The Download Casino at InterCasino has 280+ games while the InterCasino Instant Play casino has over 80 actual games. There are some excellent offers and promotions, including the unique InterCasino Gold Club (for high rollers – by invitation only).

There is a range of other fantastic promotions, within the main casino area, including such events as the ‘Christmas Bonus Giveaway’ where 20 lucky players will each receive a £2,000 Christmas Bonus, or the Weekend Special which sees players receive a £30 bonus every weekend.

InterCasino’s Gold Club not only offers a range of special bonuses but a number of added promotions –to those conducted by the main Casino – remembering that the Gold Club is on an ‘invitation only’ basis! Including such special promotions as the £20,000 Christmas League where all points count towards a magnificent prize of £20,000 which goes entirely to a special overall winner – as well as a range of other prizes.

A truly unique feature of InterCasino would be the “My Cash Rewards”! This is where players are offered a promotion in line with their most recent activity on the InterCasino site, every month for life! InterCasino has come to realise that players want bonuses that are personally tailored to them rather than a purely generic bonus (i.e. one size fits all). That’s why InterCasino created ‘My Cash Rewards’!

The My Cash Rewards promotions are bursting with value, players can choose from either a Slots or Table Games private bonus – the “Super Slots Bonus” or the “Terrific Tables Games Bonus”, each month for life!

It works like this – a few days before the end of each month InterCasino send their individual players 2 promotions (straight to their registered email account, as well as, their ‘My InterCasino Inbox’) – based on the 2 different game groups – Slots & Table Games, from which to choose the one this wish to participate.

Another top feature of InterCasino is the “Moneybookers” system. This is an e-wallet system that allows players to deposit and wager at InterCasino using over 40 different payment methods in a safe secure environment. Also, currently InterCasino and Moneybookers have a combined amazing Slots only deposit offer for a limited time only. Simply deposit up to £100, via your Moneybookers account, and InterCasino will credit you with a 200% bonus!

Yet another unique feature with InterCasino is their “Promotions Search” feature – a 3 Step process that aids players to quickly find the right promotion for them specifically on any particular date. A very handy feature for those constantly looking for that something extra!

The way players can view the Casino Games and the set up at InterCasino is extremely interactive and informative – beginning with the Lobby which players can pop into and where they can see who’s playing, a choice of Roulette Table playing set-ups and styles, as well as, your own choice as to how you participate in Blackjack, Slots or Baccarat, Poker or Craps is exceptionally player proactive.