to be able to do at times. You’re missing out if you don’t even bother to check out ‘Mini Roulette Casino’ players!