Not surprisingly card playing is believed to have originated in China with the contemporary card deck (i.e. 52 cards) originally being called the French Pack, which was later adopted by the English, subsequently by the Americans as well.

The game of Blackjack actually originated in casinos in France some time around 1700 where it was referred to as “20 & 1” and has been in the US since the 1800s. Its interesting to note that it was so named because if a player got a Jack of Spades and an Ace of Spades, he/she received an extra bonus (Spades bearing the colour black).

Blackjack is one of the few online casino games where a player’s decisions actually have an affect on their chances of winning – which of course adds to the interest and excitement of the game. No other casino game offers this level of strategy input by the player and even a basic blackjack player can reduce the house edge remarkably – to around 0.5%!

For the most part the deck is shuffled by online casinos after each and every hand – this means unfortunately that you’ll not be able to count cards like you would in a land-based casino but this shouldn’t deter a keen blackjack player, as the game is one of the best bets in online casino play and learning the correct strategies is easy!

Online Blackjack players should keep the following few blackjack tips in mind while they are playing their online game.

  • Know the Rules – all the free practice games in the world wont help if you don’t know the basic rules – make sure you do! There is a number of ways to do this and you could very well start with either a blackjack booklet or check any number of the online sources to check the basics out!
    Always look for rules that work to your advantage too!
  • Don’t ever forget to ‘Double Down’ – this simply means doubling your bet and receiving just one additional card – VIP tip, if you happen to have a total of 10, you’ll want to take advantage of this option – even more important if the dealer has 9 or lower!