Last Festive Deals on Paddy Power Casino

Been enjoying the exciting Littlewoods Casino Advent Adventure Calendar at all players? Each day has been excitingly rewarded in different ways.

Yesterday, for example there was as many as 100,000 Leaderboard Points available to players at Paddy Power Casino, with 200 Advent Adventure Points up for grabs to players per each £1 stake made! And all players had to do was to simply ‘Opt In’! 200 Points per £1 stake – a very generous reward indeed!

As for today, Day 24, and the Final Day of the Advent Calendar at Littlewoods, well log onto find out exactly what is it but having some fun players, we’ll repeat the little clue proffered yesterday by Littlewoods Casino themselves!

“The final promo is an old favourite mixed with leaderboard points! Check it out tomorrow!”

Log on – Good Luck & Enjoy!

Have some different fun at Paddy Power Casino players – try “Texas Tea” out for size. It’s a gusher of a game with barrels of bonus game action! The Oil Dividend Bonus for instance could earn you a big fat dividend, with the Big Oil Bonus allowing players to drill for huge bonus rewards!

Or how about taking a swing at “Five Times Pay” – which just happens to be one of the most popular high slot games in the world today – no wonder really with a name like that!

Truthfully, this game is more for the seasoned slot players who simply don’t mind forgoing frequent smaller pays in their quests for bigger awards – and by bigger you are looking at between 5 X and 25 X bigger players. Three ‘Five Times Pay’ symbols on the payline (with maximum bet) and the player will win the top award of this game!

Note players that you can play both these games are eligible for ‘Free Play’ so you can not only try them out first to see if you like them, but you can keep on playing them for Free until you feel comfortable enough with the game to go for Real Play!

Many players have played the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ slot game but have you tried “Wheel of Fortune Hollywood”? With this version of this popular game you need to build up your personal progressive jackpot for a chance to collect during the exciting bonus round. All the excitement of the popular game show without having to turn any letters players!

Players can go on having lots of fun switching games, switching themes with slots – games such as “3-Reel Hold Up”, “Vacation USA” and “Bananarama Match 3” can all be played for Free first, all are very different but all provide a lot of entertainment to their players!