Bad Beat Virgin Casino Poker Jackpot

Are you aware that the Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) for short, is currently the largest jackpot in the Poker world and Virgin Games are sitting on it?

The bad beat jackpot is on the international poker network at Virgin Casino and it is standing at well over 1,054,000 euros. This could be a world record in the online poker industry.

What is different about the bad beat jackpot is that your biggest losing hand could turn into the biggest win or your life. So this is great poker, but in reverse.

When this huge poker jackpot falls of the screen, it will payout as follows –


  • Losing Hand: 50%
  • Winning Hand: 25%
  • All other players dealt cards on that table split: 25%

    There must be at least 4 players at the Volume Pills table to be eligible to win the bad beat jackpot in the first instance. You can bet on these tables from stakes of just 50c and if you lose a hand with 4 or a kind or 10’s or better, it really could be your lucky Virgin Poker day.

    It is worth checking out the t&c’s relating to the bad beat jackpot on Virgin Games, so you know exactly where you stand.

    Virgin will also be running various freeroll poker tourneys throughout July. These are open to new players who have registered in the last 10 days and players who have played 100 or more raked hands in the past 21 days.

    If you are into poker though, the bad beat poker tables are definitely worth taking a look at.