Paddy Power Casino Race to Win

£30,000 race to win promotion with a heap of ways on how to win on Paddy Power Casino!

Log onto Paddy Power Casino to get all the details, to see the ‘Main Leaderboard’, the ‘Daily Leaderboard’, the ‘Win Prizes’ details, how to ‘Earn Points, the additional ‘Promo Details’ and of course, how to ‘Opt In’.

Very exciting – after all there’s £30,000 up for grabs! For some a life-changing sum of money!

To qualify for this promo all you need to do is simply ‘Opt In’ and then play any of the Paddy Power 90+ casino games up till this coming Saturday, 26 February! You get to earn points every day based on your personal play – the aim of course is to finish as high up the Daily Leaderboard as possibly you can. You can keep a running Buy Cialis check on that yourself!

Your position on the Daily Leaderboard is rewarded with promo points – naturally the more promo points you earn the higher up you will be.

The main aim of course is to finish in the Top 100 on the “Main Leaderboard” after the final day – that means you will win a share of that huge amount of cash – £30,000!

To give you some idea of what you will miss out on if you don’t ‘Opt In’, here’s just some of the prizes up for grabs:

1st Position – £10,000
3rd Position – £2,000
6th Position – £600
11th Position – £150
21st to 30th – £100
51st to 75h – £50

Check out the other prizes and slot games yourself at the Paddy Power Casino site!

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