Great Gift Giveaway on Spin Palace Casino

Its known as the Spin Palace Casino Great Gift Giveaway (there’s 10,000 gifts to be won)! So don’t wait players log onto Spin Palace Casino, make sure you discover which ‘great gift’ will become yours!

That is after you have taken advantage of that £1,000 Free Exclusive Offer by simply downloading the Free Spin Palace Casino software, registering your real account and click on the “start your Free Play” button! And also put yourself in a position to grab at least one of those Spin Palace Casino “£50 Magic Strikes”!

Want to try something simple – well sample the amazing variety of Scratch Cards that you will find at Spin Palace Casino. But why play scratch cards at all let alone online scratch cards? Well, the point is that online scratch cards have an amazing extensively broad card price variety, something most certainly that traditional scratch cards just don’t come even close to matching.

Players on online scratch cards not only enjoy much much more card price variety than offline scratchies but they don’t have to pay a set fee and they are not set to 3 or 4 fixed prices. Below is the type of card stakes and jackpots available at Spin Palace Casino:

10p – Maximum prize = £500
20p – Maximum prize = £1,000
50p – Maximum prize = £2,000
£1 – Maximum prize = £5,000
£2 – Maximum prize = £10,000
£5 – Maximum prize = £15,000
£10 – Maximum prize = £20,000
£20 – Maximum prize = £25,000

The sheer flexibility of online scratch cards offers players a number of distinct advantages. One particularly distinct one is the fact that players on low gaming budgets can play low stakes cards for hours instead of reaching their limit (offline) quicker and  having to stop playing. Online they can start much smaller, build up and go on from there! Perfect!

That is those players with very small gaming banks can play for a much longer period of time, build their pots, progressing gradually to the higher value cards – you can even choose to instantly reveal a number of cards all at once!

Scratch cards may not be the most glamorous of games at a casino but it’s a great way to progress up to better and bigger things, and yet, at the same time, win enjoy yourself while really building your gaming bank!

Then again if you would like another type of relaxing, yet exciting game to play BUT one which can pay out massive sums of money – Online Roulette is definitely the one for you!

Roulette is actually the best example and illustration of indulgent casino fun! Visit Spin Palace Casino, check into the games lobby and select a new favourite version of the game. Roulette is truly a unique game of chance and it really keeps you spinning players!