Betfred Casino

With total Casino Jackpots of around £1,603,600+ and constantly rising, New Games, and a unique and exclusive VIP Program, Betfred Casino has a lot to offer its players. Apart from the Jackpots currently (totalled) at £1,603,600 (and rising – constantly), a range of new and exciting entertaining games, topped by an exclusive VIP Program (offering up to £4,500 per month) makes Betfred Casino an online casino that is hard for players to resist!

That Betfred Casino Jackpot total is extremely impressive but then so are the individual Progressive Jackpots – for example the ‘Gold Rally Jackpot’ at well over £130,000, lets players know that their investment of time playing on the site will certainly be rewarding when they win. And when players can start with £25 Free why not have a try?

The good news being that the Betfred Casino VIP Player’s Club is open to absolutely all members who play at Betfred Casino. Beginners are assigned to the Bronze VIP level which gives them immediate access to a number of great bonuses (including surprise bonuses and comp points, as well as a 50% reload bonus – up to £100 monthly).

Players then move up to the ‘Bronze Plus’ level, where they receive surprise bonuses, increased comp point conversion rates, increased table limits and 100% deposit bonuses, up to £100 monthly reload. The next level up is the ‘Silver’ level which naturally brings added ‘pluses’, then there is ‘Silver Plus’, which extends rewards such as a 100% bonus up to £200, as well as further increasing both table limits and conversion rates.

There are several other levels as well – Gold, Platinum and Diamond – all of which give fantastic Cash Back bonuses ranging up to £750 per week, as well as, a number of other very attractive bonuses!

The rather extensive summary lists of Betfred Casino ‘House Rules’ and ‘General Bonus Rules’ could be slightly off-putting to some players, misleading even at a quick glance. It would be truly unfortunate if players visiting Betfred Casino were deterred by these numerous conditions and regulations – even thinking the site has far too many for them to worry about! But all sites have them – but most others don’t bother to be so upfront about it as Betfred Casino do. Their straightforwardness is to be respected.

Players can rest assured though that Betfred Casino pay out quickly on promotions and prizes, they are clear and concise about any conditions attached to promotions and games, something that is somewhat of a refreshing change. So the positive spin when you see these summaries is that a player should have a upbeat feeling rather than a negative one.

Betfred Casino after all has the backing and background of many years of credible experience – a Casino that players will not only enjoy playing at but will be able to relax in, knowing their money is in a secure environment!