Bet365 Casino Offer Five Star Bonuses

Five Star Bonuses, that’s exactly what players receive from Bet365 Casino, enjoy that run of bonuses with up to as much as £10,000 available too! The Bet365 Casino ‘Five Star Bonus’ commences very soon at the site – next Wednesday, 1 December as a matter of fact, continuing until Friday, 10 December!

Reach for the stars with this particular bonus at Bet365 Casino and claim up to £10,000 when you take part. You see players there are actually Five (5) Levels of Deposit Bonus available – ranging from 10% to an absolutely incredible 50%!

And YOU can CLAIM one or other of these bonuses every two days over the 10 day period! That means simply that you have 5 opportunities to ADD that big CHUNK OF CASH to your account!

The size of your actual bonus though does depend, of course, on the amount you deposit and/or transfer each time so simply log onto Bet365 Casino, check out the bonus levels (whether you want a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Star Bonuses) and make the qualifying deposit every 2 Days! That way you will get the best possible benefit from Bet365 Casino’s ‘5 Star Bonus’ promotion!

“Live Games Giveaway” – it will be on in December again there’s no doubt about that, check regularly back to Bet365 and see exactly what dates its happening players. This promotion really is for those of you who especially love the LIVE Games in the Bet365 Casino.

The ‘Live Games Giveaway’ is certainly a competition those players wont wish to miss, and all you need to do is what you, as Live Game fans, would be doing anyway – that is playing either LIVE Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette or Sic Bo! That way players will be in the running for sure for one of those 200 terrific Cash Prizes.

REMEMBER THOUGH that you need to ‘Opt In’ to take part, so do that. Its worth noting too though, with regard to this tourney, that you can do that at any time right up until the end of the tournament – you don’t need to have done it before the tourney begins!

NOTE TOO that the 1st Prize is £1,000, 2nd not far behind at £700, 3rd prize is still great at £600 and other prizes simply follow on right down to the 200th prize which is still worth £20!

You shouldn’t neglect looking into the great Slots Club games either players! With the Bet365 Casino ‘Slots Club’ you always get great helpings of fabulous Cash prizes. The Club is an excellent way for players to enjoy that range of special offers and promotions tailored specifically and especially for them – Slots players!