While it is only in the past few years or so that online craps has become very popular the game of Craps itself has a extensive and fascinating history. There is some difference of opinion of where/how Craps originated, but without doubt Craps, as it is today, is the prime gambling game in history as far as terms of money staked is concerned. It was in America though that the game was modified to take the form it has today.

Craps is a dice game that is based partly on luck and partly on your ability to understand how to best make a bet based on the circumstances you find yourself in whilst playing the game.

You should note that online craps operates via software which relies on a complex system of mathematical algorithms to determine each play. But the most important thing for you as an online Craps player to know is that this set of algorithms, which determines the outcome of each toss of the dice, gives the player the same winning odds as that received by a player a real Las Vegas style casino.

Although Craps can come across as a very confusing somewhat intimidating game to play, the core aspects of Craps can be learned easily! In other words don’t be scared off. A player can quickly pick up an understanding of the basics of the game and how to make a passline bet – this will get you started on your way!

Also you will need to gather as many tips as you can to enable you to reduce the edge of the House and therefore make winning as a Craps player easier. It would certainly assist players if they were to go through a Craps table guide carefully – this is a great way to come to understand the game. This will help you to learn how to best manipulate your bets to reduce that house edge to your advantage.

Remember practice and experience are invaluable when you are attempting to master Craps as is the case in any game you wish to become proficient in.