Blackjack a True Great on Littlewoods Casino

You would have thought with all the high tech games now available to play online like the ones listed at Littlewoods Casino, would have seen the old greats like blackjack and roulette fall by the wayside, but that is definitely not the case – far from it in fact.

The game of blackjack on Littlewoods Casino remains as popular today as it ever was and you could say that this is down to the very simplicity of the game itself.

On Littlewoods it is the dealer verses the player – Where the closest to 21 wins, it is as simple as that.

The thing with Blackjack is the excitement always remains because you never know what cards you are going to be dealt and whilst you wait for the dealer to show his hand the tension mounts.

When you enter the blackjack rooms at Littlewoods you will see a table and around trading forex it there will be numbers between 1 and 7. Any empty seats will be marked with a caption saying (sit here). So you simply need to click on this caption to take your seat.

In blackjack you can choose to stand (keep your cards as they are), take a hit (get another card), spilt (this option though is only available if your first two cards are exactly the same), or take insurance (you can get insurance if the dealers face up card is an ace).

To play live blackjack at Littlewoods you would need to download the app first. If you have already signed up with them, just go to the casino lobby and click on the (live casino icon).

Will blackjack every really drop in its popularity? I doubt it very much, because even though we have seen many different gaming trends over the years – blackjack is still a favourite.