Rushmore Casino

Play Rush More CasinoRushmore Casino certainly has some unique and very generous player bonuses currently on offer. To start with there is the £888 Free Welcome Bonus, followed by the Blackjack Special Bonus (worth up to £1,000), the Slots Special Bonus (where players receive a 400% Match Bonus, worth up to a fantastic £2,400), Weekly Bonuses, where players can redeem 20 bonuses (on Tuesday & Thursday) worth up to £10,000).

There is also a Weekend Bonanza bonus, which is a 150% Match Bonus earning a player up to £750, as well as, a very generous High Roller Deposit Bonus where you, the player, can receive £1,500 when you make your first deposit of £1,000, and another £1,500 when you deposit your second £1,000!

Then there is the bonuses completely unique to Rushmore Casino players – the excellent “Authorization Cash Bonus” and the special “Winner’s Bonus”.

With the ‘Authorization Cash Bonus’ players will receive 10% of their last 5 deposits in CASH from Rushmore Casino if they make those 5 deposits within a month of their first deposit. Once the bonus is approved (it doesn’t take at all long), the player is entitled to 10% of their last five deposits back in Cash! Its easy to claim (log onto Rushmore Casino if you wish to check the details of this offer out for yourself).

The ‘Winner’s Bonus’ at Rushmore Casino is a truly unique and generous one! To just win at Rushmore’s Casino is good enough reward of itself, but winners will earn an extra 40% on their winnings back – no deposit required – if they currently have a pending withdrawal. Its easy for players, to earn an extra 40% on their winnings back, from Rushmore Casino!

Many casino players see Slots as a very financially rewarding game – its quick, fun and has better returns than a number of other casino games. So for players at a casino to receive a ‘Slots Special Bonus’ is a special plus and a real bonus offer. Players can receive a 400% Match Bonus worth up to £2,400 from Rushmore Casino – and all they need to do is to submit a Redeem Coupon after making their first deposit at Rushmore’s!

Another unique feature at Rushmore Casino would have to be their transparency of gaming environment and in their desire to be just that (transparent) Rushmore Casino developed their own unique, built-in game and financial history feature. Which allows any player to review every single wager he/she has ever placed at Rushmore – details provided include the exact date and time the wager was placed, the amount wagered, as well as, individual winnings and game results! This (financial transaction history) feature also displays all deposits and withdrawals from a player’s casino account.