Multi Card Games on ToteSport Casino

In the mood for a card game or two players? No, well how about a Table Game or a Progressive or even Video Poker on ToteSport Casino? Plenty of choice, there’s even a number of Other Games for you to try – depending on your mood at the time!

If Card Games are your forte, try the ToteSport Casino versions of Blackjack maybe! There’s certainly many more than just the one, with:

Blackjack Multihand
Blackjack Switch
Blackjack Surrender
Stravaganza (yet another version)
Progressive Blackjack
Blackjack Surrender Multihand

AND THAT’S NOT ALL the different Blackjack versions you have to choose from either!

‘Blackjack Switch’ for instance has some great pluses over other versions, namely that you can ‘switch’ your hand.

The fact is that ‘Blackjack Switch’, as is all Blackjack versions, is so easy to play just place your bet and click on Deal! A hand is dealt, you know your score and choose then whether to ‘Hit’ (for another card), to ‘Stand, ‘Double’ or ‘Split’!

You can really have some fun with “21 Duel Blackjack” too players – with this game all 21’s are equal! Some players do find “Pai Gow Poker” more challenging and tactical. Its where the player gets dealt with 7 cards and makes 2 hands to beat the dealer’s hands!

Again – make a point (particularly if you haven’t played before) of trying ‘Pai Gow Poker’ out for Fun first! One of our test players won 10 hands of Pai Gow Poker in a row, claiming although luck is needed, instinct is too! Really there’s only the need to choose your bet then two other choices!