Roulette as we now know it is said to be a mixture of old English, French and Italian games that were already in existence in the 17th century, the time that the first primitive roulette game was thought to be invented. It was developed further in Monte Carlo (then part of France) during the late 1800’s.

All a Roulette player is required to do to play is simply bet on the numbers or the colour red or black. You will come across both the European and the American styles of the game – but both are played in exactly identical ways with the only difference being the “OO” in American Roulette.

The European Version of Roulette is said to favour the fortunes of the player more than the Americanised version of the Roulette game (which is operated with 00 rather than 0 as in the European version). So whenever you have a valid choice, always play European Roulette online because of the extra slot the American version has.

Roulette is a very simple game to play, you just drop a small ball onto a spinning wheel (which continues to spin until the ball falls into a particular slot). Obviously, Roulette is a game of pure luck since all the player needs to do is guess where the ball will land – either on a particular number or red or black slot!

If you are brand new to the game or alternatively returning after a lay-off from the game, take advantage of the Free Roulette spins which are available to players online – let yourself gain in confidence and knowledge and therefore become comfortable before you wager real cash!

Some players feel there can be a lot of strategy involved with playing Roulette online, studying patterns of odds and even, patterns of red and black, sections of the wheel or just repetition of particular numbers. Other players regard Roulette as a game of pure chance where its impossible to have actual strategies. But then there are other players that just seem to have amazing ‘luck’ in choosing where that little ball will fall!

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